Review: Between the Sheets by Robin Wells

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Review: Between the Sheets by Robin WellsReviewer: Rowena
Between the Sheets by Robin Wells
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication Date: February 1st 2008
Genres: Fiction
Pages: 400
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The Most Notorious Woman in America There are probably worse things than having the entire country think that you're the girl whose "services" gave the president-elect a fatal heart attack in the sack-but at the moment, Emma Jamison can't think of any. A terrible mistake has made her the face of a national scandal, leaving her with no choice but to retreat to her grandmother's small town for a fresh start. The Straight-Arrow D.A. Max Duval is running for office in Chartreuse, Louisiana, and he can't afford a scandal. But Emma, with her disarming smile and razor-sharp wit, is impossible to ignore-especially since his grandfather and her grandmother are starting a romantic romp of their own, and a Geraldo wannabe is chronicling everyone's every move for the tabloids. Is Emma really as innocent as she claims? Can Max follow his heart and still win the election? Sometimes the only way to sort out the dirty laundry is to dive in... Between the sheets "A delightful mix of humor and love-romantic comedy at its best!" -Sandra Hill, author of Pearl Jinx "Fun and funny, [and] filled with Southern charm and characters you'll root for!" -Christie Ridgway, USA Today bestselling author
Word Count: 100,000 words.

This was my first Robin Wells book but it won’t be my last. I really enjoyed this book. I don’t know what my expectations of the book was since I’m a big fat scaredy cat when it comes to trying out new authors. But I liked this book.

It was good.

The book is about Emma Jamison and her journey through national public humiliation when she’s mistaken for a call girl that killed the president elect, he died in bed doing you know what. The media saw her and pegged her as the call girl and nothing she says does any good since everyone believes her guilty and that’s that. What was messed up is the Secret Service didn’t try to help her out at all, they just let her take the fall and ruined her life. She had to pack up and move to Chartreuse, Louisiana where her grandmother lives in one of those old folks homes. She moved there to hide but it’s hard to hide when everyone in the nation knows who you are and what you “did”.

Gosh, I felt bad for Emma throughout this whole book, especially because she didn’t do it and yet nothing she said or did made one lick of difference since nobody believed her. For her to have to give up her life because of things she didn’t even do made my heart go out to this girl. Emma tried to move on with her life but no matter where she went, everyone just made it so hard for her.

Which is why I loved Max, a whole frickin’ lot.

At first, he thought she was guilty of it but didn’t care because he just plain ol’ liked her. And no matter how many obstacles are thrown in their way, his campaign being in jeopardy, that stupid journalist and just everything, I liked how he still liked her. Max was a hottie and I sooo would have voted for him, if I lived there. He was the Prince Charming that Emma needed and I loved how they were thrown together. It was too cute!

The secondary story between Max’s grandfather and Emma’s grandmother was cute, even though Emma’s grandma got on my nerves sometimes with her “slang”. I mean, she was cute, don’t get me wrong but there were times she’d say something and I’d be rollin’ my eyes down the street.

But aside from that, I really enjoyed this book. It’s one of those fun stories that is enjoyable and just plain ol’ cute.

Update!!! (Ed Note: Ween accidentally posted this today, instead of scheduling it for tomorrow. She wanted a bit more time to work on it before she posted it. See her response to the comments below. – Holly)

See, I forgot that I scheduled that post, it wasn’t supposed to go up yet…dangit. Because I don’t know how to explain how I feel about the book. I enjoyed it, I really liked Max and I felt really bad for Emma but it’s one of those books that even though I liked the book and thought it was really good, I’m not excited about it, I’m not jumping up and down to tell you guys about and I know that I’ll never reread this book again. I don’t know how to explain that. I meant to give it a C but I don’t know why because I liked it, I really did…It was missing something and I don’t even know why.

Should you read it? You sure should. It was good, just missing something. I just can’t tell you what.

3 out of 5


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6 responses to “Review: Between the Sheets by Robin Wells

  1. Hey Rowena,

    I think that part would have driven me bonkers – Emma saying that she was innocent, but nobody would believe her. My question, you seem to have enjoyed the book very much, but you gave it a not so good grade… why?

  2. I am thinking the same thing as Nath. Did you give a C by mistake? What didn’t you like about it? Come on… fess up. I promise not to stalk you 🙂

  3. Hey ladies,

    Ween is blocked from blogger at work, so I updated the review for you. Sorry about the confusion! 🙂

  4. Rowena

    LOL, sorry I didn’t mean to post it without finishing my thoughts but then time got away from me and I never went in to fix it, my bad.

    My issue with it was this…it’s a good book, I’m sure other people would like the book because I did but for some reason after I finished it, I was like…okay, next. I enjoyed the story, I enjoyed the characters but it was just missing something that I couldn’t quite pinpoint and then I just gave up. I didn’t get excited to tell the girls about this book, I didn’t feel the need to shout from the rooftops that I liked this book, I really enjoyed it but that’s it.

    Maybe it is just me but I don’t know…whatev.

    Thanks Holly for alerting me that this post posted and thanks for editing my post for me since I couldn’t…you so seriously rock my socks! Love you, bitch! 😉 (Dude we haven’t said that in a long while…haha)

  5. Rowena

    LMAO, some memories left buried in the back of mind never to resurface again…cause I’ll be damned if anybody tells me how to talk, LOL….oh good times, good times..haha.

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