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Review: Eclipse by Stephenie MeyerReviewer: Holly
Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer
Series: Twilight #3
Also in this series: Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Breaking Dawn, Twilight, Twilight, Twilight

Publication Date: August 7th 2007
Genres: Young Adult
Pages: 640
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Series Rating: three-stars

Readers captivated by Twilight and New Moon will eagerly devour Eclipse, the much anticipated third book in Stephenie Meyer's riveting vampire love saga.

As Seattle is ravaged by a string of mysterious killings and a malicious vampire continues her quest for revenge, Bella once again finds herself surrounded by danger. In the midst of it all, she is forced to choose between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob --- knowing that her decision has the potential to ignite the ageless struggle between vampire and werewolf. With her graduation quickly approaching, Bella has one more decision to make: life or death. But which is which?

This is the much anticipated continuing first person story of Bella Swan, a 17-year-old girl who moved to Forks, Washington and fell in love with vampire Edward Cullen.

Graduation is fast approaching for Bella, and with it, her deadline for becoming a vampire. She’s still on the outs with Jacob Black and she’s starting to have second thoughts about being changed. Not to mention there are a spree of murders taking place in Seattle and Victoria, the crazed vampire who’s been after Bella since Twilight, is still haunting Bella’s dreams.

I’ve never been one for self-denial. I mean, I figure, you can lie to your friends, you can lie to your family, but ultimately, you cannot lie to yourself. Bella Swan takes “lying to yourself” to a whole new level in this book. So much that I was seriously tempted to stop reading.

Side Note: There will be spoilers included in my review. There’s no way around it for me. If you are the type of person who doesn’t want to know before you read it yourself, please don’t read any further. :End Side Note

Once again we follow Bella’s thoughts as she tries to deal with becoming a vampire, her overwhelming love for Edward, her constant worry for her family, and her despair at the gulf between her and Jacob.

I think my biggest problem with this novel is the way Bella constantly deludes herself. It started almost in the beginning. Alice has a vision at lunch while sitting with Bella and Edward. Bella is curious and wants to know what the vision was, but neither Edward nor Alice will tell her. Edward then railroads her into going to visit her mom for the weekend in AZ, and then lies to Bella about the vision, telling her it was something much different than what it really is.

Prior to Edward telling her, Bella is sure she knows what the vision was about – Victoria – and has worked herself up into a nice fit of semi-panic. But when Edward tells her it was something inconsequential, she goes, “Oh. Good” and for the next 300 or so pages, she thinks to herself, “I’m just blowing this out of proportion again, just like I did with Alice’s vision”. She even does this after she finds out the truth of the vision and why Edward insisted she leave town for the weekend.

And that was the continuing trend throughout the book. She was in constant self-denial and always wanting to play the martyr. She finally makes amends with Jacob – who we know is totally in love with her – and she spends as much time with him as she can. But while she constantly thinks to herself, “I’m hurting him” she doesn’t back away, and she doesn’t make an effort to ease the pain he feels over her relationship with Edward.

I also had a very, very hard time with her developing relationship with Jacob. She finally agrees to marry Edward and then shortly after realizes she’s IN love with Jacob. Yes, I said IN LOVE with him. Although she loves Edward more, she could envision a life with Jacob. A comfortable, human life. She tells Jacob all of this and then says, “but I’m going to stay with Edward”. She even kisses him at one point (Jacob, I mean). Who does that? Naturally Edward found out right away because he can read Jacob’s mind, but rather than being upset with Bella he tells her he understood her reasons, that Jacob doesn’t fight fair, and that he loves her no matter what. Which, of course, just made Bella feel even worse.

At one point, I thought this was going to turn into another Love Triangle series, and I was sorely disappointed. I’m still not entirely sure that won’t happen.

Eventually they (Bella, Edward and Alice) figure out that Victoria is creating her own little army of “Newborns” – vampires who have just been created and don’t have any control over themselves but have tremendous power – with the intention of bringing them to Forks to wipe out the Cullens and kill Bella. They begin preparing to fight them, but Jasper, who has experience fighting Newborns, doesn’t think they’ll be able to win the fight, as they’re all sadly outnumbered.

Until the werewolves get involved. Jacob and the rest of the gang from La Push agree to fight with the Cullens to save Bella. I have to say, despite how annoyed I was with the book in general and Bella in particular, that was pretty cool. Seeing the Vamps and Weres working together was great. Although I still say Bella isn’t worth it.

