Guest Review: Abby’s Twin Mates by Darlette Clarke

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Tracy’s review of Abby’s Twin Mates by Darlette Clarke

After her grandmother’s untimely death, Abby Morgan returns to the small Southern town that was once her home to handle the affairs that have been entrusted to her. Shortly after arriving, Abby comes into contact with the ruggedly handsome Mitch Beaumont and is seeing double after she meets Mitch’s identical twin brother, Taylor.

Abby discovers that everything in Midnight Creek isn’t as it seems, and after a couple of hot encounters together, Abby is drawn more than ever to the twins. They make her feel special and wanted. It’s something she’s never had before in her life, and with them in her bed, it leads to her craving more pleasure from them. But when her life is suddenly put into peril, she must rely on the twins to save her.

Abby meets Mitch and Taylor Beaumont almost immediately after arriving in Midnight Creek. She likes them and they seem nice when they invite her to dinner at their grandmother’s house. You can tell that there’s attraction between the 3 of them but it’s kind of downplayed.

When it seems that a “friend” of Abby’s grandmother, Heath, is hanging around Abby, Mitch and Taylor warn her to stay away from him and are more than happy to stick like glue to Abby for her own safety. What seemed like a friendly gesture soon turns into hot sex in the kitchen. Abby realizes she hardly knows these boys and needs to take things a bit slower. When the twins tell Abby that this Heath guy is a vampire and that her grandmother was a witch she is obviously skeptical but not as freaked out as you would think. Definitely more accepting than I would have been. When the twins then turn into wolves she’s not shocked at all and hardly blinks an eye. Wow. I can’t say I would have been as calm as she was.

It ends up that Heath and his maker are after a particular object that Abby’s grandmother had possession of. We have no idea exactly what power the object holds and we’re never told, which was frustrating. Mitch and Taylor help Abby when she’s in trouble and thwart the bad guys butthen assume that they’ve taken care of the matter – which seemed a bit ridiculous. The book quickly moved on to more intimate matters – like the twins finding their mate in Abby.

I have to start with…if I’d known this book had vampires involved, I probably wouldn’t have read it. Not that I hate vampires but I thought I was going to be reading an erotic contemporary romance, not a paranormal one.

The story itself seemed sketched out but not filled in. There were too many things involved but we never got depth on any of them. The vampires and their quest for the object as well as the “romance” (and I use the term lightly) were both too short to get into, and the vampire problem solved too quickly and easily. I found the dialogue to be a bit cheesy and stilted at first with the bedroom talk to be more crass & humorous than titillating.

There were quite a few characters in the book for its length. Abby was open and too trusting in my book. Mitch and Taylor were very nice and just seemed like down home boys (Does this take place in the south? It was never said but it seemed like it was) who liked fun. They lived in their unbelievably dirty trailer and just liked to have fun. Because they were like this it was a bit of a surprise to see them mated so soon. Although the mating part was in the title of the book it just seemed too quick. Then there were three vampires, a leprechaun and the twins’ grandmother. Too much, imho, for 87 pages.

In the end I found I didn’t care all that much for the book as a whole. It was ok but I probably wouldn’t pick up the next book in the series.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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This book is available from Siren Publishing. You can buy it here or here in e-format. This book was provided by the publisher for an honest review.

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