Shiloh Walker’s Stolen Blog Tour: Larissa Ione Interview

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Some of you have probably heard how stressful things get for an author when they are getting ready for a new release. Shiloh Walker’s latest book STOLEN is due out… and, well.  She didn’t handle the stress well this time.  She went on a crime spree*…she hit fellow authors Thea Harrison, Vivian Arend, Larissa Ione, Carolyn Crane and Devon Monk.  She held them up and swiped secrets and goodies.  She keeps the secrets, but you get the goodies.  Well, maybe a few secrets will slip out.

*This is all very tongue in cheek.  Shiloh didn’t really snap.  Well.  Maybe she did.  But no theft, larceny or other illegal activities were involved. No authors were harmed. Even though she’s still trying to figure out how to steal a couple of characters.

Continuing on my life of crime…if you want to catch up with where I’ve been, please visit my site.

Do you know that if you break into Larissa’s house, you’ll find hellhounds?  They weren’t as scary as the poisoned magic in Devon’s house (yes, I’m serious…I just barely managed the hounds…they are animals…of a sort…but poisoned magic can’t be reasoned with…or bribed) but this one almost scared me straight before I was ready.  Fortunately, for you all, I wasn’t quite ready to stop yet.  And because I wasn’t ready to give up on my life of crime, I have goodies.

Larissa is furious with me, but hopefully, she’ll forgive me.  I’m holding secrets in reserve just in case.  To prove I still love her.

She can’t really be that mad.  She didn’t let the hellhounds eat me, even after she found me cornered…out of bribes for the doggies…and…well, you all don’t need to know that.

And she answered the questions, too.  Just like the rest of them, she thought she could talk sense into me. (That’s a pointless crusade, you know.)

Want to know what Larissa had to say?  Here ya go!

Q: If your characters pulled a major heist, where would they go to hide?
A: They don’t hide. People hide from them. However, if they ever do need to lay low or keep someone safe, Ares’s Greek mansion is perfect, since his island is invisible to human eyes and is protected from underworld baddies by packs of hellhounds.(Yes…the hellhounds are scary… O.O…nobody try to take something from Larissa.  Believe me.)

Q: Name one of your characters you wouldn’t steal from…ever.
A: Thanatos. His Horseman name is “Death” for a reason. You do NOT want to piss that boy off.
Q: If you had to go into hiding, where you go and what would you take?
A:  I’d find one of those missile silos that have been decked out for living during an apocalypse. I’d have boxes of MRE’s, toilet paper, and beer. Oh, and lots of books. How cool would that be? (MRE’s?  Fun?  Seriously?  What about twinkies?  Or M&Ms?  Canned soup???  Agree on the books.)

Q: Do you have any favorite books that feature heists or thieves?
A: I really enjoyed Dragon Bound, by Thea Harrison. The heroine had to steal something from the hero, a bad-tempered dragon, which I thought was a lot of fun!

FYI…I have no desire to steal any of these guys.  Maybe Wraith.  Maybe.  But if he comes equipped with hellhounds…nnnnoooo.

Okay, now… I hope everybody appreciates this one because I almost got eaten on my way out the door.

Jillian stared at Reseph’s broad back as he stood in front of the wood stove, head bowed. He’d stripped off the sweatshirt, leaving it in a messy pile in the corner. She could hardly be annoyed though, not when being shirtless meant she got a view of the most perfectly sculpted male upper body she’d ever seen. Before his amnesia episode, he must have spent a lot of time in the gym.
Like, a lot.
“Hey.” She hung up her coat and stepped out of her boots. “You okay?”
“Yeah.” For being okay, Reseph’s voice was off, permeated by an underlying scrape of gravel. “Did I scare you?”
“Maybe a little.” His shoulders slumped and his head sank lower. She felt like she’d just kicked a puppy. “Reseph, I wasn’t afraid you’d hurt me,” she said, realizing it was true. He’d frightened her, but not because she was afraid for herself. She was afraid for anyone who crossed him.
She didn’t plan to cross him.
She padded across the wood floor, stopping a few inches away. Without thinking, she placed her hand gently on his lower back. Beneath her palm, hard muscles twitched. “What’s wrong?”
The fire crackled for a long time before he finally said, “I scared myself.”
He turned around, catching her hand before she dropped it. His warm hand engulfed hers. He was so much bigger than she was, and she supposed that under normal circumstances she might feel intimidated, but this was not a normal situation, and Reseph was far from a normal man.
“Were you afraid you’d hurt me?” she asked.
Reseph stared down at her hand, his thumb making slow sweeps over her fingers. “Not…intentionally.” He raised his gaze, his eyes burning into hers. “And that’s what scares me. I acted without thinking. I don’t know myself. I don’t know anything and I think I might be crazy.”
Once, while Jillian had been getting ready to come on shift at the air traffic control tower, she’d watched a small private jet crash on the runway and burst into flames. In sickeningly slow motion, she’d seen movement inside the craft as the passengers tried frantically to get out. The helplessness Jillian had felt still haunted her today, and now a similar feeling was squeezing her heart. She had no idea what to say or do to make things right.
“I wish I could help more,” she said softly.
“Are you kidding?” Reseph reached up, stroking his warm fingertips over her cheek in a tender caress that startled the hell out of her. “You’ve done so much already. If I live a thousand years I won’t be able to repay you.”  His thumb traveled along the line of her jaw as he held her with his gaze. She didn’t even consider stepping away from him. The hypnotic current running between them held her fast.

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STOLEN. (Yes, I had to get the promo bit in there…)

Visit Larissa Ione’s site to learn more about her books…please don’t do what I did. It’s not considered acceptable. Her latest title, Rogue Rider, is due out very soon.

Please note: This is not a Book Binge sponsored contest. You must enter via the Rafflecopter widget!!

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22 responses to “Shiloh Walker’s Stolen Blog Tour: Larissa Ione Interview

  1. You certainly offered a couple of good theft suggestions. Let’s see if I can add to that with some appropriate artwork for the home…How about the Mona Lisa? British Crown Jewels? Couple of Fabrege Eggs, Rodin’s Thinker (or perhaps you’d prefer The Kiss?) Personally, I’d love an original Monet. There now, Shiloh’s home should be all set. Thanks for a fun blog tour.

  2. I´d steal Amazon´s Gift Central (i´m sure there is one *nods*) and give away limitless gift cards *happy sigh* i could use one of those.
    Love this and can´t wait to read more!

    Happy Friday!

  3. Glad to see the Hellhounds didn’t take a bite! I think she should steal Trump Tower & host a really cool release party for her next book there! And if not that then how about the Tower of London…

  4. I’m not sure, I’ve never read the book. I would love to start reading it, which is why this giveaway is so awesome. Thank you for hosting this!

  5. Hmm… hard question… The bookstore key is not a bad idea…
    Or maybe limitless book giveaways? 😛
    But at the moment I would be happy with the Easter Bunny itself – though it’s Fall here 😀 but still, the cuteness !
    Or she simply should just continue stealing smiles – I sure have one on my face right now 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway – and everything else !

  6. Shiloh should steal the keys to ghiardelli chocolate factory. Their dark salted chocolates are amazing, the salted carmel chocolates a close second. YUMMY! She should also share. Thanks for the chance to win : )

  7. Raonaid Luckwell

    If Shiloh ever goes crazy like this again, what should she try to take next time? The Hope Diamond? The keys to the biggest bookstore in the world? What do you suggest? (this question will change a few times!)

    Why not go big? Hijack Amazon and show them how a book place SHOULD be ran?

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