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Posted August 4, 2009 by Casee in Reviews | 26 Comments

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We are giving away three copies of both Charmed and Dangerous and Girls Just Wanna Have Guns. All you have to do is leave a comment about your most memorable love triangle (in this post or Toni’s guest blog).

Now you may be asking why we’re not giving copies of When a Man Loves a Weapon away. The answer to that is that we are…just not today. In a few weeks, I’m going to post my review of When a Man Loves a Weapon. At that time, we’ll give away three copies and gift card. So be sure to stay tuned.

Good luck!

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26 responses to “Contest Alert: Toni McGee Causey

  1. My most memorable and least favorite love triangle (ok I admit I pretty much hate it) is : Joe Morelli / Ranger / Stephanie Plum.
    Please don’t send me rocks, I’m sorry but it’s true, it killed the series for me ;-

    Great giveaway, those books sounds terrific !!!

  2. Well, I just got thru reading, A Hint of Wicked by Jennifer Haymore, and the love triangle between Garrett, Tristan and Sophie made for an amazing romance story.

  3. how about the lover’s triangle between katie,steve and steves best friend tyler in jess dee’s circle of friends series ONLY TYLER

  4. Jane

    My most memorable love triangle is between Wolverine, Jean Grey and Cyclops from the X-Men comics.

  5. I have to say, the love triangle in Dawn Haliday’s historical erotic novel, “Highland Obsession” is by far my favorite so far…Very steamy, but also very touching, the connections and friendship they all have.

    These books sound good! 😉


  6. The first one that came to mind was Edward, Bella, and Jacob. The next one Stephanie, Joe, and Ranger from the Stephanie Plum series.

    What a great contest…these sound so great and I have a couple of Toni’s books in my to be read pile.

  7. Alcott

    For me, it’s the Janet Evanovich books. At one point I loved it, but it is starting to drag out too long…

    Good recommendations in this thread though!

  8. I agree with everyone saying King Arthur, Lancelot, and Guinevere. Though I have to admit, I sometimes think a ménage à trois might have solved all their problems.

  9. maered

    I think the Mercy, Adam and Sam from the Patricia Briggs series was one of the best written, imo. I loved that Adam was the guy who she picked.

  10. i have to agree with several other commenters. both the edward-bella-jacob and the morelli-stephanie-ranger triangles make for great reading!

    meaghan_koci (at) yahoo (dot) com

  11. I love the JZB, V’lane and Mac trinagle in the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning. Since you don’t know who the bad guy really is, it makes it all the more interesting!

  12. For me it’s also the triangle between Wolverine, Jean Grey and Cyclops from X-men.

    Know of other triangles (in romance novels) but those ended up as permanent three-way relationships so I don’t know if they fit the bill.

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