Review: Firestorm by Brenda Joyce.

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Review: Firestorm by Brenda Joyce.Reviewer: Rowena
Firestorm by Brenda Joyce
Series: The Bragg Saga #2
Also in this series: The Fires of Paradise, Violet Fire
Publisher: Harper Collins
Publication Date: October 6th 2009
Genres: Fiction, Erotica
Pages: 352
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Series Rating: three-stars

From the sensuous voice of novelist Brenda Joyce comes Firestorm, the extraordinary second book in the Bragg family saga that has captured the hearts of readers everywhere. Here is the beginning of the Bragg empire-opulent and glamorous-vast, dangerous, and as untamed as the sweeping plains of Texas...

Storm Bragg could outshoot and outride any man, but her family decided it was time she traded in her buckskins for a ballgown and made her debut in San Francisco society.Quickly pursued by every eligible gentleman in town, the young hellcat from Texas had eyes for only one, and he was no gentleman.Brett D'Archand was a self-made success -- arrogant, impossibly attractive, blatantly sensual -- and looking for a wife who would give him respectability.

Storm was completely bewitched by him, but she made him lose his head as well as his heart. And, threatened by scandal and ruin, they are forced to wed -- a tempestuous union of free spirits, shackled only by the irrepressible bonds of love.

Alright, I have officially given up on this author. I’ve tried three books by this author in this series and though I’ve enjoyed them for the most part…I didn’t enjoy them enough to continue on with this series.

This story is Lucy’s aunt and Rafe’s sister, Storm Bragg’s book. Storm could out shoot and out ride anyone, man or woman and she’s the biggest tom boy known to man. She loves the outdoors but her family thought it was best for to hang up her chaps and put on a damn dress, much to Storm’s chagrin. She’s packed up and shipped off from her Texas ranch home to San Francisco in hopes to snare a husband (not so different from the British ton) but because Storm is such a hot damn boy, there isn’t many offers coming her way.

It doesn’t help with the way she acts around Brett D’Archand and when a scandal blazes around these two and they’re forced to wed…Brett is NOT happy.

The rest of the story is spent with these two finding their way toward their happy ending.

And man is it a frickin’ trial trying to get there…a trial in my patience, a trial in my sanity and a trial in my effort not to strangle the snot out of Storm AND Brett.

rolls eyes

I was loving Brett when I first started the book, I thought, oh okay, this guy is a hottie but it went straight to hell in a hand basket, atleast my love for Brett did when it came to their wedding night.

After that night, I found it very hard to forgive him and to like him and though I ended up liking him well enough (because I’m a sucker for a sexy stud and Brett is definitely sexy, even if he’s a big asshole!) at the end, I couldn’t bring myself to get over their wedding night.


Think Jordan and Alex’s wedding night in Judith McNaught’s Something Wonderful.

sigh again

Storm, on the other hand…I think she got on my nerves more than Lucy did and Lucy got on my hot damn nerves a lot. It must be a writing for the times kind of thing because I know these are rereleases and man, I had a hard time getting through this book because I was always irritated by how bratty Storm was and just how spoiled she was and then Brett’s dominant personality. There were times in the book when he threatened Storm and I just couldn’t like it.

I mean, the book wasn’t a boring read, not at all…but it was just like the other books in this series. It engaged those same damn emotions that had me wanting to smack a bitch (in this case, Storm) and call the cops on a asshole (in this case, Brett)…so should you read it? If you like those forced seduction stories with the heroes that threaten the heroine a lot and the heroine being a snotty nosed brat, then yeah check it out but if you don’t check this book, I don’t think you’ll be sorry.

For me, this is my last Brenda Joyce because seriously, enough is enough with the dumb ass heroines who think they know everything and heroes that are just too hot damn mad about how they feel for the heroine…it makes me want to read something sweet and fluffy, just so that I can get over my madness with this series.


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3 responses to “Review: Firestorm by Brenda Joyce.

  1. Hmm…I think, based on your review, that I’m going to reread the one BJ that I read and see if it can stand the test of time. Because I did like that one book. LOL

  2. I read many of the Brenda Joyce books years ago and while I rather liked them at the time – it was a different era back then and I don’t think they would stand the test of time for me. I think many of the heroes would just come off as arrogant jerks to me now.

  3. lisabea

    I read these back in the day. I bought all her books in this fantastic used bookstore in Knoxville. Sigh. Anyway, I agree with Kristie(j) on this one. I recall these being a bit one note even then, but they were ok. Now? Not so sure.

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