Never Love a Cowboy by Lorraine Heath

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“I would not make a good husband. I do, however, make an excellent lover…”Harrison Bainbridge, the second son of an English earl, left his home seeking a scandal-free life away from society’s stuffy restraints. Then he arrives in Texas, never expecting that a sassy saloon-keeper’s daughter would capture his eye. With her outspoken ways and flashing eyes, Jessye Kane is more than tempting. But although she is willing to be his partner in a daring business venture, she is unwilling to take the passion he offers.

Jessye knows that noble-born Harrison isn’t for the likes of her, but beneath his devil-may-care exterior, she senses a deeper vulnerability. Then he’s suddenly injured, risking his life to save her from mortal danger. And Jessye vows to do anything to make him whole again—-forcing this rugged scoundrel who claims he has no heart to take the greatest risk of all…on love.

Kit and Harrison decide to try and make money by hearding cattle. To do that, they need someone with money. Enter Jessye. She agrees to finance them but one condition: Harrison is not a partner. So whatever money they make, Harrison does not get his share. Kit refuses but Harrison convinces Kit to agree to the terms.

Jessye does not like Harrison. She think he’s a cheat, lazy and a scoundrel. She does not trust him at all. True he is a cheat. True he is a scoundrel. Lazy, no. Jessye would always see Harrison sitting in the shade while everyone picked cotton. Turns out he had a deal with Gray (from a Rogue in Texas). Harrison would match Gray bag for bag. Because Harrison finished his bag so fast, he’d sit in the shade waiting for Gray to catch up.

Jessye still doesn’t trust him and still has her mind made up about him. Which, I don’t blame her at first. During the cattle ride, she learns he’s a hard working man. He’s loyal and he protects those he cares about. Even after he saves one of the men riding with them from drowning, tears up their agreement and makes Harry a partner, she still doesn’t trust him.

The last part of this book is Harry dealing with an injury. There were jayhawkers harassing cattle hearders. Harry goes on ahead to make sure things are safe. Jessye insist on coming along. That’s another thing, Jessye is a strong woman and there is nothing wrong with that but sometimes you need to know when to pick your battles. This quote says it best:

Harry: Why you persist in proving you’re courageous? No one doubts that, least of all me. But a woman is susceptible to far greater dangers then men.
Jessye: I’m not weak!
Harry: I never said you were. But neither are you completely safe.

Jessye was forever trying to prove herself. After a while it got on my nerves. Anyway, right after this quote, they are ambushed. Harry’s legs are crushed and the rest of the books deals with Harry learning to walk and feeling like a man again.

Harry plays cards with Jessye’s dad and he wins the saloon Jessye and her father live/work at. Jessye is furious and believes Harry cheated. Harry says he didn’t. We later learn that her father cheated and let Harry win. So Harry would have a purpose in life and so he would have a reason to get up out of bed.

I have to say that I did enjoy this book. I did not like Jessye though. She loved Harry but didn’t trust him with her heart. There is a scene where they cut the deck and high card means they get married. Not the greatest proposal, I know. Instead of telling Harry she wants to marry for love not because of a card deal, she tries to leave during the night.

This is after Harry tells her a story about his last mistress. The mistress found out she was pregnant. Harry offered marriage but later found the mistress dead. She had tried to abort the child herself.And now Jessye is trying to run from their marriage. Yeah, Harry deserved a better leading lady.

Again, I enjoyed the story. Jessye… meh.

Grade: 4/5

Ps. I do apologize for the review being all over the place. It was the best way I could orgainze my thoughts.

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  1. Rowena

    I hate TSTL heroines, they drive me batty and I don’t think I could read this book because of her…she reminds me too much of the heroine from McKettrick’s Choice, I hated that tramp! I enjoyed the book but couldn’t stand her, I haven’t read any of the other McKettrick books because of her…so I don’t think I could do it.

    I followed your review well enough though, so good on ya sweets!

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