Perhaps I’m not making much sense, or my frustration with the book is overshadowing the actual review of this book, but this is how I felt whilst reading..frustrated. And angry. And annoyed.

There were some good things. We find out more about Rosalie and Jasper and how they became Vampires. Learning about their pasts was very interesting. We found out more about the werewolves, too, and how they came to be and the legends they pass down. Of course, it was from these legends that Bella gets the idea into her head to sacrifice herself so everyone else can live, but at least it doesn’t happen that way.

The fight scenes were cool, even though we saw them all from Bella’s POV. And there’s an extremely unguarded moment when Jacob and Edward are talking about Bella with each other – when they think she’s asleep – that really touched me. Seeing where they both come from in regards to her..well, it was very sweet and touching. I could really feel the love they both have for her, although I am truly baffled by it. I’d just want to smack her myself, but that’s just me.

I think, overall, I expected Bella to get stronger and more independent. To find herself, I suppose. And instead she seemed to get more co-dependent and more self-serving. She was just plain selfish, assuming the world revolves around her and only thinking of herself, never of the other people in her life.

The Epilogue was very well done, however. It’s written from Jacob’s POV and I found it to be very insightful. If SM writes Midnight Sun -Twilight from Edward’s POV – or anything from Jacob’s POV, I’d scoop them up in a heartbeat.

Anyway, despite my issues – and there were many – with the overall story and Bella, SM’s writing still drew me in. She obviously has the talent and drive it takes to produce a constant page turner, and for that alone I cannot rate this in the “terrible” range.

3.0 out of 5

I honestly don’t know how I feel about continuing on with the series. Prior to reading this one, I was excited to read more about Bella and the Cullens and Jacob. Now? I’m not sure I want to see where this train wreck leads us. Although, I will probably buy the next installment. What can I say, I’m a glutton for punishment.

*I was going to include links in this post to SM’s site and etc, but it appears to be down. If I remember, I’ll update it later.

Edited to correct a mistake. I said Esme and Jasper told their stories, but it was in fact Rosalie and Jasper. I apologize


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52 responses to “Review: Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

  1. Hey Holly, I’m currently reading New Moon, and I’m enjoying it so far; I think the first book is awesome! And I can’t wait to read your review of Eclipse. And here I thought this will be the final installment…hmm…

  2. Nope, from what I understand from SM’s site, this is to be an open ended series. may never end. I’m totally on the fence about that. While I enjoy reading about characters I love, I feel there aren’t many authors who can carry a series past four or five books and still stay fresh.

    Obviously there are exceptions to this, but not many.

    I can’t really say more than that on the subject without giving anything away about this book, but I will tell you if she decides to write Midnight Sun, I’ll totally buy it. lol

    In case you don’t know, MS is Twilight, but written from Edward’s POV. Very exciting stuff.

  3. You’re killin’ me I really wanna know what you think! I’m off work tomorrow but going in so I can pick up my copy …it’s nice working in the library you get right at the beginning of all the reserve lists…muh-haha!!!! I’m really afraid Bella is going to be super annoying. She was getting on my last nerve in New Moon so I hope she gets her shit together in Eclipse…..perhaps she’s in the TSTL category…….hmmmmm??!

  4. She certainly seemed to skirt the line, Mollie. Ugh.

    I know! I’d love to see an entire book written from Edward’s POV. How awesome would that be?

  5. Aw, sorry to hear that you didn’t like it as much as you were expecting.
    I’m having the same trouble with a book I’m reading right now. I was soooo ecited about it, but it’s not very good.
    Of course, every review up for it is A++++++. Sigh.

  6. Oh no, sorry to hear it didn’t live up to the other books. I even pre-ordered this book which is something I rarely do. I loved Twilight and was a bit less thrilled with New Moon. So we’ll see what I think of Eclipse. Looking forward to your review!

  7. this sucks. I mean… ugh.

    I kind of wished I stopped at Twilight. This way in my head they have their HEA. But I had to know what happens next.

    I’ll buy MS though. Yummy. Edward.

  8. sigh. i wasn’t going to read your review then did anyway.

    it sounds like bella really crossed the line over to idiot in this one, huh? i knew there was that possibility.

    i’ll be reading it anyway, and sooner rather than later.

  9. Holly I am glad that I wasn’t the only one who disliked it. I received an email from Keishon on Monday in which she said it was the last Meyer book she was reading.

