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Review: Giving Chase by Lauren DaneReviewer: Holly
Giving Chase by Lauren Dane
Series: Chase Brothers #1, Petal Georgia
Also in this series: Taking Chase, Count on Me
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication Date: February 27, 2018
Point-of-View: Third
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 384
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Previously published; newly refreshed by author

The Chase boys. Ridiculously hot and notoriously single.

When landscaper Kyle Chase takes notice of Maggie Wright, all of Petal, Georgia, wonders what the quiet schoolteacher is hiding underneath her tight bun and boring blouses. Even Maggie doesn’t quite get it, but after a failed relationship and a disastrous attempt to get back out there, she’s no match against the famous Chase charm, and Kyle has it in spades.

Kyle wants Maggie in his life—and in his bed—and he doesn’t mind getting down and dirty to prove it. For years he’s avoided the kind of trouble that comes with “good girls” like her, but Maggie’s the best trouble he’s ever been in. He craves more of it. And more of her.

But even as their love grows into thoughts of forever, a hidden danger from Maggie’s past threatens to tear them apart. And when Maggie suddenly disappears, Kyle must put his faith in his family and race to save the love of his life before he loses her forever.

The Chase is on. One small town. Four hot brothers. And enough heat to burn up anyone who dares to get close. Don’t miss the next books: Taking Chase, Chased and Making Chase.

Giving Chase is book 1 in Lauren Dane’s Chase Brothers series. I haven’t read the fourth (and final) book yet, but so far this is my favorite of the series.

Maggie is a teacher who hasn’t ever really let her hair down. She loves what she does, but isn’t very confident in herself. After yet another relationship ended badly her best friend talks her into a makeover and Maggie is amazed at the way some new clothes and a hair style make her feel. Especially after she attracts the attention of super sexy sheriff Shane Chase. Unfortunately Shane isn’t looking for anything more than a good time..and Maggie is definitely in the market for something much different.

Kyle had his eye on Maggie the moment he saw her, but since Shane asked her out first he backed off. When things end between Shane and Maggie, Kyle knows he wants a chance with her. Unlike his older brother, Kyle is looking for something long term and he thinks Maggie might be the one. But after what happened with Shane Maggie is feeling pretty gun-shy about men in general and Chase men in particular.

I really loved Kyle. I love that he was upfront and honest about what he wanted with Maggie. He didn’t shy away from making a commitment I was a bit leery of the storyline after reading the blurb because I’m mildly uncomfortable with the idea of brothers dating the same woman. I think Dane really handled that aspect well, though. Kyle was very respectful of the situation and was upfront with both Shane and Maggie about it. It wasn’t just glossed over or brushed aside. It was dealt with in a believable way.

Maggie was a strong character. She suffered from some self-esteem issues in the beginning, but as the novel progressed she really came into her own. I like that she was willing to stand up for herself and refused to compromise herself for a man – not for Shane or Kyle.

Overall this was a great, character driven contemporary novel. I highly recommend it.

4.25 out of 5

Chase Brothers

This book was originally published by Samhain Publishing. It was recently refreshed and republished by Carina Press.


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5 responses to “Review: Giving Chase by Lauren Dane

  1. I just recently got this whole series and they are definitely in my declaration of 5 books from the TBR pile read for each new purchase. Now *g* I’m glad I have them and don’t have to stomp my foot and curse and whine that ‘darn it all’ I can’t get these for a while! In fact I started this very book but then got distracted and started Practice Makes Perfect by Julie James. I have about 5 books started so my first group of 5 shouldn’t take as long :-}

  2. Thank you Holly! I’m definitely intrigued…but I think I’m becoming a little bit cynical over the stalker plot… *orannia sends herself to the corner*

  3. @Kristie(j) – These are definitely worth reading. I was really impressed with this, especially since it was my first contemp by her.

    @Orannia – I have issues with the stalker plot, too, but this one was well done. It’s less a ‘stalker’ and more an ex who doesn’t seem to get the hint that it’s over. I thought it was really well done.

    @Tracy – Yes you do!

    @Lori – I still haven’t finished reading the series (still need to read Matt’s book) but Kyle is my favorite so far. I totally agree about him wearing his heart on his sleeve without seeming unmanly.

    good stuff.

  4. Lori

    Just got back from vacation… I’m so glad you liked this book. I reviewed it when it first came out. It’s my favorite in the series. I think Lauren Dane writes some of the best contemporaries out there. Loveloveloved Kyle. I love it when a guy isn’t afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve, yet isn’t unmanly about it. And when he shows his woman how much she means to him? Yum. He’s the best brother, IMO.

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