Review: Demon Angel by Meljean Brook.

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Review: Demon Angel by Meljean Brook.Reviewer: Rowena
Demon Angel by Meljean Brook
Series: Guardians #1
Publisher: Penguin
Publication Date: January 2nd 2007
Pages: 432
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Series Rating: four-stars

For two thousand years, Lilith wrought vengeance upon the evil and the damned, gathering souls for her father's armies Below and proving her fealty to her Underworld liege. Bound by a bargain with the devil and forbidden to feel pleasure, she draws upon her dark powers and serpentine grace to lead men into temptation. That is, until she faces her greatest temptation—Heaven's own Sir Hugh Castleford...

Once a knight and now a Guardian, Hugh spent centuries battling demons—and the cursed, blood-drinking nosferatu. His purpose has always been to thwart the demon Lilith, even as he battles his treacherous hunger for her. But when a deadly alliance unleashes a threat to both humans and Guardians in modern-day San Francisco, angel and demon must fight together against unholy evil—and against a desire that has been too long denied...

Who will be the first to succumb?

Man, I fell into a bit of a reading funk when I was in the middle of this book and I thought it was because I didn’t like this book but that wasn’t the case, the reason it took me so long to read this book is because I kept losing it. It kept pissing me off to because I wanted to hurry up and find out what was going to happen, what was Lilith going to get into and all that other crazy stuff.

This was a really good book. The storyline flowed well, it was a bit off on the pacing but aside from that, it was quite an enjoyable read for me. For some reason, I thought this was a historical but it’s not and I’m glad because I’m kinda over historicals for the moment.

What I liked about the story was the way the story came together. The fight between good and evil was great and I loved how Lilith and Hugh had that ginormous connection. It was more than just they wanted to jump each other’s bones, it was a wonderful emotional connection. I loved how they would always run into each other no matter how many years, decades passed. I loved the people in their lives too….like Sir Pup, wow…that was one ugly beast of a dog but Lilith loved him anyway and Colin cracked me up with him too.

I liked Colin well enough but I hear nothing but good things about him so I look forward to reading his book. Holly tells me that Colin is all that and a bag of chips and she aint never steered me wrong so I can’t wait to dig in, I just have to go out and buy it.

Savi and Auntie were cool additions to the story even though at first, I didn’t really care for Savi, I don’t even know why I didn’t like her but I ended up really liking her so I guess I was just smoking crack before, whatev.

Overall, this book was a great book, it took me a while to get into the book but as soon as I got past the first third of the book, it was smooth going after that and I enjoyed the book a great deal. It’s a great read and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to read about two wonderful characters and their journey to that happy ending we all hope to have one day. My only gripe with it is, I hope in the other books some of my questions are answered…I’ll be patient though.

Read this book, it’s good stuff!


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10 responses to “Review: Demon Angel by Meljean Brook.

  1. You and I are like the last people on the planet to have read this one, and I loved reading your review. It echoes a lot of my thoughts. I enjoyed the tragic depth of this pairing, by which I suppose I mean there was nothing surfacey about the relationship.

    And I wasn’t sure about Savi, either, but I get the feeling she and Colin totally pop in the next book, which I am going to be reading soon, so I can stop being so 2007.

  2. Kris, this is the first book. Demon Moon is the second and Demon Night is the third, which will be out..Feb 8th, I think (Don’t quote me, could be the 5th).

    I agree there were some pacing issues in this one. I think that stems from the fact that her world building is done in depth. This isn’t just a quick, light fluffy read. It has a lot of meat to it, which takes time to expand upon.

    An excellent read, but not as good as Demon Moon (love Colin and Savi) and I’ll be a jerface and say, not as good as Demon Night, either, which I just finished reading. 🙂

  3. There’s also a short story related to this series in the Hot Spell anthology. 😛 (Unashamedly pushing the Hot Spell review on my blog right now. haha!!)

    Rowena – Spot on review! I’m glad you finally finished it. LOL And Sir Pup is the best. Can’t wait to get to Colin’s book now, if Holly says he’s all that. 😛

  4. Oh, yes, Colin really is a lovely, lovely hero. And I do like Savi, but since I’m maybe a third of the way through Demon Moon she doesn’t quite have the same level of awesomesauce that Lilith does.

  5. Rowena

    I know, I thought I was the only person on the face of the earth that hasn’t read it but it’s good to know that I’m in good company! =)

  6. I love Sir Pup and I want one!! LOL 🙂 Holly, the book is coming out on Feb. 5th!! (not that it matters to you since you’ve already read it! – so jealous!)

    I’m happy Rowena that you enjoyed the book! I thought it was a great one… I didn’t have a problem with the pacing, but more with the thickness of the book. It’s a very thick book – not that I’m complaining, but so many stuff happens and I found it was a bit hard to read because of all the details and everything. But still great! and Hugh and Lilith are AWESOME!

  7. Exciting update:
    For the last few days I have been reading a book I don’t much like, and last night I decided, screw it, I’m starting Demon Moon. Obviously that one’s going to be good.
    So far it is!

  8. The ultimate scene is when Hugh has Lillith, in demon form, up against the closet door!! HAWT!! Hugh has centuries of pent up lust after all that kissing they do and no sex.
    I called Sir Pup mine a long time ago. Meljean should make her own Sir Pup line 😉
    Demon Night comes out Feb 5th and it is beyond good.

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