    The saddest thing for me is that this book killed me love for Twilight. I don’t think I can go back and read that story without it being tainted now.

    I wonder what the teens will think.

  10. Dev,
    I knew the possibility was there, too, but I honestly didn’t think she’s go so far over. It was very disappointing.

    From what I’ve read online, most teens are ok with the way it went, with the exception of the “almost” sex scenes. Several teens were highly disturbed about that part. I believe the general consensus was “I don’t like romance. That’s nasty”.

    As for this one…I was really surprised at how far out it turned compared to Twilight and New Moon. Yes, both of those bothered me, but not like this. And as you said, this has ruined Twilight for me as well.

  11. Just finished it! I’ll be writing a review up later tonight hopefully. I have to say I’m with you 100% on how annoying Bella is. I too felt like she is just so selfish, and dependent on Edward (and Jacob). I had hoped to see her more self-reliant and independent as well….not so much though huh?! However, I actually kind of liked the book. See, I’m a Jacob fan all the way. I love Edward, don’t get me wrong but I really like Jacob’s personality better. So I liked that there was so much of Jacob in this one. But I HATE HATE how Bella was in such denial about their relationship, even in New Moon. Gr. Anyway, I’ll probably still read anything she puts out in this series. Just because…I gotta KNOW!

  12. Mollie,
    Are you hoping Bella and Jacob will end up together, then? I think SM would end up with a lot of angry fans if that happened.

    I am curious to see how things will play out once she’s a vampire (if they ever actually change her) with Jacob. But I’m not sure I’m curious enough to suffer through an entire novel of Bella’s whining and drivel. lol

  13. You know I can’t decide. I really just LIKE JACOB therefore, I kind of hope he gets over Bella and finds someone that’s not so selfish and won’t hurt him as much as Bella does. I think she’ll still end up with Edward. Unless someone dies. I can see one of the three getting killed. Would probably be poor Jacob. And I’m with you I don’t really think Bella’s worth the trouble….. I’m wondering when/if Bella’s going to get changed as well….see I HAVE to KNOW, so I’ll probably get the next book. Bella didn’t annoy me quite as much as in New Moon. I don’t know why because she really was in such terrible denial and it just made her look stupid….but for some reason it was easier to ignore her this time around.
    I really liked the convo between Edward and Jacob when they thought she was asleep too. Good stuff. Too bad Bella ruins everything lol.

  14. I would love to see Jacob find his person to imprint with…and you have no idea how glad I am it’s not Bella.

    I think Jacob will eventually move on from Bella, and I can’t wait to see her suffer through that. Yes, I’m a terrible person, I don’t care. 😛

    Oh, that reminds me, what did you think of Leah? Talk about another TSTL woman. *sigh*

  15. I’m with you I can’t wait for Bella to get a little taste of Karma when Jacob falls for someone else.

    Leah…what a slutbag. Def lets ship her off to TSTLville.

  16. frustrated. And angry. And annoyed.

    EXACTLY how I felt, and still feel the next day, about this book. I do remember Stephenie saying she would wrap up Bella and Edward’s story in the next book but that the series would continue with the focus shifting to other characters. I am hoping she can salvage SOMETHING out of the train wreck that was this book and, if she does, then I can re-read Twilight and New Moon and skip this crap to the next one.

  17. Anonymous

    i am SO dissapointed with how eclipse ended! this can’t possibly be the last book! there’s so much to be desired from the ending, what happens to Bella after shes changed? and does Jacob ever get imprinted? what does charlie say about their getting married??? UGH

  18. I, too, would love to see Jacob find his person to imprint with. I really want that because I really do like Jacob. I mean, I love Edward’s character and I wanted Bella with him, but I still liked Jacob. I would have liked for them to remain friends and for Bella NOT to have realized she was “in love” with him. *sigh* While I was disappointed with Eclipse, I did still enjoy it. It didn’t ruin anything for me, and I will still read the next one. I just have to know what happens. LOL.

  19. I just started reading a Mary Janice Davidson book – paranormal humor. Really liked the premise – but the voice irritated me. I’ll keep going though – might grow on me.

  20. Anon,
    From what I understand there will be one more Bella/Edward book before she moves on to other characters. I could be wrong, but that’s what I heard. I hope that’s true, because she left way too much open if not..

    I’ve heard a lot about MJD, but I haven’t ever read her. You’ll have to let me know what you think.

    LOL @ Slutbag. I haven’t heard that in ages. lol

    I’m with you.

