Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen: Michael.

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My friend B-Nice is reading Someone Like You right now and usually in the mornings at work, she’ll give me a brief summary of what’s going on in the book and we’ll spark up short discussions and one of the things that I wanted to discuss with her after she finished the book was Michael.

Now, in the story Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen, the main character’s name is Halley. Her best friend Scarlett calls her while she’s at summer camp, pretending to be her mother because she needs Halley to come home because Scarlett’s boyfriend Michael died. He was in a car accident that killed him and Scarlett needed her best friend to be with her.

Because she was pregnant with Michael’s baby.

Scarlett’s relationship with Michael was very brief but it was definitely real. At least it was to Scarlett. Michael was very attentive and he was that perfect boyfriend. He was charming and he was popular and he was everything that girls wanted in a boyfriend and Scarlett was madly in love with him. Halley knew that Michael loved Scarlett as well because she played the third wheel to them plenty of times and she saw the affection that Michael had for Scarlett. But they were together for such a short time before he died.

While Halley is trying to be the best friend she could be to Scarlett, she meets Macon. Macon was Michael’s best friend. Macon is one troubled little boy who is so not the best boyfriend for Halley but she’s drawn to him time after time because she’s got those teenage feelings for him and we all know that teenagers are passionate people. They feel so much…more than anyone else does. They love a lot harder and stronger than most adults. Halley was fiercely in love with Macon and it was hard for her to see what everyone else saw in him. Her feelings kept her with Macon even when she shouldn’t have been.

Now, while we’re getting to know Macon throughout the story, you can’t help but wonder about Michael. Well, I couldn’t at least because you know how they say, you are who you hang out with? Michael and Scarlett were mad for each other, their love was still in the newly together stage so of course Michael was attentive and all that’s good in a boyfriend but what I’m wondering is, what if Michael had lived?

If Michael had lived…what kind of boyfriend do you think he would have been? More like the boyfriend Scarlett fell in love with or more like the boyfriend his best friend was to Halley?

Any thoughts on this?

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5 responses to “Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen: Michael.

  1. I think Michael would have been a good boyfriend to Scarlett. I mean probably even better if and when he found out that she was carrying his child. I like the way they hooked up at work and him just getting into her check out line and making small conversation which led to a summer full of romane and love for her.
    Although their relationship was short, it was meaningful and you know what the say,” it’s not the quatity, it’s the quality” which I think is what Scarlett and Michael had a Quality Loved filled Summer.

  2. Oh I thought Michael knew that Scarlett was pregnant. I might be wrong though.

    I will say though that their romance (Michael and Scarlett) was so new and so fresh, all new loves start out like that but if they stayed together…would it have lasted? Would his true colors have come out…Macon tainted Michael for me so maybe that’s why I’m slow to trust him.

    Oh well.

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