Review: Violet Fire by Brenda Joyce.

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Review: Violet Fire by Brenda Joyce.Reviewer: Rowena
Violet Fire by Brenda Joyce
Series: The Bragg Saga #3
Also in this series: The Fires of Paradise, Firestorm
Publisher: Harper Collins
Publication Date: October 6th 2009
Genres: Fiction
Pages: 368
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Series Rating: three-stars

A scion of the imperious Bragg family, golden-boy Rathe Bragg finds a society party all rather a yawn until a feisty suffragette bursts into the room. Wielding a six-shooter and shrieking feminist slogans from atop the grand piano, the impassioned lady makes a startling first impression on those gathered, especially Rathe -- and from that moment the sparks between them only intensify.

Irrepressible Grace O'Rourke, an intensely devout feminist, has outraged the entire town of Natchez with her radical ideas, and soon infuriates Rathe with her lack of regard for any opinions other than her own. Yet, despite her steadfast devotion to her cause, Grace warms to the virile gallant. But his bold suggestion of becoming his mistress stings the proud Grace, and she firmly rejects his scandalous proposition.

But telling a Bragg "no" is the ultimate stimulant, and now, Rathe ardently pursues the lady whose eyes are ignited by a violet fire.
Enjoy the entire Bragg saga --


You know how you’re supposed to be grossed out when you read about your friend’s parents having sex? Well, after reading Lucy and Shoz’s book, I would consider those guys my friends because like friends, I rejoiced in their up’s, got pissed off at them in their down’s and overall wanted the best for them…so imagine my surprise when I started reading Lucy’s parents story and didn’t care a twit that I was reading about Lucy’s parents getting down and dirty in between the sheets.

I was rootin’ them on too. What this says about me, I don’t want to know.

Rathe was one of those heroes that you love to love. He’s powerful, he’s rich and he’s devastatingly handsome. He’s cocky (but not annoying) and he’s got what Simon Cowell would say on American Idol, that “IT” factor. But what I loved most about Rathe Bragg was that he was far from perfect. He bossed Grace around and he bulldozed his way and his will on her some of the time but there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that he did all of the things he did because of the love he had for Grace…and man, there was a wealth of love in him for Grace. Everything he did was for her and it warmed my heart to know that there truly are guys out there that love as passionately and as deeply as Rathe loved Grace.

Grace, on the other hand…all she ever did was doubt Rathe. In the beginning of their relationship, I got her concerns and I understood her doubts but as she got to know Rathe and as they grew closer and after all of the many times that he was saving her sorry ass, you would think that the doubts would frickin’ drift away into nothingness but for Grace, they were always front and center.

It drove me mad.

But I got over it, the same way I got over her daughter’s stupidness in her book. As much as Grace pissed me off, there were times that Rathe pissed me off too, like when he kept getting mad at Grace for once again misunderstanding him or whatever. Instead of setting her straight, he would get pissed off and just make Grace mad too and it wouldn’t solve a hot damn thing. I got over it because Brenda Joyce did such a good job of telling their story. There were so many other things going on in this story that I didn’t have time to stew in my anger over Rathe and Grace’s dumbness. There were so many storylines that needed my attention and Brenda Joyce did a great job of making me fall right into the thick of everything.

In Lucy and Shoz’s story, the history story being told is during the rebellion in Cuba and then in this story, it’s during the slavery days and Grace is one of those women’s rights women and there were times when I wanted to strangle the dumb ass but I forced myself not to. I felt for the black people in this story, BJ did a great job of making me sympathize with the slaves but more importantly she did a fantastic job of making me sympathize with them and not pity them. They were a strong and proud people and I felt their helplessness until they found someone who could lead them to the right way things were suppose to be.

I really enjoyed this story and am totally glad that I read it, I will be reading more Bragg stories in the future that’s for sure but I need to take a quick break from them for the moment. Should you read this? I’m sure you’d enjoy this, if you could get passed Grace’s stubborn streak and Rathe’s insulting way of showing how he cared for a LADY…he straight up asked her to be his mistress, if that didn’t make me want to slap the fool, nothing ever will. I really love Rathe so I couldn’t stay mad at him because he’s such a stud…and he really did love Grace.

So, go ahead and check this out, you’ll enjoy it.

4 out of 5


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