    Hmm, you liked it, really? LOL J/K. I think I just expected a lot better of it, you know? I think I had it so built up it was a huge disappointment. Oh well. I’ll prolly read the next one.

  21. Anonymous

    eclipse sucks….. i was so disappointed with the author… she’s so inconsistent.. i mean during the first part of the book bella was so sure of herself that she didn’t love jacob she even punched him when he kissed her then suddenly she realized that she loved him, i was so sorry for edward..i regret reading this book! i’ll give 1 out of 5 for this..

  22. BCA

    Eclipse is an astonishing book and it follows agreeably with the previous two in the series (although nothing can quite compare to the captivating and enthralling essence of Twilight).

  23. Anonymous

    I really dont think bella will end up as a vampire. it seems more likley that edward will somehow become a human (not really sure on thats going to work…).

  24. Anon,
    that’s an interesting idea. I doubt it will happen that way, but it is something to think about..

    Although, do you think SM would be staying true to the characters if she went that way?

    I read your review. I agree for the most part with what you said, but I disagree that it followed the previous two. She was way out, IMO.

    Yes, I agree that was totally inconsistent.

  25. BCA

    I think it followed in consistence with the previous two books in the sense that she stayed true to the characters personalities. That being said, the story line in Eclipse was inevitable. That isn’t to say I am in high spirits about everything that took place in book three, but things happen sometimes regardless of your opinions on the issue. How ofter does life actually follow a road of complete regularity?

  26. Anonymous

    The whole relationship between Bella and Jacob threw me off track. From the very beginning of Twilight, Stephanie Meyer has made it exceedingly clear that Bella and Edward are soul-mates, and share a romance that by far surpasses the boyfriend-girlfriend scenario encountered by their friends. The fact that Bella could actually envision a life with Jacob, and imagine their children detracted from my vision of their love. Call me a romantic but I’ve always been fond of the idea of meeting your prince charming and staying together, forever.

  27. Anonymous

    Completely agree with you anon. It made for juicy reading (like Edward’s leg over hip kiss wasn’t enough) but afterwards it left you feeling a bit deflated and disappointed. Sort of “told you so. It was all too good to be true”.

  28. Anonymous

    People, go on to Stephanie Meyer’s website quick! She’s dropped a hint that although Edward’s blood is stagnant, meaning he can’t father children, he actually asks Bella to make love to Jacob in order that they may bring up their own children. Jake doesn’t know about any of this, but Edward also doesn’t realize that once you make love to a werewolf he imprints upon you.

  29. Anonymous

    i dont wanna that..
    i dont wanna that bella and jacob make love together..
    i dont wanna that she have HIS kids…
    i think that bella & edward are perfect together..and if she will be with jake in the end…it sucks
    SM, dont do that!

    maybe im crazy but the romantic between bella & edward makes me happy…and i want to find my

    but this only a boo…so i shouldnt be disappointed.

    ps-my english sucks… im from germany


  30. Anonymous

    I just finished reading Eclipse, and I completely agree with your review. Bella is such a selfish, self involved, obtuse and melodramatic character, she deserves to be smacked. Hard.

    I ended up feeling really sorry for Edward – not only does he have to find out that she’s in love with and has kissed Jacob, but he’s the one, who has to comfort her after she says good bye to him! Ugh. Give me a break. He’s way too good for her, though I’d have definitely preferred a stronger reaction from him to the whole thing.

  31. Anonymous

    i just got doen reading new moon and i am excited to read eclipse. When i had a friend spend the night at my house I even got her hooked on to the book twilight, and she never reads!!! i liked the books so much that i got them doen in 2 days each

  32. Anonymous

    Doesn’t anyone in the series or real life remember MIKE NEWTON? Mike is the only one of Bella’s long term suitors who has NEVER abandoned her (Jake was forced to by his pack but the point is, is that he still left her). Mike even still tried to ask Bella out in Eclipse! He even promised to not tell anyone about her ditching school with Jake (or whatever she asked him to do for her)! Poor guy. I’ll take you Mike- even though I like black hair more!

