Review: Where You Hurt the Most by Anne Brooke

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Adrian is more than happy as high-class escort for a number of regular clients. When his boss and dear friend asks him to entertain his nephew, Adrian readily agrees, but meeting Dan challenges him in ways he’d never imagined.

Dan is scarred inside and out from an accident that destroyed a promising future. Despite Adrian’s loveless lifestyle and Dan’s withdrawal and anger, the two men forge a deep—if unnerving—connection. Soon they find themselves questioning the choices they’ve made and the futures they’ve mapped out for themselves.

Yet even bright young men like Adrian and Dan fear the unknown and take comfort in the familiar. Neither may be strong enough to step away from the life they know and toward the one they dare not hope for. But while it’s true that love can’t heal all wounds, it is the surest balm for where you hurt the most.
Adrian, a high-priced male escort, is asked by his friend and boss to see his nephew who was in a horrible car accident a year prior. Dan was physically scarred by the accident but emotionally shut down after that. He comes to Adrian with the idea that Adrian is a high-priced hooker and gets a shock when Adrian wants to talk to him. The men get to know a bit more about each other but Dan is still bitter and untrusting.
As their “dates” progress the two men start to bond on a level that neither one of them is completely comfortable with. They start seeing each other and themselves in a way that neither expected and this makes their “relationship” much more complicated.
Adrian and Dan are two people who find that even though they’re different in so many ways they each have something to bring to a relationship. But Dan has so many things to work on and Adrian’s in a profession that doesn’t really leave him open for long standing relationships. The men have a great deal to work on but they each make the effort to move to the next level.
Though this was kind of a HEA it did leave the story open to the possibilities for Dan and Adrian and I really liked that. With such a short story I was happy to see that we got a sense of what would come of the relationship but Ms. Brooke didn’t try to jam too much information into a short format. I can’t tell you too much about the story as it’s better to see it unfold all on your own, but it’s a lovely story and worth taking the time to read.
Rating: 4 out of 5
Anne Brooke

This book will be released on May 7th and is the first release in the Riptide Rentboys 2012 Collection.  A new story will be released individually each Tuesday in May or you can purchase the whole collection at a 20% discount.

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  1. Chris – I do too, hope you like it.

    Ames – I love her Delaney series. This is much more serious but just as great. 🙂

    Jenre – So glad! Thanks, Jen.

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