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Reviewer: Tracy
Oracle's Moon (Elder Races, #4) by Thea Harrison
Series: Elder Races #4
Also in this series: Dragon Bound (Elder Races, #1), Storm's Heart (Elder Races, #2), Serpent's Kiss (Elder Races, #3), Oracle's Moon (Elder Races, #4), True Colors (Elder Races, #3.5), Lord's Fall (Elder Races, #5), Kinked, Lord's Fall, Kinked (Elder Races, #6), Pia Saves the Day & Peanut Goes to School, Dragos Takes a Holiday, Night's Honor, Night's Honor, Dragon Bound, Midnight's Kiss, Midnight's Kiss, Dragos Goes to Washington, Shadow's End, Pia Does Hollywood, Liam Takes Manhattan, Pia Does Hollywood, The Chosen: A Novella of the Elder Races, Planet Dragos (Elder Races, #9.8), Planet Dragos (Elder Races, #9.8), Lionheart (Moonshadow, #3), Spellbinder
Publisher: Berkley
Publication Date: March 6, 2012
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 336
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Series Rating: four-stars

An untested young woman must claim her place as the Oracle—and contend with a powerful Djinn—in this novel of the Elder Races.

As a second daughter, Grace Andreas never had to worry about the intrigues of the Elder Races. But when her sister, Petra, and her husband are both killed, Grace inherits the Power and responsibilities of the Oracle of Louisville, as well as her sister’s two young children—neither of which she is prepared for.

Yet, she is not alone. Khalil, Demonkind and Djinn Prince of House Marid—driven by his genuine caring for the children—has decided to make himself a part of the household both as their guardian and as an exasperating counterpoint to Grace’s impudence towards the Elder Races.

But when an attempt is made on Grace’s life, she realizes that Khalil is the only one can protect her—and offer her more than any mortal man...

When Kahlil first sets eyes on Grace’s niece and nephew he immediately vows to protect and watch over them. When he is then caught by Grace talking to the kids, in their bedroom, while in the shape of a talking cat, Grace is none too thrilled. She makes a bargain with the Djinn to help her watch over the kids. He’s already done this but who is he to turn down a good bargain? Though Kahlil and Grace don’t really get along they manage to work together to make the kids happy and comfortable.

Grace manages to get a grasp on her powers and actually ends up talking to the spirit that gave the power to her ancestors. When she succeeds in getting the spirit to give Grace total control of the power Grace is then besieged with a somewhat strange visions. Besides all of the normal everyday things that Grace has to take care of this is one more thing she has to deal with. It’s hard having all of that responsibility at the age of 23. On top of that Kahlil and her have stopped arguing and are getting closer and closer by spending time together and talking. They even attempt a date! Imagine a Djinn dating! 🙂

There are some people who aren’t thrilled with the Oracle’s power and they soon make themselves known to Grace in a booming way.

This was such a good book. I really needed to get that out first and foremost. Though this isn’t like the other stories in this series it was just as good as the others.

The main focus for this story is the relationship and I simply loved that. Yes, there was some external issues but really it was Kahlil and Grace working through their issues, coming to know each other better and the possibility of a future together. I know this sounds kind of mundane but when you take into consideration that Kahlil is a Djinn it’s HUGE and pretty darned romantic.

As a Djinn, Kahlil doesn’t focus on time. Yes, he has to do his thing with the Demonkind and holds a certain job/position for a year, so yes, they do measure time in some ways but really they just don’t focus on it. To a Djinn a human’s life span is but a blink of an eye. For Kahlil to focus on Grace, her life and what she has to do as a human, it’s a major undertaking but Kahlil decides that he feels so much for Grace that it’s something he doesn’t have to work at but just do. Grace made Kahlil want to be a better person and I loved that.

So while this book what’s plot heavy the relationship worked for me in so many ways and that was mostly due to my love for Kahlil. He was a wonderful hero and I couldn’t get enough of him. sigh

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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