  33. Anonymous

    Twilight was great, then New Moon was greater i cant wait to readd Eclipsee n i cant wait for the next books in the series :D:D:D:D

  34. Anonymous

    i believe bella should stick with edward because they went through everything with each other and he saved her life 2 times! she should be grateful n i think edawrd should turn bella into a vampire but what about jacob he said even a bite n he’ll kill edward:S

  35. Anonymous

    I agree about wanting to slap Bella. Bella loves Edward the most and she’s following her heart.
    Mike Newton is more interested in her looks than anything else in my opinion and Jake is just too immature. I can’t wait for the wedding and when she is turned. I wonder what her abilities will be…

  36. eMilovely

    Why are you all such haters!?! ThIS book is rly good, it has great characters, a great setting nd I loved it. So bella was a little selfish- GET OVA IT. Its still a good book nd eclipse didnt ruin ANYTHING for me. Maybe its coz u sound like adults nd im only 13 but GEEZ guys forget the negatives nd maybe youll enjoy books more.

  37. Ame

    I love book one and two. Great romance, action, and a fantastic storyline. I love how she described the vampires, anything but the typical that we are all accustomed to. Kind of freaky I thought as their identity began to unravel. They don’t sleep…they don’t eat…except crave and drink blood. They are always cold…the cold ones as Jacob told it. They are among the humans as predators and the humans don’t even know it. They are indestructible, not even the sun can hurt them except exposing their splendor. Super power strengths and weaknesses, walking as gods among men. I hate book three even though it contained more actions. Book three was like a soap opera to me- too much cheating and fluctuating hearts. Yes, I would be one of those fan very upset if Bella ends up with Jacob. Otherwise, what is the point of introducing to such a relationship between Bella and Edward within two previous books if that was the case that she will just end up with some other guy at the end. Why not start as a soap opera to begin with? I don’t think that Myers will do that disappointing her fans. Hopefully, she can rekindle that love between Edward and Bella in the next book and finish the story with a dynamite ending.

  38. Anonymous

    On SM’s website it lets ur read a chapter of midnight Sun once it comes out i cant wait to grab on off the shelves but its going to be a really long book.shes at 300 pages and thats not even half way through not even close but im still goin on eclipse..this is the best series ive ever read!

  39. Anonymous

    first of all, let me include this quote:
    “… although I am truly baffled by it. I’d just want to smack her myself, but that’s just me.”

    It’s not just you. I wanted to smack bella myself in the book saying she was in love with Jacob. Dead set one whole week I was so angry and irritated. It was just a book, and I kept talkign to myself and my sister probably thought i was going crazy.
    Eclipse was good, but I never really calmed down, so I read twilight again. I swear I could never read the last part of eclipse again.

  40. ugh! i read the 3 books as soon as they came out and twilight was like my soul after i read it, edward…WOW!!! then i read new moon and i was sorely dissapointed, i kept hoping at the beginning of every single chapter that edward would reappear and he didnt for so long that i practically started hyperventilating worried that SM cut him out completely, replacing him with Jacob, puke, then in the third book i was calming down a bit coz bella kept claiming that she just saw jacob as a brother, i didnt believe her of course but there was that hope…sigh but the end of the 3rd book! URGH! iv never been so angry in my whole life! the only thing that kept me from tearing the pages from the book was bcoz i still wanted my friends to read it. its rediculouse! its like Romeo and Juliet but then halfway through the play juliet suddenly goes “Huh. mayb i shuld go with Paris after all!” wth?? i think every1 who likes jacob are utter traitors, there is no excuse for rooting for Paris! u all should be ashamed. i have half a dozen girls in my grade(Gr11) that agree fully with me. i think my problem is mostly with the author tho. twilight was so amazing and then how can she write stuff like new moon and eclipse after that? my problem is that her brother in real life is called Jacob, biased much? and i cant help but get a sense from the books that she’s desperately trying to justify this love triangle to us, like she’s been through an experience wher she “loved” two guys and is trying to justify to the world how that can happen. im not buying it. u can love 2 people but it is impossible to be IN LOVE with 2 people at the same time. u cant eat, breathe and sleep 2 people. it dont work that way. bella has become utterly pathetic in the last 2 books, childlike somehow, whining and pouting like a 4 year old. she’s hurt edward in the last 2 books more than edward ever has. edward is 17 going on a hundred and ten whereas jacob is 16 going on 10. his immaturity when it comes to edward gnaws at my last bit of patience i had left concerning him. i say that edward should hav kicked jacobs ass when he found out jacob kissed bella, who’s with me??
    also, my friends and i have decided that if anything happens between jacob and bella in book 2 wer burning the last 3 books after twilight. we just cant take this crap anymore. i realise their only books but i swear nothing has ever gotten to me more than these books. i got so angry in book 3 that i started crying, i was livid. i wont go through more stuff like that, im too young to spontaniousely combust from anger. i just dno wot SM is thinking. edward is the embodiment of the perfect guy, i challenge u, for every 1 fault u find with edward(pth, good luck) i’ll find 10 more with jacob.
    Tayani, South Africa

