Can You Figure Out What Book This Is?

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Book Binge commenter Teenyann was recently browsing online bookstores and came across a book she really wanted to read. Unfortunately she got distracted and moved away from the page before buying and/or bookmarking. Can anyone figure out what book this is?

The synopsis for the book I am looking for is woefully vague and as follows:
The excerpt I read takes place in the office of an arson ?/police ?/or ? investigator. The man’s first name is short–Gabe ?, Jake ?, Sean ?. He is described as tall and muscled, wearing a shirt open at the neck, exposing dark chest hair (my favorite!), and casual slacks. The woman he has called into his office is I-do-not-know-what-type of professional but he questions her in regards to a fire?/accident?/incident? in which she was of aid. She is described as petite, pretty and several years younger than the man.
The conversation soon takes a personal turn and I believe he ends up asking her for a date (surprising himself!) and she accepts (surprising herself!).

I was surfing various publishing websites looking for interesting romance novels. I am fairly sure it was not a mainstream publisher (HQN or Grand Central or Ballantine, etc.) and this title may be an e-book.

The excerpt was not written in the first person. It included the viewpoints of each character. It was very well written and without any x-rated language (at least this portion of the story!) but felt like it could get steamy later on.
I realize that this is about as vague as it could possibly be and I am still kicking myself for not bookmarking the website before I got distracted by whatever (probably my dog). Any help you can afford me would be most gratefully appreciated.

That doesn’t ring any bells for me. But surely one of you can figure it out!

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6 responses to “Can You Figure Out What Book This Is?

  1. Sonya

    At first I thought it was Wild Heat, but the story isn’t quite right.

    Even so, Bella Andre has written the best firefighter books out there, and everybody should read them!!

  2. Teenyann sent me this email:

    Good news: I found the book I have been looking for (see synopsis below). It is FINAL SIN by CHELLE CORDERO. The hero is Jake Carlson, a 37 year old crime scene/homicide/arson investigator. The heroine is Julie Jennings, a 24 year old paramedic (13 year age difference). He, in fact, does not ask her on a date right away…he asks for her home phone number (to his surprise) and she gives it to him (to her surprise). This book definitely falls in the romantic suspense/thriller categories.

    I was actually researching another book at Vanilla Heart and recognized Chelle Cordero’s name, took a look at her booklist, read a few excerpts and, lo and behold, there it was. I am so happy!!

    I’m so glad she found it, but man, I was way off in what I was thinking. lol

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