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Review: Royal Pain by Megan MulryReviewer: Rowena
A Royal Pain (Unruly Royals, #1) by Megan Mulry
Series: Unruly Royals #1
Publisher: Sourcebooks, Sourcebooks Landmark
Publication Date: January 1st 2012
Genres: Contemporary Romance
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Series Rating: three-stars

Bronte Talbott follows all of the exploits of the British royals. After all, they're the world's most preeminent dysfunctional family. And who is she to judge? Bronte's own search for love isn't going all that well, especially after her smooth-talking Texan boyfriend abruptly leaves her in the dust.

Bronte keeps a lookout for a rebound to help mend her broken heart, and when she meets Max Heyworth, she's certain he's the perfect transition man. But when she discovers he's a duke, she has to decide if she wants to stay with him for the long haul and deal with the opportunities-- and challenges-- of becoming a royal.

This book follows Bronte and Max on their very bumpy journey to their happy ending.  Bronte and Max first meet up when Bronte moves to Chicago and sees a very good looking Max in the bookstore.  Max is just as smitten as Bronte is and they agree to go out.  Bronte isn’t in the right frame of mind to jump into another relationship (after her last relationship just went up in flames and she moved to Chicago to be with him, to boot!) but she does want someone to keep her company so upfront about all of this with Max, they start a friends with benefits relationship.

And it works for them…until it doesn’t work anymore because they’re nearing their end date and Bronte is completely smitten with Max and doesn’t want to let him go.  Well, lucky for her, Max doesn’t either.  I forgot to mention this but Bronte has a thing for the British royalty.  She loves to keep up to date with what Kate Middleton is up to and Prince William and Harry too….so when she finds out that Max is a real life Duke, she has a conniption fit. One, he lied to her about it (omitting the fact still counts as a lie) and two, he expects her to move to England to be with him and well, she already did that for some other guy and she’s not too wild about jumping to do that again.  Drama ensues.

Now, I was expecting a chick lit type of book when I picked this up for review and though the story starts off that way, this book ended up being more of a contemporary romance than anything else.  Not that I was complaining, I’m all about romance.

The romance between Max and Bronte starts out as something to pass the time and turns into so much more and I really liked Max for Bronte.  He kept what he was from her because he wanted her to get to know him as he is before she found out what he was and I was okay with that.  Understandably, Bronte was pissed when she found out but I was okay with that too.  What I liked about Bron was that she said what she meant to say and meant what she said.  If she was mad at Max then she told him.  She wasn’t the most perfect of people and I was good with that.  She made mistakes, Max made mistakes but in the end, I liked them together and really enjoyed their story.

I definitely recommend this book to fans of contemporary romance, this book was a cute contemporary romance and I’m glad that I read it.

…and that’s your scoop!

This book is available from Sourcebooks. This book was received from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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