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Holly‘s review of Wicked Games by Jill Myles

Abby Lewis never pictured herself on the survival game show, Endurance Island. She’s just not the survival type. But when her boss offers her a spot on the show and the opportunity of a lifetime, she packs her bags and heads to the tropics to be a contestant. Once in the game, though, it’s clear that Abby’s in over her head.

No one’s more competitive than sexy, delicious and arrogant Dean Woodall. Sure, he’s clever, strong, good at challenges, and has a body that makes her mouth water. He also hates Abby just as much as she hates him. That’s fine with her; she’ll just ignore the jerk.

But the rules of Endurance Island are working against them. Abby and Dean are teamed up & alone on the beach. It’s either work together, or go home. Stuck with no one’s company but their own, they learn they might just make a good team after all. And Abby learns that with just a little bit of kindling, the flames of hate can quickly turn to flames of passion.

This book features enemies, lovers, enemies who become lovers, and lots and lots of tropical heat.

This was a free Nook download. I’ve been wanting to read Myles and this seemed like a good place to start. I’m glad I did. This is an exciting, fast-paced novel I couldn’t put down. I devoured it in one sitting.

Abby got suckered into joining a reality show al la Survivor. She gets tossed onto an island for a chance to win two million dollars. Only she isn’t after the money. She’s after the book deal she’s been promised for being on the show. Dean is there to win. When he gets paired up with Abby, he isn’t too thrilled. She’s definitely a weak link. But as the days go by and they’re forced to work together, a deep attraction blooms between them. And so does an emotional connection. 

How well do you know a person after a few weeks on a survival game? Can they work together to win the prize? And what will happen when the show is over?

I’m not a fan of reality tv. I didn’t watch survivor when it first came on. I don’t watch any of the other reality shows either. So going into this I was a little worried. Turns out I had no reason to be. The pace of the novel is pretty fast. It just zipped right along. Was Survivor this awesome? If so I might have watched it….

Dean and Abby were great together. They got off to a rather rocky start, but it wasn’t long before they were on the same side. I liked that they didn’t immediately fall into lust with one another. Sure, Dean thought Abby was kind of hot and vice verse, but their mutual hatred trumped any lustful feelings.

Since this is written in the first person from Abby’s point of view, it was hard to know sometimes what Dean was feeling. This worked both for and against the story. I think it flowed better coming from one POV, rather than several. The suspense of waiting to see how things played out was edgier, because Abby herself was edgy about it. But it was also frustrating at times. As the reader we could see Abby was headed in the wrong direction on a personal level and we didn’t get a break from her thoughts. I actually cringed for her a couple times, something I hate when I’m reading.

As a whole, Abby was a very likable character. She’s sarcastic and witty, if a little on the naive side. Dean was a good counterpoint, I think. He was strong and a little cocky in the beginning, but he really opened up as the novel wore on. They were both characters I felt I knew, despite this being written in the first person.

 The jumping to conclusions at the end was tiresome, but I loved all the action on the island. And I loved Dean and Abby.

4.5 out of 5

This book is available from Jill Myles. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

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