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A Perfect Match by Shelley Bradley is what started off my reading week and it was so great! (see review and link to excerpt below) Sweet, fun, romantic, hot. Very nice!

As most of you know I’ll be attending Lora Leigh’s RAW this Sept. and I’m making it a point to read as many of the books by the authors attending as possible. Dear God in heaven I had no idea how many books some of these authors had written! Seriously!!! I made a list of all the books by all the authors. Holy Shit that’s a lot of books. There’s no way I will read them all, but I’ll give it the old college try!

My Immortal by Erin McCarthy (RAW author) had long been recommended to me but I just hadn’t picked it up. I really liked this book. I felt the end could have been a little stronger, but overall a good read. You can read more about her Seven Deadly Sins series, of which this is the first book here.

I started a series this week by Lorie O’Clare (RAW author) called the Lunewulf series. Not the strongest of series I’ve read, but I do like shifter stories so they kept me coming back. The first was Lunewulf Law. A British Columbian werewolf pack who faces certain extinction after 36 of their females are shot by hunters unless some desperate measures are taken. Crazy pack leader passes pack law that each single female must take 3 mates.

Next I moved on to Dark Desires After Dusk by Kresley Cole. I know that her last book only came out 3 weeks ago but I was really waiting impatiently for this one. I loved Cadeon and Holly. I thought their story was great and of course am now going to have to wait yet more time for the next book. Arg! Love Kresley Cole!!

Book 2 in the Lunewulf series by Lorie O’Clare is In Her Blood. Elsa wants nothing to do with the new pack law so she runs. Eventually she lands in Minnesota and meets Pack Leader Rick Bolton. Sparks fly. Her pack and her 3 mates are chasing her. What’s a Bitch to do?

Book 3 in the Lunewulf series In Her Dreams is the story of Johann who is from the BC pack and Elsa from the previous book was supposed to be his mate. He runs into Samantha when he starts to chase Elsa.

Book 4 in the Lunewulf series is Simone and Rock’s story. Simone is the pack slut but still doesn’t want to take 3 mates. Rock is a Cariboo Lunewulf who is very dominating and wants Simone. There were so many times in this book that I actually liked Rock but for the most part the hair pulling and tieing up of the heroine just got a little old.
Blue-Eyed Devil by Lisa Kleypas. OMG what can I say about this book but go read it!!! Seriously. What a great story and the characters were wonderful! Hardy…mmmm, Hardy. Those kisses! Whew! Read about the first book in this series, Sugar Daddy, and all of her wonderful books at her site: lisakleypas.com.

Book 5 in the Lunewulf series by Lorie O’Clare was In Her Soul. Trudy had 3 mates but not for long. Two of them eventually left the pack and one got convicted and killed because of murder. Nice. Poor Trudy she needs to find a new man. Well she finds one in Adam but he’s off trying to find someone who’s trying to expose and kill the werewolf packs. What’s to become of their relationship? Oh, and this is one of those covers that just makes you go WTF?
Last but certainly not least was a short story in the Lunewulf series called Full Moon Rising. It was a good one, but had absolutely no Lunewulf in it so it kind of was the odd man out. Beth, big time lawyer….Ethan big time pack leader meet, mate, have HEA. Overall I’d give the Lunewulf series 3 stars out of 5. You can read more about the stories here.

Happy Reading!!

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5 responses to “What I’ve Been Reading This Week

  1. You read all those books in a week? LOL

    I read the first three Lunewolf books. Don’t know why I stopped reading them. I liked ’em. And she is a very nice lady! I talked with her again at RT (I think she remembered me from RAW!!) Even if she didn’t she is very friendly!

    You are going to have soooo much fun in September!!

    Erin McCarthy is going to be there? I didn’t know that. I read My Immortal and I really liked it! I ordered Fallen the other day. It should be here this week, maybe tomorrow.

  2. Well most of the Lunewulf books are only about 175-200 pages in html so not huge by any means…and a couple are shorter.

    Yes, I was very excited when I saw that Erin McCarthy was going to attend. LL keeps adding authors to the event, which is very cool.

  3. WOW you read A LOT.
    OMG I didn’t know blogger kicked you off the List DAMN IT. I knew I should have saved my links somewhere before the transfer.
    Have no fear wonderdog is here and will fix tonight I PROMISE *fingers crossed* SO sorry about that *blushing*
    I have been wanting to try Erin’s new series so it’s nice to know you liked it.
    Is it bad of me to be jealous that you’re going to RAW and I’m not and I really, really want to go…

    Hey can you ask LL for me if Jonas is ever going to get his own story??? Oh and see if she will name the heroine Sarai tell it is sweet yet exotic… Thanks *g*

  4. And here I thought I was doing well to get through seven books in a week!
    If you’re interested in more (when you come up for air from your list, that is) I just finished a really great paranormal called Take Me There by P. F. Kozak that you might like.

  5. Well Ruth as I said, some of those where shorts or novellas so 7 full novels in a week would be pretty darned impressive if you ask me!
    Thanks for the link – I’ll have to check that one out.

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