Guest Review: The Comforts of Home by Jodi Thomas

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Tracy’s review of The Comforts of Home (Harmony #3) by Jodi Thomas

In Harmony, Texas, twenty-year-old Reagan Truman has found her place, and found her family. But with her uncle taken ill and her friend Noah lost and disheartened with his life, Reagan is afraid of ending up alone again, and she’s not the only one. When a terrible storms threatens the town, the residents of Harmony are forced to think about what they really want. Because making the connections they so desperately desire means putting their hearts at risk…

This third installment of the Harmony series really is a mix of old and new characters and situations. We got to see some of the characters that we’ve grown to know and love and we were introduced to new ones that I’m sure (and hope) that we’ll see in future books.

Reagan Truman played a huge part in books 1 & 2 but in this one things were distributed differently. There was romance in the entire book but it really didn’t focus on one couple.

The story told us of Ronelle Logan who was raised by a mother who is pretty darned close to crazy. Ronelle was home schooled and is painfully shy. She lives with her mother and works at the post office in town. One day she’s asked to take a special delivery to a new resident that’s within walking distance of the post office and she meets Marty Winslow. Marty is in a wheelchair and is apparently mad at the world. They have words but eventually become friends and more. This story didn’t turn out like I would have liked – not by a long shot – but it did show us Ronelle coming into her own and growing into the person she thought she could be.

Reagan Truman is taking online classes and taking care of her “uncle” Jeremiah. He’s recovering from a heart attack and she’s taking care of the farm. This story always warms my heart and has from the first book. The fact that Jeremiah, the crotchety old coot, takes Reagan in and makes her his own is just so wonderful. We also get a story of Reagan and Noah. Noah is on the bull riding circuit and gets hurt. His recovery allows him to realize some truths about his life and his future. There wasn’t really a conclusion to this story so I can only assume we’ll read more in future books.

Tyler Wright, the Funeral Home Director, is still pining over Kate and not knowing what to do. She acts like Harmony is now home but really, where does he stand in all of it. He doesn’t have a clue and Kate’s not really very forthcoming. Tyler gets some surprises in his life with a new housekeeper and the trouble that comes with that. But his new housekeeper also allows Tyler to move further in his relationship with Kate, in a roundabout way.

Denver Sims is a friend of Gabe Leary’s – you may remember him from the previous book. He’s got a thing for Claire – the artist who paints the horrid scenes of men dying – and he is in love and confused. Denver wants to be with Claire but he’s not sure she’s gotten over her hatred of all men enough to accept him in a relationship. This story was good but I really wanted more of it in the end.

We also got to see some stuff from Gabe and Liz and Alex and Hank as well as some other townspeople that we’ve come to know. I really liked all of the stories but I really wanted more from all of them in the end! Lol I guess that’s a good thing, right? The story is so good that I just want it to be longer? Yeah, that’s a good thing.

Anyway, a lovely book with lots of great stories about the people of Harmony. If you’ve been reading the series this is definitely not one to be missed.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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This book is available from Berkley. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

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4 responses to “Guest Review: The Comforts of Home by Jodi Thomas

  1. Kimba88 – It’s a really great series. It’ll be nice that you’ll get to read all of them at once instead of having to wait for each book. Lucky girl. 🙂

  2. I’m getting this tomorrow and looking forward to reading more about Reagan and Noah.

    I’ve learned not to read this series like I normally would a romance novel but instead treat it like stories from a small town.

    Wonderful review!

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