Review (+ a Giveaway): Dirty Sexy Knitting by Christie Ridgway

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Review (+ a Giveaway): Dirty Sexy Knitting by Christie RidgwayReviewer: Holly
Dirty Sexy Knitting by Christie Ridgway
Series: Malibu and Ewe #3
Also in this series: How to Knit a Wild Bikini, Unravel Me
Publisher: Penguin
Publication Date: June 2nd 2009
Genres: Fiction
Pages: 304
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Series Rating: four-stars

Conclusion to the trilogy that started with How to Knit a Wild Bikini and Unravel Me.

The beachside knitting shop Malibu & Ewe is SoCal’s newest hotspot--where strangers beomce friends and friends become family over good yarn and better gossip…

Malibu & Ewe’s owner, Cassandra Riley, is about to turn thirty and wants to celebrate with her knitting club and newfound half sisters, Nikki and Juliet, in a big birthday extravaganza. But with Juliet on her honeymoon and Nikki with a fiancé of hew own, it seems everyone’s paired up…except Cassandra.

But a series of near-death accidents cause Cassandra to run straight into the arms of the man she’s tried hard to avoid. Gabe Kincaid, her landlord and neighbor, is a loose cannon with too many strings attached to commit to her fully--or can he? When a mud slide entraps the couple and puts their lives at risk, Gabe is forced to make a decision that will change his life--and the status of their relationship--forever…
Dirty Sexy Knitting is the third and final


Dirty Sexy Knitting is the third and final book in Christie Ridgway‘s Knitters Series. I was a bit leery going into this book because of the actions of the hero in the previous ones. I wasn’t sure I could move past his prior behaviors and see him as true “hero” material. I’m happy to say that Ridgway was able to make him a flawed yet believable hero.

For two years Cassandra Riley has been taking care of Gabe Kincaid and wishing for strong family ties. She found her half-sisters (who share the same sperm-donor father) and is forging a strong relationship with them, but she can’t help feeling like something is missing in her life. Especially since Nikki and Juliet have both found their happily-ever-after. As her 30th birthday approaches she decides it’s time to cut ties with Gabe and start moving forward with her life. She doesn’t need to build dreams around a man who has no hope.

Since losing his wife and young daughter in a drunk driving accident Gabe has been working hard to bury the pain and find blissful numbness. Sadly most of the time it comes at the bottom of a bottle. Despite his best efforts to dissuade her, Cassandra keeps coming to his rescue – picking him up after he’s been on a bender, feeding him, coaxing him into her shop and into her life. She may be a Froot Loop, but she’s the closest thing he has to a friend in the world, and he cares about her. Enough to know she deserves better than him.

But when he wakes up naked in her bed after his latest bender – with no memory of what happened – and she says she wants some space, he knows he should walk away. The possibility that he slept with her – probably without protection – keeps him from going anywhere. Plus, the fact that she seems to want to put walls up between them when that’s always been his thing is really disturbing to him. Despite his best efforts, he just can’t walk away.

Despite the light covers and titles in this series, each book has been very emotionally compelling, dealing with some deep issues. This book is no exception. Gabe’s pain from the loss of his wife and daughter, and the survivors guilt he feels were really well done. I expected to dislike Gabe and the way he acted, but I didn’t. In the beginning I found his benders to be distasteful, but by the end I was totally sympathetic to him.

Cassandra was a strong character, but her inner strength was subtle. Instead of being a kick-ass-and-take-names type of heroine, she was a nurturer. She chose to care for Gabe and her sisters, not to mention many others in her life in an effort to fill the void left by having no strong family ties. I really liked that as the novel progressed she became stronger and started looking out for herself more.

The secondary romance – which was carried over from the previous book – between Dean and Marlys was also very well done. Actually there were times when I enjoyed it more than the main storyline. Dean brought new meaning to the saying “All’s fair in love and war”, and I loved it!

My biggest complaint is with the ending. I felt things were wrapped up rather quickly and the epilogue was of the sugary-sweet variety. Normally I don’t let those bother me too much, but this one was quite a bit over the top. Especially considering Gabe’s past.

Of the three books in this trilogy, I think Dirty Sexy Knitting is by far the best. If you’re looking for an emotionally compelling read with rich characters this is the book for you.

4.75 out of 5

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The Series:

How to Knit a Wild Bikini
Unravel Me
Dirty Sexy Knitting

This book is available from Berkley. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

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43 responses to “Review (+ a Giveaway): Dirty Sexy Knitting by Christie Ridgway

  1. Hey Holly!

    I was wondering about the knitting books, LOL. Looks like this one was pretty good. Thanks for the review!

    PS. I followed this link from Twitter. Yep, that’s right, I am in the know!

  2. I love sibling series! This book sounds great.

    Christie Ridgway is a new author for me and I would love to try her.

  3. I haven’t read any books in this series but this one sounds like a great story. I do like to read about a wounded hero.

  4. Interesting… Great review Holly! I’m going to try my chances at getting a free copy of this book, LOL 🙂

    I’m not sure how I’m going to like Gabe either… but I’m intrigued, I have to admit it 🙂

    Thanks for the review!

  5. The back blurb didn’t sound that intriguing, but your review certainly made me a bit interested! Especially the hero is someone I’d like to read about…

  6. I read the first in this series and didn’t love it, but I am interesting in reading the other two. Please enter me for this giveaway.


  7. Luci

    That’s a great review!! I read the first two and am looking forward to this final book in the trilogy!

    Love this site by the way 🙂

  8. Hey Holly! – Do I need to read the first 3 books in order to understand the 3rd? Just wondering. The book sounds good.

  9. I have never read this series, or this author before, but after reading your review I think it is someone I should check out. I would love to win the book to get me started. Thanks!

  10. CMC

    The review makes this book and the series sound fascinating. I’ll definitely be looking up these books to read. Thanks!

  11. maered

    Great review! I’ve read a few Christie Ridgeway books and have enjoyed them. This one looks good. Enter me, please!

  12. I’ve read the first two books in Christie Ridgway’s “Knitting” series and really enjoyed them both. I’m really looking forward to Dirty Sexy Knitting now 🙂 !

  13. Jill! You finally moved over to the dark side! WOOT!!! LOL Actually, I’m really glad to see you on Twitter.

    I generally don’t care about reading in order, but I think in this case yes, you should read all three. A lot of backstory for both is told in the previous books. You don’t HAVE to, but I think you should.

  14. Anonymous

    This storyline sounds wonderful. I love a tortured hero.

    I have the middle book on my tbr.

    Please count me in.

  15. I didn’t realize this was a trilogy! I don’t remember Christie doing that before, but then too I’ve only had the joy of reading a couple of hers so far.

  16. I also didn’t realize it was a trilogy! I bought the first one for a knitting friend who likes romance novels. I probably should have read it first before I gave it to her… didn’t have time, it was right before my wedding…

    Hmm, perhaps I should purchase the rest of the trilogy and send it her way (but read it myself first)?

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