Review: Claimed by Desire by KayAnna Kirby

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A Good girl Gone Bad…

Certified Public Accountant Allison Cain screwed up. Against her better judgment, she sleeps with a man she meets for the first time. The next morning he is nowhere to be found. She is left alone and feels used. But that wasn’t the end of her torture, because Allison discovers her one night stand leaves her with more than hurt feelings.

A Billionaire with everything except…

Bryson Anderson Jr., multi-billionaire real estate developer has it all; money, power, women, even his own island. A real estate acquisition brings him face to face with the alluring Allison once again on the tropical Cayman Islands. When he hears Allison is expecting his heir as a result of their explosive one night stand, a primal urge for a family is born. However, he has to convince an angry Allison to be a family even if it’s just for their child.

He didn’t realize he could lose his heart in the process.

When Bryson becomes the target of a rival out to destroy him, Allison and Bryson will have to fight for their lives and their hearts—before it’s too late.
Allison is in the Cayman Islands with her accounting firm when she runs into the man that she had a one night stand with 2 months earlier. They had had a quick but hot encounter in which Allison felt they could build upon. Unfortunately when she woke up in the morning, “Daniel” was gone. When she finds out she’s pregnant she is determined to have the baby but put it up for adoption.
“Daniel” is actually Bryson Anderson and is floored when he overhears Allison telling her friend that she is pregnant and that she plans on giving the child up for adoption. That’s his Heir! He may not have wanted children at this stage in his life but now that he will have one there’s no way someone is taking that away from him. The problem: Allison is so pissed off at Bryson for leaving the morning after that she can barely talk to him. Are her reactions over the top? Absolutely! How could he have done that to her, she thinks. But honestly, the man tries to explain to her what happens but she doesn’t want to hear his excuses.
When Bryson plans a trip to his private island under the guise of looking at some work papers things go horribly wrong. A man whose company is being taken over by Bryson’s company wants to get Bryson out of the way and sabotages the private plane. The plane crashes and though Bryson and Allison are bruised and battered, they survive. They find they have been stranded on Bryson’s island and head to his home (where there is no communication to the mainland) and there they finally have the chance to talk and rekindle their feelings for each other.
My thoughts:
The characters: I didn’t particularly care for either one of them and couldn’t get emotionally involved in their stories even through the end of the book. Though I think I should have felt bad for Allison – especially being left by Bryson after he seemed so into her – she was just so bitchy that I wanted to slap her a time or two. I understand hormones played a role in her actions (I‘ve been preggo a time or two and yes, hormones like to play havoc with a personality) but it was so over the top that I found it a bit annoying. She did calm down a bit towards the end of the story but it was almost too late for me to begin liking her by then.
Then there was Bryson. I liked him a bit better but I really didn’t get to know him all that well as we saw most of the story from Allison’s pov. When he first heard that Allison was pregnant and resolved himself to the fact that he was to be a father the first thing he thought was that he and Allison had to get married and of course she couldn’t work any more. What? I was kind of shocked for this modern billionaire to think such Neanderthal thoughts but there it was. He did seem to loosen up as the story went on which was nice and he seemed to genuinely care for Allison even though he had some family issues to work through. His hesitation with her prior was that his family was deciding who it was best for him to marry (and he had actually be engaged at the time of the one night stand *bastard!*) and he wasn’t sure that his parents would approve of Allison. I understand pleasing your parents but come on, you’re 37! And in the end the parents were never confronted so we never found out how the ‘rents actually reacted.
Other issues that I had with the story were scenes that I felt were unnecessary to the story and seemed to be put in for filler. The emotions of the characters in those scenes either felt over the top, insensitive or lacked emotion all together. I just couldn’t get a handle on why those secondary characters acted the way they did and it left me confused.
I didn’t particularly care for the writing style of this author but my biggest problem with the story was the editing or really, the lack thereof. It seemed to be non-existent. The spelling errors, typos and words put in that didn’t fit into a sentence made the story, at times, quite hard to read.
The book had a decent premise and a few good parts to it but in the end the story just didn’t work for me.
Rating: 2 out of 5

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5 responses to “Review: Claimed by Desire by KayAnna Kirby

  1. Oh God, she sent me this one too, and I DNF'd it because of the editing and her voice.

    I need to write up my review by the editing of this book was shameful. I don't know who her editor is, but my 13YO niece could have done a better job. They typos, misspelled words and wrong words were appalling. I've never DNF'd a book due to editing. This is my first.

  2. The blurb sounds great. Makes me wonder if this was edited at all and if so, why would simple mistakes both the author and the editor could catch made its way through?

  3. I got it from amazon and I liked the book. I found it funny.

    Bryson wasn't engaged to anyone. I never got the impression that he ever had a sexual relationship with Lauren, much less been engaged to her. I thought Bryson was absolutely dreamy.

    I did want to smack Allison a few times for a while there.

    I did notice a few typos, but I it didn't ruin it for me.

    I liked the ending. Although everything didn't work out perfectly at the end. Overall it was cute.

  4. Kati – Yes, the editing were pretty bad. I think the story would have been greatly improved if that was taken care of.

    KB/KT – I think it was but the pdf the author sent didn't state the editors name so I'm not sure.

    Melissa – Glad you liked it!
    Bryson was engaged – he tells Allison when they're stranded on the island.
    From page 142 of the pdf:
    Throwing down the few pieces of firewood he had in his hands, Bryson stomped back to where Allison was sitting down and said, “I didn’t want us to get serious because I was engaged to be married.” The relationship between Bryson and Lauren wasn't sexual, but it was definitely there.

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