Review: Run the Risk by Lori Foster

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Review: Run the Risk by Lori FosterReviewer: Rowena
Run the Risk (Love Undercover, #1) by Lori Foster
Series: Love Undercover #1
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication Date: September 25th 2012
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
Pages: 379
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Series Rating: four-stars

When Detective Logan Riske goes undercover to find Pepper Yates, a potential link to his best friend's unsolved murder, he vows to gain her cooperation by any means necessary. But the elusive beauty is more suspicious—and in far more danger—than he expected. And the last thing Logan needs is to start caring for her….

Pepper has spent years dodging the corrupt club owner who will stop at nothing to keep her silenced. She can trust no one, not even the handsome new "construction worker" who's moved in next door. The heat between them is undeniable. But will surrendering to passion bring her the safety she so desires—or will her feelings for Logan draw them both into a killer's crosshairs?

This is the first book in Lori Foster’s new Love Undercover series. I haven’t read anything by Lori Foster (at least that I can remember) and I went into this book, not knowing what to expect. Another thing that I noticed while I was reading this book is that it’s been quite a while since I’ve read a straight up romantic suspense. It was a nice change of pace from what I’ve been reading lately.

This book follows Detective Logan Riske as he goes undercover to find Pepper Yates. Pepper got herself mixed up in some business that is linked to Logan’s best friends murder and he wants information…bad. He wants it so bad that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get it. It’s understandable since he’s investigating his best friend’s murder but when he finds her and things start getting messy, my enjoyment of the story started getting messy too.

The relationship between Pepper and her brother was one that I found very interesting in this book. There’s a lot more to her brother than meets the eye and I found myself wondering if he really was the loser everyone seemed to think.

Logan and Pepper don’t want the feelings that kept cropping up every time they were thrown together but sometimes, you just can’t help it. At times, I felt like their romance took a back seat to all of the other things going on in this book and I was a bit bummed about that but what surprised me was that Logan’s methods to gain Pepper’s cooperation with his investigation didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would.  I was so wrapped up in other things that his actions took a back seat to it? I’m not sure, I only know that Logan is yummy.  Logan and Pepper weren’t perfect characters and I liked that. I find myself curious about the other books in this series and will more than likely give them a go once they’re out.  This book was full of surprises and I liked that.

I thought this was a good book to start my journey into the writings of Lori Foster. There’s a fast paced story with characters that came alive on the pages and even though I was antsy to find out what was going to happen, I enjoyed the reading experience. I’m not at all mad that I read this one.

Grade: 4 out of 5

This book is available from HQN Books. You can buy it here or here in e-format. This book was provided by the publisher for an honest review.


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