Guest Review: My Fair Succubi by Jill Myles

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Genres: Paranormal Romance

Tracy’s review of My Fair Succubi (Succubus Diaries #3) by Jill Myles.


Living as a succubus has a bit of a learning curve, but with sexy fallen angel Noah to scratch her sensual Itch, Jackie Brighton is finally starting to feel ahead of the game. She almost doesn’t miss her gorgeous vampire master Zane—or his sinful, teasing mouth. She’s trying to convince herself of that, anyway.

But Jackie’s past mistakes catch up with her, spinning her life out of control once more. Just as her friend Remy’s inner demon comes out to play, Noah and Jackie are arrested by the angelic Serim Council. When Jackie seizes the chance to escape, she falls right into Zane’s waiting arms. As she’s pulled into a game of cat and mouse between vampires and angels, she finds she must also choose between the two men in her life. Can she decide between Noah and Zane, or will she lose everything she’s ever wanted? Because there’s more at stake than just her heart. . . .

While on an archeological dig in Mexico Noah and Jackie are arrested by the Serim council. Jackie gets a jacked up trial but manages to make a deal with Archangel Gabriel. She is to get the Halo – which is basically an archangel’s power that is currently residing in her friend Remy. If she gets the power then she can ask for whatever she wants. She’s all over that deal because not only does she want to get rid of the Halo, she wants to set her friend free.

While going about trying to fulfill her part of the deal she has to figure out what to do with Noah. The angel wants eternity. He wants a commitment that she will be his, and only his, forever. Jackie’s just not sure she can make that decision. Then there’s Zane who is helping her find the Halo but is under restraint from the vampire queen and has to wear a collar that burns him when he touches Jackie. Things are crazy in her life!

This was a great book. It was fun and funny and I really couldn’t put it down. Jackie is finding her way as a succubus and she’s not quite as nutty as she was in the first couple of books, which I appreciated. Noah and Zane are completely, undeniably sexy as usual and they were perfect counterparts for Jackie. Secondary characters Remy and the Nephilim Ethan were hilarious as well and I’m looking forward to reading more about them in future books.

This series, imho, has gotten better with every book. This one had me laughing a lot and I’m one who loves humor in with my action. A great read that I definitely recommend.

Rating 4.25 out of 5

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This book is available from Pocket Star. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

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