Author or Publisher?

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When you’re looking for new books, do you take notice of the publisher or just the author? Do you have a preferred publisher you like to buy from?

Holly: I used to be addicted to Avon Historicals. Well, back when I was addicted to Historicals, Avon was my preferred publisher. Whenever I went to the bookstore (this was pre-eBook days for me), I’d check the spine for the Avon symbol and then I’d buy it – a lot of times without even seeing who the author was or reading the back blurb.

Casee: For me, it was the opposite. I thought that Avon’s historicals were too fluffy. With the exception of Lisa Kleypas, I don’t know that there is another historical Avon author that I really enjoy. I love Suzanne Enoch, but I’m a fan of her contemporaries.

The first time I read Karen Rose, I picked it up on a complete whim. I can’t say how happy I am that I judged a book by its’ cover. Now, whenever I see “Warner Forever” across the front of a book, I give it a chance (with the exception of Rachel Lee). I also will try most Berkley authors.

Holly: Then I found a list of auto-buy authors. Linda Howard, Hannah Howell, Julie Garwood, Judith McNaught, and many, many others. I didn’t check the publishers for them, just bought any book with their name on the cover.

Once I’d glommed all their backlists, I started checking out who their publishers were so I could find (hopefully) more authors just as good as they are/were. That led me to Harelquin and their various imprints. Now I balance it pretty equally. Sometimes I surf a publisher website looking for new books to buy, and sometimes I just go by author.

Wena: For me, Publishing Houses just don’t make it to my radar. Before I started blogging here on Book Binge where we get review requests from different publishing houses, I was publishing house stupid. I didn’t know who was writing for who and really, I didn’t give a damn. I still kind of don’t. I read the authors that I like and the authors that get pimped on the book blogs that I enjoy reading, other than that…I just don’t pay much attention to them. So, for me…I’m all about the authors!

So, what about the rest of you? Have a preferred publishing house? Don’t care one way or the other? Is it all about the author for you, or the publishing house? Or do neither matter?

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12 responses to “Author or Publisher?

  1. I still don’t really pay that much attention to the publishers I buy from. To me, it’s totally the title and author that are important. But now that so much is being offered in ebook format, I’ve become more aware of who’s publishing what and what houses I like better. But ultimately the publisher doesn’t matter to me.

  2. Wendy

    Back in my early reviewing days I always let out a yelp of joy when I got an Avon book to review. Why? Because I knew I was going to get a “decent” read. My theory is that in their zeal to cash in on the All Regency All The Time boom that quality control started to slip. Nowadays? I rarely by an Avon book unless it’s by a favorite author.

    One thing I’m very cognizant of is publishers who aren’t sheep. They aren’t just publishing what’s “hot” at the moment. So needless to say I’ve been a big cheerleader for books published by Berkley and Harlequin that don’t fit the “All England” or “All Paranormal” molds. If it’s “different” I make a concerted effort to buy the titles brand spankin’ new, very close to the official laydown date. Doing my part, and all that – for what good it actually does.

  3. Rowena


    I like Avon authors, a lot of my favorite authors write for Avon so they’re okay in my book. =)

    Kristie J,

    I’ll have to check out what authors write for Dorchester, I don’t think I know any.


    You and me both sweets! =)

  4. I usually go by my favorite authors but there are a few publisher I always count on for my reading needs, mainly in the romance genre and that would be Avon, Kensington and Dorchester. If they went under I would cry like a baby.

  5. I buy a lot of books published by Berkley and always have. I’ve really enjoyed some of the authors published with them during the last two years and never hesitate to try a new Berkley author if the blurb intrigues me. I used to buy a lot of Avon but they tended to be very similar. Last year I purchased a few of the Avon Red since I enjoy erotic romance. I’ll throw in a couple of epubs since I buy those regularly. I enjoy Ellora’s Cave and Samhain. I do buy by author as well, but if I’m in a buying mood I’ll try the above publishers first. Most of the publishers have newsletters you can sign up for showcasing recent/new releases. I know Avon, Ellora’s Cave and Samhain have newsletters.

  6. Hmmm… excellent question. I actually don’t pay any attention to the publisher unless it’s an e-book. While I love the e-books, certain e-publishers do tend to put out less than great product. I tend to stick with the big ones like EC, Samhain and sometimes New Concepts. I’m willing to buy from a different publisher if the author is a favorite but usually I notice a quality difference.

  7. excellent topics girls 😀

    I go by both… It’s mostly authors for me. As in once you start reading a book by this author, if you like it, you’re going to continue… but when trying new authors/books, I rely on publishing houses… because duh, I didn’t read the new authors yet. Recently, i’ve been giving a try to lots of Tor Romance books… cos they’re different than most paranormal romances out there on the market. I also really like Mira books, so I buy a lot of those, even if I don’t know the author.

  8. I was publisher stupid for a long time and for the most part I don’t really pay attention unless they have branded themselves. I think of Bravas (and really, is this a publisher) as something I have no interest in reading. Like Casee, Warner Forever has caught my interest but I don’t find them sizzling in the romance department.

    For the most part, it’s the author that gets me to buy the book and if I’m undecided and see the publisher stamp that reminds me of a book I didn’t like then it becomes a detriment.


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