Best Of 2007: Authors.

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In keeping with yesterday’s our Best Heroes of 2007 post, today we’re going to be posting about our favorite authors of 2007.

With the many authors that are coming out each year, we’ve read our fair share of new authors, new to us authors and then we’ve also read our tried and true authors in which we absolutely love. In 2007 alone, many authors have had new books that we’ve read and our lists for today consists of the authors that we absolutely loved this year.

And now on with the lists…

Rowena’s List:

1. Stephenie Meyer.
2. Robyn Carr.
3. Loretta Chase.
4. Cecelia Ahern.
5. Tara Janzen.

I didn’t read too many new to me authors this year, I’m gonna have to change that next year because I read a lot of these authors back in 2006 so come 2008, I’m gonna try to branch out more and read more new to me authors, of the authors that I gave a go this year, my favorite of the bunch would have to be, hmmm probably a tie between Stephenie Meyer and Robyn Carr, their two series had me all in love with their characters, Robyn Carr did a fantastic job of keeping me in love with her characters and her storylines, where as Stephenie Meyer had me wanting to strangle Bella by Eclipse but I can’t hate SM for Eclipse because I love her too much for Twilight and New Moon. Great, GREAT Authors!

Isabel’s List:

1. Stephenie Meyer.
2. Robyn Carr.
3. Megan Hart.
4. Loretta Chase.
5. ???

I chose Stephenie Meyer even though Eclipse sucked!

Casee’s List:

1. Robyn Carr.
2. Jo Goodman.
3. Linnea Sinclair.
4. Alyssa Day.
5. Lara Adrian.

and finally…

Holly’s List:

1. Elizabeth Hoyt.
2. Jo Goodman.
3. Meg Cabot.
4. Nalini Singh.
5. Robyn Carr.

Honorable Mentions: Gail Faulkner, Deborah Smith and Meljean Brook. Each of these authors didn’t make my Top 5 list because I’ve only read one book by each (with the exception of MB, but I think I read her first book in ’06).

Alright readers, who are your favorite new to you authors of 2007?

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10 responses to “Best Of 2007: Authors.

  1. Farrah,
    I’m reading her highlander series right now. So far I’m really liking it (I’m not quite halfway through the first book). 🙂

  2. Rowena

    Hmm, I have never read any of those authors before, I’m gonna have to try them out. Thanks for bringing them to my attention Farrah, Happy New Year!

  3. Linnea Sinclair and Meljean Brook were two new to me authors who had my favorite releases of the year.

    I can’t believe I still haven’t read Eclipse. But I’m scared too. I loved the first two so much.

  4. FM,

    I really like the first McCarthy book, but I wasn’t too impressed by the 2nd. I have the 3rd book, but haven’t read it yet.


    I speak nothing but the truth. *g* I can’t wait for Justice!

  5. Chantal

    I never got sucked into the Stephanie Meyer books (boring), so I’d leave her off my list.

    I have a few Meg Cabot books. I can’t bring myself to read them though.

    Great lists though, gals. You ladies have entroduced me to many wonderful reads. Thank you 🙂

  6. Rowena

    Alyssa Day,

    I’ve heard nothing but good things from the other girls on the blog so I’m very much looking forward to getting to know your characters in 2008! Thanks for stopping by.


    You thought Twilight was boring? Say it aint so! LOL…I was the same way with Meg Cabot, it took me a whole year to finally open a book and actually read it and I fell in love with the story. Meg Cabot rocks my socks! You should definitely try her out!

    I’m glad that you like the books we read, that’s why we have this blog!! Happy New Years sweets!


  7. I have read so many new authors this year but a few stand out more than others. I’d rate C.L Wilson as number one then Laura Lee Guhrke and Nalini Singh would finish my list off.

    Oh yeah, Kresley Cole. I really like her IAD series.

  8. Rowena


    Nalini Singh and C.L. Wilson are two authors that I want to try out in the new year, I liked Kresley Cole as well…=)

    Happy New Year.

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