Never Marry a Cowboy by Lorraine Heath

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In his arms she found the greatest joy she’d ever known . . . but his heart belonged to another. Can her love make their marriage real before their time together ends—forever

Kit is a second born son. His father has always thought him weak. So Kit worked on being strong. Kit fell in love with Clarisse. She married his older twin, Christopher cause he was titled. She wasn’t a title hunter, it’s just she did what she was expected to do. She got sick and she died.

Kit is sent to Texas. Actually, his father had planned to send him there before Clarisse got sick. Seemed they all knew Kit loved her.

Kit is now a marshal in the town of Fortune. He’s famous cause he’s known for not carrying a gun. He also still carries a torch for Clarisse. David, Ashton’s older brother, comes to Kit and asks him to marry his sister. She has consumption and won’t make it through the winter. The one thing she’s always dreamed of having was a wedding. Kit at first says no. But after spending a day with Ashton, he changes his mind.

Ashton tells Kit he doesn’t have to marry her (she found out David’s plan) even though secretly she is in love with Kit. Kit says, no, we’ll get married. So they do. The original plan is for Ashton to have her day and then to head back home. Kit not wanting her to leave says they need to go on a honeymoon. So he takes her to Galveston. They take walks together on the beach, they have picnics and they fall in love.

On their way, somewhere I forget, they get ambushed. Kit is hurt and is delirious. He thinks Ashton is Clarisse and says he’s sorry he killed her. Which gets Ashton all worried. Now, I already figured that it probably didn’t happen the way Ashton is thinking. Sure enough I was right.

Clarisse was in a lot of pain. To the point where she begged for someone to put her out of her misery. Christopher couldn’t do it but he knew Kit would. So he sent for Kit. So Kits grants Clarisse’s wish. He gives her too much of her medicine and she dies. I understand why Kit did it. He didn’t murder her in cold blood. Somehow, Ashton is all upset over this. She asks him if he killed his mother. No, he says, he didn’t.

She now doesn’t want anything to do with Kit. She wants to leave him, but she wants him to tell her to stay. She doesn’t want him touching her, yet she’s upset he doesn’t touch her. Make up your mind with what you want.

Christopher comes to town with their father and we learn that Kit is really the first born son. Father thought that Kit was weak. He didn’t want a weak first born so he bought the doctor off. Christopher would be first born and Kit was second. However Father learned that Kit has been helping Christopher run the estate. Christopher does a fine job but he doesn’t ‘t have an eye for detail like Kit. Now they want Kit to switch places with Christopher.

This is where Ashton turns dumber. Even though Kit says he wants to stay with Ashton, even though he told Ashton he loves her, she thinks he’s better off in England. She has her death certificate written out so Kit will let her go and return to England. Kit figures out though and stops Ashton from running off.

Sigh. The story was good but Ashton just bugged me. I liked her in the beginning. But the whole being mad at Kit because he killed Clarisse bugged me. Well, not that, just how she acted afterwards. Kit sensed it so in one scene instead of riding a horse with her, he walks along beside it. Ashton is all hurt he didn’t want to ride with her. Then in the scene where they all go to meet his father. Kit wants to hold her hand but remembers Ashton being upset with him and honors her wishes. She sensed he wanted to hold her hand and was hurt he didn’t. Again, make up your mind.

The ending of the story is: Kit stays with Ashton and they decided to move to a warmer climate. Since the dry air helps with Ashton’s consumption. Ashton is pregnant and gives birth to a son. Christopher falls in love with Elizabeth, (abbie’s sisters) and brings her home to England. Kit, Christopher and their father don’t say a word about who the first son really is.

Grade: 3/5

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  1. Rowena

    LOL, so Ashton drove you crazy huh? What is up with you reading books with heroines that drive you up the wall? hehe…did you buy this book or did you borrow it? I don’t think I’d want to buy this one but I’m still curious to read it…why don’t you be a pal and send it to me so I can read it and see how bad Ashton is for myself, huh? I’ll be your bestest friend in the whole world!!!! haha.

    Great review/rant sweetie, I’m warned!!!

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