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Review: Trinity by Lauren DaneReviewer: Holly
Trinity by Lauren Dane
Series: de La Vega Cats #1
Publisher: Carina Press, Samhain Publishing
Publication Date: October 20, 2009
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased
Point-of-View: Alternating Third
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Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 185
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Series Rating: four-stars

One witch, one cat shifter. Add one wolf. Blend. Safety glasses recommended.

Renee Parcell loves her life. Her smoothie/coffee cart business is successful, and she s deeply in love with her boyfriend, Galen. He makes her laugh, he s gainfully employed, and he satisfies her as only a sexy cat shifter can. He even puts the toilet seat down.

Yet they both sense something in the air. An anticipation that leaves them both unsettled.

Tall, blond and gorgeous Jack Meyers, Enforcer of National Pack and one of the most beautiful men Renee and Galen have ever seen, stumbles into Renee s life and the riddle of their expectation is solved Renee is Jack s mate. What surprises them all is when the three of them touch, magick creates an unexpected triple bond of witch, cat and wolf.

Even as they learn to navigate the steamy intricacies of their bond, a threat looms over Renee. First in the form of resurrected memories, then in the shape of darker magicks someone is aiming at her. Set on stealing her inherent powers even her life.

Renee can stand to lose almost anything, except her mates. But there seems to be no talking them out of laying everything on the line for her "

This is a spinoff of the Cascadia Wolves series. We first meet Jack in that series. He played a rather large roll in Standoff. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the move away from the wolves, but I wanted to read Jack’s story so I went forward. I’m glad I did. I really enjoyed the opening of a new world of cat shifters and witches.

Renee is a witch with a lot of power – but she doesn’t know it. She’s accepted that she sometimes knows when the phone is going to ring or who will be on the line, but otherwise she thinks she’s pretty normal. She’s been in a relationship with cat shifter Galen de la Vega for several years and they’re blissfully happy together. But when Jack shows up she can’t deny she’s drawn to him as well..and things are changing, whether she wants them to or not.

Jack has been looking for his mate for a long time and he’s thrilled to have found her. He’s less thrilled to see she’s already bonded with a cat. He isn’t going to walk away without exploring things..and they’re all surprised when they realize the three of them are meant to bond. It couldn’t have happened too soon, because a storm is brewing and Renee is right in the center of it. She’ll need both Jack and Galen to help her whether through it.

I enjoyed watching the three of them come together. They had major chemistry, both in bed and out of it. The fact that they learned to lean on one another and take care of one another was wonderful, especially since Renee and Galen had a long established relationship and Jack was new to it.

I was left feeling somewhat dissatisfied at the way Galen and Jack talked over or ignored Renee. She often accused them of treating her like a child, and I definitely felt that. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel like they’d stopped by the end of the novel.

The way Grace acted toward Renee really bothered me, especially considering the way she was treated by Nina in her book. I expected better of her and found I had less respect for her at the end. To hit Renee where it so clearly hurt the most..that was petty and cruel. I don’t think she made up for it in the end, either.

That aside, this was a good read. I breezed through it and couldn’t wait to start the next.


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  1. I meant to mention that in my review..yes, there is some action between the men. Most of the focus is on the 2 of them with her, either together or separate. But there are a few scenes…

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