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Yes, it’s true. I am a dork. Although my oldest told me not to call myself a dork since a dork is a whale’s penis. wtf? Oh dear lord I’m gonna kill my 24 year old niece who told her that! lolol!

So the other day I was in Toys R Us with my kids. We were taking back some gifts that hubby and I had gotten for them that sucked. haha. Anyway, I was so bored while they were looking for gifts that I drifted into the Barbie section and started seeing fellow bloggers within the faces of the Barbies. Dudes, I told you, I was bored! So not everyone is accounted for cuz that would just be crazy (as if this isn’t already) but here are some that I took. (Pictures taken with new phone :))

This first one is Sayuri. I have absolutely no fooking clue what she looks like but I know she lives in Scotland so the whole costume caught my eye and started the whole slide down into the depths of insanity.

Here we have Holly. Isn’t she cute? (Stupid plastic covers effin up my pictures!)

This is Kati. For some reason the hair and the costume just called to me of her. I think because she likes the period dramas.

Next up we have Lisabea and G. You’ll notice the darker haired prince in the background. He was my original G but then thought better of of it and replaced him with blond surfer dude. Surfer dude just seemed like he didn’t have so much of a stick up his ass for our fun loving Lbea even though she’s on the red carpet. (Hell, she can have both if she’s so inclined! lol)

And last but not least we have our very own Rosie and Katiebabs. Love the lids dahlings. Love their dresses and wraps as well. So…so…stone age. And did they really have pearls back then? Or are they teeny tiny dinosaur eggs? Who’s ever to know? My next question is, of course, what the hell are these hotties doing with Fred and Barney??? You ladies need to branch out and get you some Alpha tail. lol

I hope to heaven that I never have to spend that much time in Toys R Us ever again. But if I do, I’ll be shooting more of my blogging friends!

On another fun (and less psychotic) note: This past Friday I had a lovely lunch with Lori and Nikki …a lovely 3 hour lunch! It’s amazing how time flies when you’re talking about books. It was so much fun – hopefully we won’t wait too long to do it again. Here we are in all our glory:


27 responses to “Just cuz I’m a dork

  1. Wow! Be still my heart. First Lisabea tags me as Wonder Woman and now you make me Betty Rubble. Lovin’ it.

    So you chicks cheated on us and had lunch huh??? So much fun isn’t it?

    We gotta set a date for the whole dang group soon don’t ya think?

  2. OMG! I love it. I look totally cute. Much better than RL. I love my wee Tam O’Shanter (hat) and I totally rock the plaid.

    Your such a sweetie, psychotic but sweet! *g*

  3. OMG! I’m actually WEARING THAT OUTFIT today! LOL!

    Great, great post, Tracy, and I SO wish that I had hair like that.

    Oh! And I got my package from you yesterday, darling Tracy! You rock, thank you SO much! MUAH!

  4. I love that G is a Ken doll…and that you included him. He’s the best sport, ever. The things that man puts up with.

    Very funny, Tracy, you clever clever girl. I cackled over my breakfast toast. 🙂 I love that this is how you entertain yourself in the Toys R Us. Most excellent use of spare time!!

    Damn I look good.

  5. omg, this is so funny. you all iz HOT! Now I’m going to be humming that horrid “I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie worrrrrld” song.

    (life is plastic, it’s fantastic)

  6. OMG, Tracy, you are so cute!

    I think I’d go insane if I got stuck in a Toys R Us. Way to make use of your time! lol

  7. This is freaking hilarious! I’m always telling MM boredom makes us (women) do strange things, but he never listens. I’m pretty hot, huh? lolol

    I can’t believe y’all cheated on us! Rosie is right, we need to make a date. 🙂

  8. This is hilarious! I think you made great choices for people. And look at how cute you three are out for lunch. I love that. You must all live in the same area. JEALOUS! What fun.

  9. omg you all started the party without me! lol So glad you’re all enjoying my dance with craziness. My daughter kept saying: Mom – stop that! What are you doing???

    Rosie – I couldn’t find WW! I looked, believe me – they were a little cleaned out so she must be a hot item. You notice you and KB are discreetly looking away from the hubby’s…like – how they hell can we get outta here??

    Sayuri – I love your outfit too! Is that your clubbing outfit?

    Kati – lol too funny. So glad you got the package. (why does that sound so covert?)

    Lb – I HAD to get G in there. Do you see how you’re slying looking over at him like your getting into attack mode? And yes, you DO look good! lol

    Sula and KB – I hadn’t heard that song before – I know, I live in a cave. Thanks for the link!

    Wendy – I didn’t see Batgirl Barbie! Do they make her? She must have been sold out along with Wonder Woman.

    Jenb – so you feel my pain. I kept offering to help the kids pick something out but they were having none of it. What’s a bored woman to do, I ask you.

    Holly you do look hot. Nice choker. Can I borrow that bustier?

    CJ – thanks! We do live near each other. Nikki lives in my city and Lori is about 25 minutes away. No worries ladies – we’ll invite everyone next time.

  10. LOLOLOLOL quite possibly the most adorable, dorky (I don’t care if it’s a whale’s penis, I’m using it, dammit), creative and fun loving post I’ve read in a while. LOVE IT!

    So cool that you met Nikki and Lori for lunch. 🙂

  11. Christine! Great to see you! I was just over at your blog. I have done a true blog crawl in ages so I’m trying to catch myself up. 🙂
    You’re so sweet. I’m so glad you enjoyed my crazy post. It was fun to do.

    Rowena – I KNOW! They really do look similar. 🙂

  12. Hey Tracy, if you want to blow your oldest’s mind, you should tell them that the whole dork is a whale’s penis thing is actually only the etymological definition of the word. The actual word does in fact mean a fatuous person.

    You know, just cause I’m a dork. ;oP

  13. LOL Kati! I will tell her and she’ll cock her head and go huh? lol

    Do I need to change my blog post (and abbreviate) to Just Cuz I’m a Fat person!?? haha

  14. You all seriously crack me up.

    Not only do I have that song in my head, I will be picturing the barbies as your avatars whenever I see your names.

    Nice one, Tracy. LOL.

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