Guest Review: Complications by Cat Grant

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Tracy‘s review of Complications by Cat Grant.

In a marriage of convenience, falling in love can be a major complication.

The relationship of Eric Courtland, ambitious CEO, and his long-time lover Nick, has just ended. Finding himself at a crossroads, he throws himself into a passionate affair with an old college friend, Ally Taylor.

Ally is shocked by Eric’s marriage-of-convenience proposal. Sure, they’re a great match in bed, and Eric’s plan would help both their careers, but there’d been no mention of love… Does she really dare risk her heart and livelihood on such a volatile lover?

After hearing about Eric’s breakup with Nick, Ally heads to Eric’s place with a bottle of vodka to help drown his sorrows. So begins a relationship, both a continuation of their friendship and a sexual relationship, between Ally and Eric.

Eric ends up proposing to Ally for pure convenience reasons and despite having some misgivings she agrees. She insists that even though there’s been no talk of love that the marriage should be a “real” marriage in the fact that there will be absolutely no cheating. Eric agrees. Things go well with the marriage until Eric’s old beau, Nick, shows up at Eric’s office.

I really had a hard time feeling anything for Eric. He was kind of a cold, calculating guy and didn’t really ever show us much emotion. Ally seemed like a bright, sweet woman, but when she agreed to the marriage I have to say I lost some respect for her.

This novella is book 4 in a series. Unfortunately for me I haven’t read the first 3 books. I had no background on the characters and it was assumed that I would already know them if I was reading it. This lack of information made it difficult for me to get a real feel for anyone involved and that put a big damper on my enjoyment of the story. Would I have enjoyed the book more had I read the first 3? Possibly. It’s hard to tell, although there is infidelity involved and that’s just a story line that I’m never a fan of. I feel you really need to read books 1-3 before you buy this one.

Rating 2.75 out of 5

This book is available from Lyrical Press. You can buy it here in e-format.

(Holly says: I reviewed the first book in the series, The Arrangement, here. From the sounds of it, this series is moving backward, not forward..)

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