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TITLE: His Son’s Teacher
AUTHOR: Kay Stockham
SERIES: This the second book in the Tulane’s of Tennessee series
Book 1: Another Man’s Baby

Nick Tulane ordinarily won’t admit weakness in himself or in those he loves. But when he learns his son is about to fail in school, the single father is desperate to find a tutor. And Jennifer Rose is perfect.

In fact, Jenn might be too perfect. Nick’s starting to fall for the attractive teacher, and he can’t let that happen. Because opening up to Jenn means sharing the secret that has always made him feel like an outsider in his own family. Still, with his son showing signs of following in his footsteps, Nick can’t keep the truth hidden. But once she knows, will Jen accept him weakness and all?
The Tulane’s of TennesseeFamily ties mean everything.
She’s tempting him to hit the books.

So Nick has found out that his son is about to fail in school. Nick doesn’t want anyone finding out that his son is having issues in school because of bullies. Nick was bullied in school and he just doesn’t want his son Matt to go through what he did. Instead of summer school he decides to hire a teacher for the summer who can tutor his son and get him up to grade level.

Jennifer Rose is a 2nd grade teacher with no plans for the summer. She’s been divorced for about 8 months and in the 18 months that she’s been separated from her low-life (ok, he’s not a low-life, he’s a doctor, but he’s still an incredibly big asshole) husband she’s gained about 30 pounds.

Nick and Jenn get thrown together by Jenn’s friend Suzanne and they make a deal. Jenn will tutor Matt for the price of a gym membership (Nick owns the gym) and a personal trainer so that Jenn can lose the weight (and go on the trip to the Caribbean that she planned to go on with her hubby, but will now go on by herself). Nick agrees and decides to do the personal training himself.

Jenn if very attracted to Nick but since she feels that she’s a 5 and he’s a 15 that there’s no chance in hell that he would ever look twice at her. Regardless Nick and Jenn are very attracted to each other and can’t seem to stay away – even though they both think there’s no hope for a future….her because he’s too hot for her and him because she’s too much of a brainiac and she wouldn’t want someone who was a dropout. There’s a bit of miscommunication with the two when she says they’re not compatible…Nick automatically assumes it’s because he’s a high school dropout with only a Sophomore education. Nick doesn’t want anyone, including his son to know that he was a dropout. There’s another secret that Nick has but I won’t spill the beans.

I really liked this book. There were more than a few things going on but it flowed nicely. Nick has issues because of his past and is not on good terms with his family – especially his father because of it. Jenn has issues with her weight and self confidence because of her ex-husband but also from her sister and father. They both had to work through their issues but they did it mostly together, which I liked.

Also there was the whole problem of the boy, Matt, and why he wasn’t able to read better. When Jenn would ask him things he was quick with the answer, but when he had to look at the book/paper he had problems. Having to try to figure how to fix it was a difficult one but it was nicely done. The fixing however brought on a whole new set of problems…again, I won’t spill the beans.

Overall I thought it was fun read. I enjoyed the first book in this series – even though it was a little on the staid side – but I liked the secondary characters and wanted to read more about the family.

Was the author new to you and would you read something by this author again?
No, I’d read the first book in the series. I will more than likely continue to read the series.

Are you keeping it or passing it on?
It’s an ebook so I’ll keep it – easy storage! J

Did you enjoy the book? Yes

Would you recommend this book to others? Yes
SCORE: 3.75 out of 5

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7 responses to “Review: His Son’s Teacher

  1. Ordered this one recently after I saw good review out in Blogland. I generally like the HSR line – mostly because the characters are “normal” people and I like the occasional sweeter read.

  2. I really like Kay’s books. They are always about real people with real problems. But never boring. And she is just the nicest person you would ever want to meet.

  3. Wendy – Yep this is totally about normal people with normal problems and I think that’s why I liked it so much. Definitely a sweet read.

    Lori – This wasn’t boring at all. Once I picked it up I didn’t put it down til I was done. Kay is VERY sweet – I recently met her at RAW and she was great!

  4. I read one of her books before I met her at RAW last year (she is a very nice lady!) I can’t recall the title but I know I did enjoy it.

  5. Hmm, you persuaded me to try HSR line again.

    I just read one and it was….lackluster for me. Which is a surprise cause usually I eat category up with a spoon. Plus it was a best friends falling in love/surprise pregnancy plot which I’m always a sucker for. I was really disappointed.

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