Review: Redneck Cinderella by LuAnn McLane

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Review: Redneck Cinderella by LuAnn McLaneReviewer: Rowena
Redneck Cinderella by LuAnn McLane
Publisher: Signet
Publication Date: March 3, 2009
Point-of-View: Third
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 304
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Raised by her widowed father, Jolie Russell could keep up with any man?that is, until wealthy and sexy land developer Cody Dean struts into her life.

Cody buys the Russell farm with an impossible-to-refuse multimillion-dollar offer, then relocates Jolie and her dad to the Copper Creek Estates. But the country club atmosphere isn?t ready for Jolie?s kind of country. As her two worlds collide, Jolie wonders how she can ever hope to capture Cody?s heart without giving up her grits.

The first book that I read by LuAnn McLane, A Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action was a really fun and light read for me and this weekend, I needed some more of that. I was happy to find out that LuAnn McLane wrote another fun and light read for me to enjoy.

This book is about Jolie Russell and Cody Dean. Jolie Russell is the girl from the wrong side of the tracks. She’s a simple farm girl who fell into a lot of money and has to adjust to her new status in life as a rich girl. She’s got a ginormous crush on the Prince of Cottonwood, Kentucky, Cody Dean and she knows that her crush will get her exactly nowhere since guys like Cody Dean do not mingle with lowly girls like herself. Cody’s family owns a huge development company and Jolie’s father sold their farm and property to Cody’s family for a whole lot of money that made them super duper rich. Now, instead of living in the farmhouse that Jolie grew up in, they live in a very posh mansion in one of those richy rich communities and Jolie’s got a lot of learning to do if she’s gonna get all of thise hoity toity neighbors off her back and her name out of their mouths.

Jolie Russell is one of those heroines that even though she frustrates the hell out of you, you can’t help but like her. She said the most outrageous things and did the most out of this world stuff that made you crack the hell up. When she was being herself and when she was laughing, you couldn’t help but like her but when she was thinking about what everyone was thinking and assuming she knew what Cody was thinking and feeling, thats when I wanted to strangle her pretty little neck. I mean, I know she was thrown into the life of the rich and infamous (because of her everyday antics that were sooo taboo in a richy rich neighborhood) but there are things that just know whether you’re rich or dirt poor and those things seemed to float right above Jolie’s head. Like attraction. I don’t know what else Cody had to do to assure Jolie that he was interested in her and not trying to slum it as she kept insisting he was doing. That drove me crazy because she did that right up until the end but aside from that, the book was really enjoyable.

Cody was a wonderful hero. I thought LM did a great job of letting us get to know Cody through Jolie. I loved that we were getting to know Cody at the same time that Jolie was getting to know him and I really enjoyed his character. He was such a good and solid hero that he made this book a whole lot more enjoyable than it would have been with another kind of hero. He was perfect for Jolie and I loved that she brought a side of him out that he had neglected. She made him want to slow down and live life a little. I so loved Cody and wanted him for my own. Such a good hero.

It was filled with great characters, warm characters and ratty characters that you wanted to stomp on with stilleto heels. I really enjoyed meeting and getting to know Brett Dean and Carletta, Jolie’s Dad and Miss Abigail. I thought this story was fwell written and it was character driven which really worked for me. I felt for the characters, the connected with the characters and even when I was frustrated with the characters, my enjoyment of the entire story as a whole wasn’t tainted by it, so I would have to say that LM did a wonderful job writing this story.

Big ups to Brooklyn…or in this case, LuAnn McLane.

This book is available from Penguin. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

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3 responses to “Review: Redneck Cinderella by LuAnn McLane

  1. LOL, funny! I’ve been eying this book because of the blurb and picked it up yesterday when I was hanging out at the bookstore. Read the prologue and ending… but I don’t know, the previous books by LM haven’t work for me… so I’m still hesitant about this book. Glad you enjoyed it though 🙂

  2. It was a fun, sweet read. A nice change of pace from all the angsty books I’ve been reading. And I got a kick out of Jolie.

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