  41. Anonymous

    I just finished New Moon and I must admit that I’m afraid to read Eclipse. My biigest fear it that Bella will mess up so badly that it will be impossible for her to ever get Edward back again. I can already see where this is drama is going to lead. Edward being the amazinlgy breathtaking gentlemen that he is will think that Bella really wants to be with Jacob (sinve he can’t read her thoughts) and then he will leave her again thinking that this is going to make her happy. I don’t understand why after all the months she cried and walked around like a zombie she would decide to fall in love with Jacob. I mean she just got Edward back and they are planning on getting MARRIED! so why is she risking everything for the love of Jacob. I mean she doesn’t love him nearly as much as she could ever love Edward and God forbid Jacob dies in the next book (which i really wouldn’t mind) then she will be set back into another year of grief that will only push the Cullen’s further away especially Edward because of the fact that she’s grieving so hard over a boy that she wasn’t even that mush in love with. This is pure tortue! SM did this on purpose, she grabbed our attention and made us fall in love with Edward and Bella’s story in Twilight and then she begins to change the whole story around into this aggrevating and annoying love traingle. She has us to the point now that we can’t stop reading in hope that in one the books the love they shared in the first book will come back and this sickening triangle (caused by only bella) will come to an end. If this series doesn’t end with Bella being a Vampire and her and Edward married with like tons of lilttle vampire kids then i am going to be highly Pissed. In the end this just proves that SM is an amazing author.

  42. Anonymous

    i totaly agrree my moms finishing reading elcipse then i get it in like a hour i fell in love with the sires i started reading new moon yesturday @ 9p.m. and finshed @ 630 a.m. i didnt even sleep! i cudnt let it go and is bella end up with jacob i will me mad pissed frusterated! i think the shud end up wit edward i mean pay attention to the related romeo and juliet parts and how edward almost killed himself because he though she was dead and how she went to stop that from happenng jacob to me is like a realy strong crush but edwar is realy strong LOVE.

  43. I really could not stand reading through the last half of Eclipse. I hated it, yet I just couldnt put it down. Under different circumstances I may have really loved Jacob, but I just couldnt help wishing he would die in the battle! Bella made me so mad when she just couldnt stay away from him. It ruined my life, really. This book…Okay, so perhaps thats a tad melodramatic. It pretty much broke my intense love for Bella and Edwards relationship. I mean, how could she truly feel for Edward the way she did in Twilight if she loved Jacob so strongly. And how could Edward keep up all this talk of..Oh, I’ll simply let her be with you if thats what she wants. I mean, I wanted him to fight for her! But his idea of love was leaving if thats best for her…So, I suppose I understand his side. But UGH, the whole thing just had me so frustrated til the very end. It reminded me very much of wuthering heights, the way I despised the characters, yet I admired their love. I’m sort of beginning to see Edward and Bellas fatal flaws…and its making me very, very mad. And of course, I’m going to rush out and buy Breaking Dawn the very second I can. I suppose I, too, am a glutton for punishment.

  44. Im sorry to hear you disappointment in eclipse i cant wait to read it though. Twilight was awsome and some people are right Bella did get annoying in new moon hopefully breaking dawn will be really good. Im really hoping she writes Midnight Sun it will just be great. BTW i hope im not the only one obsessed with twilight.

  45. sami

    i LOVED eclipse im 14 and i just loved it 🙂
    but breaking dawn is my favorite
    i read the whole series in under a week
    i dont see what yall hate about it

  46. sairengi

    I just totally agree with everything you said. But I keep and keep reading it anyway. I’m just so in love with Edward 🙂

  47. eveeh_16

    …i would be hapi if their relationship(edward and bella) ends up happily…it’s just cute seeing edward happy when he’s with bella…

  48. Anonymous

    Oh my goodness! This is an amazing review. I read this because I only have 2 days till the movie comes out and I had to restart reading the book! Ugh! But I wish you had gone into more detail about the stories of how Jasper and Rosalie became vampires. Also I wish you had gone into more detail about the stories but ya know what it’s your review and over all I loved it!

  49. Jetha Pitcher


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