Lightning Review: Hunters: Heart and Soul by Shiloh Walker

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Genres: Paranormal Romance

Holly‘s review of Hunters: Heart and Soul (The Hunters, Books 9 and 10) by Shiloh Walker

In the shades of night, when the evil are free to seduce the weak and indulge their desires, there are still those who will fight to the death for the innocent. They are The Hunters. They are at the heart of a sensuous and strange new world…

Two men. Two women. Paranormal warriors and eternal lovers who keep the undead in line by destroying those who have gone rogue. They serve as Judge, Jury, and Executioner. They are as merciless as their prey. And they are its soul.

But in this strange enclave of midnight retribution, some discover a hunger they’d never imagined, a love that crosses unnatural boundaries, and a blood reckoning with a damnable past that could save the Hunters or destroy them.

This is two long awaited novellas in one. Mike and Leandra and Malachi and Kelsey. I recently read the short story, Malachi, and was dying to finally get his HEA. I’d recommend you read that short story before this one.

 Mike and Leandra – I’ve been excited for their story for awhile, though I confess I picked this up because I wanted to read about Malachi. I wasn’t disappointed. Mike was just what I expected him to be..strong, caring and everything Leandra needed. Leandra I became frustrated with at times, simply because I wanted her to wake up and realize what she had (both figuratively and literally). I do love how strong she was and that Walker made her journey one worth reading.

3.75 out of 5

Malachi and Kelsey – The way Mal kept running away pissed me off. He was a grown man, yet he kept storming off in a huff. Otherwise I really enjoyed this. The romance was well done, though I think it would have benefited from a longer page count. More focus should have been on the couple. I really liked the storyline.

3.5 out of 5

Strong characters and interesting plots made for a great read.

This book is available from Berkley. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

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