Strangers In Death only Available in MobiPocket??

Posted February 20, 2008 by Holly in Discussions | 8 Comments

I’m trying to buy Strangers in Death right now. I wanted this book two weeks ago when others (the ones who’d pre-ordered the hardback) started getting it. But I was patient. Yes, I was tempted to buy a bootleg copy, but I didn’t. I waited for the official release. And now, the day it’s officially release, i can’t find it in any format but MobiPocket. Why is that, I wonder, when every other time she’s released a new book it’s available immediately in all formats?

I suppose I’m being punished, right?


I had a nice rant worked up over this, but I’m giving it. I’m tempted to not buy the book period now. Yes, I’m that annoyed.


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8 responses to “Strangers In Death only Available in MobiPocket??

  1. Holly, I took the liberty of removing the duplicate post. Annoyance aside, I just have to assume you didn’t mean to post the same exact post twice. LOL.

    So the official release date is today (the 20th), right?

    I haven’t even ordered it yet. Or maybe I have, I can’t remember. I guess I better go check Amazon.

  2. azteclady

    The official release day was yesterday, Casee. And I want, I want, I WANT!!! but have to wait for amazon to deliver it later this week (what can I say? cheaper hardcover + free shipping = azteclady waits (im)patiently)

    On the double posting: funny, I’ve seen it in a couple other blogs this morning *grin* something going around, perhaps?

  3. I am so with you on the cheaper hardcover, azteclady. I think I’ve broken down a few times when I just couldn’t wait, but that’s not going to happen this time. Every year I get a little cheaper. LOL

  4. Oops, sorry about the double post. Obviously I was worked up enough that I felt it needed to be said twice. LOL

    I still don’t understand why it’s only available in one format. The thing is, it’s on sale at Books on Board, but only in the one format. WTF???

  5. At this point I won’t say I got it – good price – I read it, I loved it. That would be like rubbing salt in the wounds wouldn’t it?

    (bad Kristie – slap yourself on the wrist

    Ouch! that hurt!)

  6. Kristie is just mean!! I tell you, if you were leaving closer and I knew it wouldn’t get lost in the mail, I would have send it to you. come to think of it, I should really have done that. Next time…

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