Guest Review: Passions by Jennifer Cole

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Guest Review: Passions by Jennifer ColeReviewer: Tracy
Passions by Jennifer Cole
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Publication Date: November 3, 2008
Genres: Erotica
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The only thing more persuasive than a man pursuing the woman he wants? Two men.

Jana Michaels escapes an abusive past by taking on a housekeeping position at a resort where fraternization isn’t allowed. Tristan and Travis, however, came in search of the only woman to complete their trio, and nothing will keep them from her.

Jana is working at a Caribbean resort called Passions. Anything goes at this resort. You want to do it in the hall, go right ahead. In the pool? Be my guest. The only thing that is not allowed is socializing with the staff.

Tristan and Travis have come to Passions for the 3rd time to try and find the “one”, that one woman that will complete their family. They see Jana and they just know that she’s their woman. Problem is, they can’t get her to go out with them because she’s staff.

Tristan and Travis request that Jana be given their penthouse suite as her house keeping assignment. Once there they blindfold her and have a little hot sex (obviously policy is being ignored by all) – though Jana really has no clue who she’s having sex with. This continues for a couple of days while at the same time Tristan and Travis are courting her on her time off. The men need to get her to agree to be with them forever but Jana has serious insecurities and doesn’t feel that she is worthy to be with them.

Now, Tristan and Travis are from a different universe that doesn’t have many women so the men pair up and then find their human mate to bond with.

While Tristan and Travis are wooing Jana there are other illegal things going on in the resort that end up involving the trio and everyone ends up getting involved.

This was an interesting story. Very early in the book there were some things that happened and they were so out there that I just started laughing…one being right after T & T (I’ll abbreviate the men’s names) see Jana in a restaurant in the resort they activate their invisibility cloaking shields. What – we didn’t even know they were from a different universe at this point? Omg it was just so Star Trek I couldn’t stand it! T & T were very stiff and I just kept thinking of them as alien robots rather than men. They just weren’t comfortable in their own skin even though it was their own skin. I have to say they did seem a little more normal toward the end of the story. They knew that Jana had had a rough time with a previous boyfriend and wanted to make sure that she knew they would never hurt her. It was very nice that they wanted Jana to decide her fate rather than telling her (although Travis did a lot of that during the story).

Jana, for all her insecurities, was a likeable girl. She went about her work and was quite happy to be starting a new life. It wasn’t as difficult for her to believe that T & T were from a different universe as I felt it should be, but she felt the “pull” of her mates and fell in love so was willing to go with the flow.

Although I had some issues with the story it was entertaining overall. There was some great Ménage à trois sexorin going on, which is always enjoyable.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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3 responses to “Guest Review: Passions by Jennifer Cole

  1. I might pick this one up just from your description of their invisibility shields being activating before the reader knows what’s going on. You actually made me laugh by relating that to Star Trek because I could so see that happening. Great visual…or non-visual. lol

  2. OK, I couldn’t read this because I actually knew a couple of twins named Tristen and Travis in the second grade – it would be just be too strange!! Just seeing their names here made me do a doubletake.

  3. Karin – Glad to be of service! It made me laugh too!

    Janicu – that’s too funny. Yeah, that would be weird for me too. In this book though they’re not twins, just good friends.

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