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OMG it’s Monday! How the hell did that happen? I think I completely missed Sunday. Ok, so I was hung over…but still, I should remember it! Sorry, I know I usually post this on Sundays but whatever. 🙂

Saturday night we went to a cocktail party at a friends house. So. much.fun. I had more mango martini’s than I thought was humanly possible and suffered a teeny tiny bit on Sunday. Oh well, it was soooo worth it!

This week we had Back to School Night at the girls’ school. Ok, my 5th graders teacher was like the energizer bunny on Red Bull. Seriously. That woman talked faster than lightning. I asked my oldest if she was always like that and she said yes! Holy cow! lol Then we headed to my 1st graders class and the woman has the voice of Minnie Mouse – no lie. She sounded more like a student than the teacher! haha!

RAW is almost upon me (Sept. 19-21) and believe it or not there are still 4 authors that I haven’t read. WTF? I did start one of the authors but got bored and moved on. oh well. I read a ton of books by RAW authors this week and still have more to go.

Just to let you know I’m being incredibly lazy today so you will get no book covers…but I’m going to inject a few hotties for your viewing pleasure (I already have those on my computer and don’t have to go searching!)

I started off my reading week with fellow DIK lady Katie Reus’ City of Secrets. Good story about a woman who’s ready to get back into the dating world after the death of her husband and how her best friend wants to be the only one she’s dating. Also has a great suspense story in there as well.

I then read Reason to Believe by Leslie Ann Dennis. A woman goes to Scotland to save a tree that her grandfather believes is connected to his life. If the tree dies so does her grandfather. She meets the Laird and love ensues. Well, lots of sex ensues, then love. FYI LAD also writes as Paisley Scott.

Moon Awakening (Children of the Moon book 1) by Lucy Monroe (RAW author) was next. I really liked this story. Basically a historical paranormal which included shifters and kilts. How could you go wrong???

Run with the Moon (A Children of the Moon story) by Lucy Monroe was next. A VERY short story which was kind of the start of the whole saga that then led into Moon Awakening. I just kind of read them backwards. Oops.

‘Til There Was U by Dianne Castell (RAW author) was a cute story about an architect who is originally from Tennessee but now lives in San Diego. He finds out he has a child back home but even his father won’t tell him what’s going on and who the mother is, etc. He decides to go home and takes his working partner with him. Sex, suspense and a HEA is what basically makes up the book. The series is Four O’Fallons and a Baby.

The Way U Look Tonight by Dianne Castell (RAW author) is the second book in the series. Also a cute book. Another O’Fallon comes home (to Tennessee)…this one a very famous soap star. Reporter hoping to get his personal story follows him home. I liked this book but it was wrapped up a little too pat in the end. I want my HEA at the end of the book but I also want it to be believable.

Next I read 5 short stories (and I do mean short…each one was only 5-7 pages long) by Lorie O’Clare (RAW author). The Billionaire, The Cop, The Motel Room, The Marine & The Toy Store. Very erotic. A friend sent these to me, I can’t even find mention of them on her site. *shrugs*

Nauti Buoy by Lora Leigh (RAW author) was next. I had read the 2nd book in the the Nauti Boys series over a year ago but just never read the first. It was ok. Not my favorite of her books by any means.

Bedroom Behavior 101 by Sophia Rae (RAW author who also writes under Jules Bennett). Cute little novella about the virgin and the carpenter.

Moving Violations: Law & Disorder by Veronica Chadwick and Lora Leigh (RAW authors) was last on the list. This was a novella about a woman who comes back to her home town after being gone for 15 years and picks up with the man she’s loved forever. There’s also a story of treason stuck in with all the sex. 🙂

Happy Reading!

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14 responses to “What I’ve Been Reading This Week

  1. LOL @ your impressions of your girls’ teachers. Two more days and my girls actually go back to school. Wish me luck with the alarm clock. Haven’t dealt with that in quite a few weeks. :/

  2. What a great roundup! You have been very busy. And good for you reading all those RAW authors, It will be so fun to meet them now.

    you had a much better Saturday night than I did.

  3. Christine – I DO wish you luck with that darned alarm! It’s been 2 1/2 weeks and I’m still not used to getting up earlier!

    CJ – lol – I think I have that much fun on a Sat. night about once a year! It was so worth the hang over! 🙂

  4. Yes, Moon Awakening was fantastic!

    And, Anna, that is very cool to hear there will finally be a second book coming next year. I know when we met her at RAW last year she said she put that series on hold and focused on her contemps because they were in higher demand by her readers. I cannot wait for antother books!

    I had no idea Jules Bennett had an alias! I’ll have to look into it. She is a nice lady :).

  5. Ana and Amy – YES! I’m very excited there will be a new Children of the Moon book. I really liked that one.

    Amy – yes, Jules Bennett writes erotic romance under Sophia Rae.

    KB – You know it baby!

    Stacy – I think I read 2 novella’s this weekend, that’s it. The rest of the books were either novellas, shorts or really, just not very long books…between 175-250 pages. 🙂

  6. HEY! You didn’t tell me you finished Reason to Believe! I’ll tell Leslie (wink). Hope you liked it!
    Hey.. Paisley has a new one coming out in November. Woot! Looking forward to seeing what you think of Luke and Cat.
    Hope you’re well! I hate going back to work (work work, not writing — LOL!)
    Paisley 😉

  7. Hey Paisley *coughLesliecough*! Sorry I didn’t email you! Bad Tracy. I will email you NOW – I promise!

    Hawk – thanks for visiting!

    Sayuri – don’t you hate it when you do that? lol I’ve done it before. I’m debating getting the last in the series that recently came out. It will probably bug me if I don’t just wondering what happened! 🙂

  8. NIIICE Kilt picture. 😉

    You read soo much! I’m impressed. I haven’t read any of the books you mentioned, though I have read a Lora Leigh short in the past. Any keepers?

  9. Hey Ciara! I’d have to say my keeper of the week would be Lucy Monroe’s Moon Awakening. I just love shifter stories and the whole historical aspect really did it for me. 🙂

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