Review: Falke’s Captive by Madison Layle & Anna Leigh Keaton

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A graduate student working in animal genetics, Beth Coldwell is in town to track and tag big cats in the wild. Her prospects for the summer only improve when she meets Kelan and Reidar Falke and decides the sexy brothers are the right pair to fulfill her other, less than scientific, desires…

But her research is a threat to the Falke family secret. When Kelan, in cougar form, is captured, that secret comes closer than ever to being revealed. He escapes, but not before Beth draws a blood sample, and analysis shows this is no ordinary mountain lion.

Kelan and Reidar cannot deny the powerful attraction they feel toward Beth. She might just be their destined mate. But if they reveal themselves to her, will she embrace who they are or see them as just another science experiment?

The very first night that Beth Coldwell is in town she meets Kelan and Reidar Falke. They know she’s in town to work but they truly have no idea why she’s there – to study the genetics of pumas. Little does she know that she just met two puma shifters.

After having an argument with his brother Kelan does something that is forbidden and shifts and shifts and goes on a run in broad daylight. Granted he’s in the woods but he’s pissed off and needs to get grounded again. Beth, out to track puma’s see’s Kelan and promptly shoots him with her tranquilizer gun.

Kelan eventually frees himself but not before Beth and her professor get some of his blood. The Falke family is now in an uproar because they are about to be discovered and they must get the blood back before someone figures out what they truly are. On top of this Kelan and Reidar start sleeping with Beth because as fate would have it she is their mate.

This is book 2 in the Puma Nights series and it was a good one. I really love the mate trios in this series as there are 2 brothers to every woman.

In this story Beth is really just having a great time – as are Reidar and Kelan but it soon turns to something more. Reidar and Kelan are both in a big pickle, to say the least, as their family hates Beth for her role in the kidnapping and tranquilizing Kelan (even though she didn’t have a clue it was him).

Though I loved the sex in this book I would have liked to have seen a bit more romance. Yes, there was the fated mate aspect and there was hot and steamy sex, of course, but the romance itself was a bit lacking. I think because they fell for each other so quickly it put a damper on things for me but it made up for it in other way, as I’ve said.

Overall a fun book that definitely kept my attention.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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2 responses to “Review: Falke’s Captive by Madison Layle & Anna Leigh Keaton

  1. Great review, thanks for being honest about the romance. That can sometimes be the only drawback to the hot and steamy books where the h/hr (or in this case h/hr/h) are destined or fated to be together; the romance element isn't always as strong in the story because they are suppose to simply be together not matter what. Can't say that I agree with that, but I still like reading these kind of books.

    I look forward to reading this series, I had not heard of it until I saw it on your reading post the other day. 😀


  2. You're welcome, TBQ. I like the dynamic with the brothers and their 1 mate – it just works for me in this series. I like the fated mate trope but there needs to be some romance in there as well – especially if they're going to get together quickly.

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