Anyone Going to See One for the Money?

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Rowena: Anyone planning on going to watch this movie? I read this book ages ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so much that I read the other books in quick succession. I stopped reading the books at around book 12 though.

I’m not too wild about who they cast as the characters though. Holly told me that Morelli isn’t Italian but Irish in the movie and while I love Jason O’Mara, he’s not who I pictured for Morelli. Same with Katherine Heigl. I don’t hate her but she’s most definitely not Stephanie Plum, not in my head anyway. I’ve always been a Cupcake girl but man, Ranger is lookin’ pretty good in the movie.


Holly: I have zero desire to see this. Like Rowena I read the first 12 books. I enjoyed most of them and looked forward to the movie…until I heard they were casting Katherine Heigl as Plum. First, I greatly dislike KH as an actress. Second, I always pictured someone more…Jersey to play Stephanie. I always pictured Marissa Tomei as she was in My Cousin Vinny.

KH was bad enough, but when they cast Jason O’Mara as Morelli it was over for me. I like him as an actor, but he’s Irish. Morelli is Italian, which plays a large part in the novels (his grandmother giving Stephanie “the eye” is one of the best parts of the series…that just doesn’t work if he isn’t Italian).

I did hear from some people I trust (like Shiloh Walker) that it was ok, but I don’t think I want to find out for myself. At least not at theater prices.

Anyway, thoughts? Anyone going to see the movie? Thoughts on the cast? Let’s discuss.

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8 responses to “Anyone Going to See One for the Money?

  1. I am definitely not seeing this movie. I read the first book only. I never connected to the story or the heroine, and stopped reading after the first book. I realized later on that I don’t like romantic comedies in either written or film/movie form. I’m also not a Katherine Heigl fan; something about her is very unlikeable.

    NO for me.

  2. Holly–You are so right! Marissa Tomei from her My Cousin Vinny days would have been a great Stephanie. I don’t know if I’ll see the movie or not–maybe at matinee prices.

    Why does Hollywood mess up so much on casting when they turn popular fiction into movies? I’m not just talking about personal choices, but gee–read the book!

    Is anyone else out there a fan of mystery author Lee Child? The movie based on his book One Shot will feature Tom Cruise as ex-military man Jack Reacher, who is written as an imposing, physically dominating character of 6’5″. Unbelievable.

  3. @Sotheara – I was having a discussion on Twitter with some friends yesterday about the slapstick-type humor of the books. While much of worked for me (and much of it was over-the-top) I have a feeling it just wouldn’t translate well to movie-format. Reading it is one thing, watching it another.

    @LSUReader – I’m also not a fan of Debbie Reynold’s for Grandma Mazur. I always thought Estelle Getty would be perfect in that role. Too bad she’s no longer with us. 🙁

    To be fair, they often film Cruise so he looks much taller than he is. But..yeah. I can see where that would be frustrating.

  4. lisabea

    I am crying into my hankie over this post/movie. I still can’t watch True Blood and that IS awesome. How could they totally ruin Stephanie Plum? And, holy shit, Morelli not Italian? I…I can’t even respond.

  5. Scrapbook Sensations

    I went and saw the movie. Its a ok movie. None of the people playing the roles from the book are people I would have cast. But since Hagel was the producer I can see why she was cast in the main role.

  6. MJFredrick

    I’ll probably wait until DVD but I do want to see it. I don’t remember where I stopped reading the series, but the triangle was spread too thin.

    I think Jason O’Mara is smoking hot but he’s not Morelli.

  7. Kaz

    I’m up to the 5th book in the series and really enjoying it, I like Hagel as Stephanie but I don’t think Jason is anything like Morelli and in the books Ranger is Bouncer huge in size and has long black hair tied back in a ponytail, the actor that plays him is nothing like him either. I’m still looking forward to seeing the movie though.

  8. @Kaz I don’t remember Ranger being bouncer huge. I thought that was Tank. Still, Daniel Sunjara is hot, so I’m willing to overlook it. Heh

    @MJFrederick I felt that way about the love triangle too. I finally gave up after 12 because JE said she had no plans to end it anytime soon.

    @Scrapbook I didn’t know Heigl was a producer. That explains a lot.

    @Lisabea to clarify, I think Morelli is still Italian in the film, its just hard for me to picture O’Mara in that role since he’s so obviously Irish. An Irish guy playing an Italian? No. Just no.

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