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Review: Megan’s Mark by Lora LeighReviewer: Isabel
Megan's Mark (Breeds, #6) by Lora Leigh
Series: Breeds #6
Also in this series: Dawn's Awakening (Breeds, #11), The Magical Christmas Cat , Mercury's War (Breeds, #12), Coyote's Mate (Breeds, #13), Bengal's Heart (Breeds, #14), Lion's Heat (Breeds, #15), Lion's Heat (Breeds, #15), Navarro's Promise (Breeds, #17), Cross Breed (Breeds, #23), Stygian's Honor
Publisher: Berkley
Publication Date: May 2, 2006
Point-of-View: Third
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 295
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Series Rating: four-stars

In the first book of her erotic new series, Lora Leigh invites you to an intriguing world where genetically altered Breeds and the humans who created them commingle—and sometimes cross the boundaries of desire…Cursed with the extraordinary power to feel other peoples’ emotions, Megan Fields has tucked herself away in a remote corner of New Mexico, working as a small-town sheriff’s deputy. She finds solace in the silence and heat of the desert. But when Breeds begin dying on her watch, Megan realizes that the secrets from her past can’t stay buried forever. Someone is out for blood—her blood.

An arrogant Feline Breed, Braden Arness broods with feral intensity. His mission to solve the mysterious murders brings him to Megan, a woman who accosts his senses like no other. Only with him can she let down her guard—and surrender to the insatiable hunger that wracks her body. But as they team up to hunt the elusive killers, Braden and Megan find themselves becoming the prey…

Did I Like It? Why or Why Not?

Yes and no. Yes cause the sex scenes were hot. The plot started to pick up for me towards the end of the book.

No, because it did start off slow for me in the beginning. I’ve notice Lora Leigh likes to use phrases like “sweet like spring, hot like summer.” Usually its hot fire, sweet like honey. Something to that effect. It’s starting to slowly annoy me and sound cheesy. When I read Harmony’s way, I’m doing a count.

Mainly, the book didn’t really do anything for me. It wasn’t “Oh my god, get this book.” Nor was it “Stay away from this book.” It was just ok.

Did I like the Characters?:

They were ok. Nothing memorable. Megan, although she was hiding out in her little town, was one tough cookie. The reason for her hiding away was due to her not being able to control her gift. I also like how she didn’t let Braden boss her around.

Would I recommend it:

Mmm, as of right now no. If I like the rest of the series, it could change. I’m all about reading books in order. Also, if you don’t like reading about anal sex or don’t like male dominance, then stay away from the book.

Additional comments:

I thought barb was kind of weird. Which basically an additional appendage that comes out of the guys penis during the guys orgasm. It’s like a bonding thing. I don’t know.. just weird to me.

Grade: 3 out of 5



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14 responses to “Review: Megan’s Mark by Lora Leigh

  1. I’m thinking I won’t be reading this one anytime soon. I sort of burnt out on her. And that whole “Sweet as honey, creamy as milk” thing drives me batty. lol

    Good review, babe.

  2. Thank you ladies. Yeah, I’m serious keeping count in Harmony’s way.LOL. Cause yeah, I beleive I’ve heard the hot/sweet stuff all through out the August Brother series too.

  3. Rowena

    Yeah, I’m not really feeling Lora Leigh, I mean I couldn’t get through Dangerous Games so I’m not having much hope for this one either…especially if you think it was just okay.

    Ugh. Good review though sweets!

  4. Rowena

    I’m gonna laugh my ass off in that review then…I’m so looking forward to the count! haha.

  5. A barbed penis is a freaky thing. LOL

    I never noticed the sweet/hot thing. Now that’s all I’m gonna see! LOL

  6. Tee hee Ames!! I didn’t pay attention to it at first. Once I read the third book in the Men of August Series, I was like… wait… I could’ve sworn I read that statement in the other books.

    Like I said, I’ll be keep track in Harmony’s Way.

  7. Oh look at you guys dissin’ the author I love to pimp! I’m a rabid fangrrrrrrl and I think you all be dumbass stupid mean girls!


    LL does use some weird ass descriptions for the nonny. Sometimes I’m wondering what’s going on down there!

    Still I LOVE the first couple originals of this series that were in e-book first. These two weren’t quite as good, but I liked them well enough… and I am buying the next one coming out in August! heeeee!

  8. I’m going to read one of these series just for you Zeek and it better not suck big elephant balls, alright? =P

  9. Oooo read tempting the beast- appeals to the perv in all of us!

    In FACT- I mail my copy out to you!

    Email you snail mail addy!

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