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Review: Rouge by Leigh T. MooreReviewer: Rowena
Rouge (Cheveux Roux, #1) by Leigh Talbert Moore
Series: Cheveux Roux #1

Publication Date: November 10th 2012
Genres: Young Adult
Pages: 302
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Series Rating: four-stars

Romance, velvet, sequins, and murder...

Hale Ferrer is the rising star of the hottest cabaret in New Orleans. And her one goal is escape. Escape from the lies, from the crime, and from her growing fear that one day she'll have to earn her living in the secret back rooms, where the dancers do more than dance.

But she won't leave behind Teeny, the orphan-girl she promised to protect.

Freddie Lovel is rich, handsome, and in love with Hale, and he's ready to sweep her away with him to Paris. But her heart is captured by Beau, the poor stagehand with eyes as blue as Louisiana iris flowers.

Denying her fears, Hale is ready to choose love and a life with Beau, until a predator hidden in the wings launches a chain of events that could cost her everything--Teeny, their one hope of escape, and possibly even her life.

I’ve never seen Moulin Rouge and I’ve never been particularly interested in seeing it either.  I’ve heard that I’m missing out by not watching that movie but meh, I didn’t care….until now.  This book has made me want to break out my friend’s DVD of this movie because it was a good read.  It’s got everything that a great story should have.  Characters that leap right off the pages and into your heart, a story that had me antsy for more and a forbidden love that I couldn’t help but love.

This book follows Hale, a young woman who sings in a cabaret type show, on the brink of turning 18 and trying to take care of her 12 year old charge.  Hale and Teeny share a small bed in Hale’s room and Teeny is getting older and bigger and it’s getting harder and harder for Hale to shield her from Gavin, the owner of the show.  Hale is afraid that once Gavin start taking notice of Teeny, that she’ll have to start earning her keep and because Teeny can’t sing or dance, Hale is scared of how Gavin will make her earn that keep.  She knows what happens at night on the other side of the clubhouse and Teeny doesn’t have the promise that Hale has.

Freddie Lovel is the answer to all of Hale’s problems.  He’s rich and he fancies Hale so Hale needs to play nice with him so that he’ll take Hale and Teeny away from the show and take care of them.  But when Beauregard starts working as a stagehand for the show, Hale is presented with a problem.  His touch ignites something in her that Freddie doesn’t but she needs Freddie to take her and Teeny away from the show before Teeny becomes a prostitute but all of that is jeopardized with Beau now in the picture.

Hale was one of those strong heroines that handles her business.  She takes care of her own, even if that means she goes without.  You won’t be able to help yourself, you’re going to love Hale.  She’s hard working, she’s loyal and she’s caring.  She loves fiercely and I really liked the person that she was in this story.  I thought that Moore did a fabulous job of making the reader understand just what Hale was up against and what Hale was trying to accomplish for herself and for Teeny.  She’s the kind of heroine that people can get behind. She’s the underdog that you want to come out on top.  You want good things to happen to people like Hale and man, I ate this book right up.

The characters really drove the story for me.  I thought it was such a good read and I definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a solid story with wonderful characters that will worm their way into your heart and stay there.  Your heart will soar and your heart will break but you will definitely leave this book, anxious for the next one.  Thanks so much to Leigh T. Moore for providing this book for review, it was a definite treat for this reader.

…and that’s your scoop!

This book is available from Leigh T. Moore. This book was received from the author in exchange for an honest review.
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5 responses to “Review: Rouge by Leigh T. Moore

  1. Moulin Rouge is definitely a guilty pleasure – it’s fun, but it’s also reeeeeally weird.

    This book sounds interesting, though. I like the idea of a cabaret performer having to shield a younger ward by any means necessary. How was the setting?

  2. LTM

    Yay! I’m so glad you liked my book, Rowena! :o)

    I LOVE Moulin Rouge. And I think it’s great if the book reminds people of it or makes new fans!

    …but the theater & them working on a musical are really all they have in common. (Plot, conflict, tone, themes, love interests, ending = all different.) Still! If you like MR, I hope that adds the enjoyment. :o)

    SO glad you were able to understand Hale’s motives and want the best for her. And Beau… and Freddie… uhh… Can’t wait to share #2! 😀

    Best, and I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season! <3

  3. Rowena

    @AnimeJune: Since I’ve never seen MR, I can’t say if this book is exactly like that but I did enjoy this book.

    The setting was great, most of the book takes place in the world of cabaret singers and actors. You get to see what happens backstage. I thought the author did a great job of describing everything.

    @Alex: You really should, I liked it. =)

    @LTM: Thanks so much for writing it. It was another great addition to your back list and that ending? OMG! I can’t wait until the next book!

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