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Guest Review: When a Marquess Loves a Woman by Vivienne Lorret

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Guest Review: When a Marquess Loves a Woman by Vivienne LorretReviewer: Tracy
When a Marquess Loves a Woman by Vivienne Lorret
Series: Season's Original #3
Also in this series: This Earl is on Fire (Season's Original #2)
Publisher: Avon Impulse
Publication Date: October 4th 2016
Format: eARC
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Series Rating: four-stars

As a young, penniless gentleman, Maxwell Harwick knew he had little to offer Juliet White—the most beautiful debutante of the season—except his love, and one thoroughly scandalous kiss. But when they were discovered in a compromising position, a nearly ruined Juliet fled into the arms of a rich, older lord... taking Max’s heart with her.

Now a widow, Lady Juliet Granworth intends to use the fortune she inherited from her odious husband to build a new life in London. Five years have passed, but she’s never forgotten Max… or his soul-searing kiss. Yet it’s clear the newly-minted Marquess of Thayne has not forgiven her—after all, the infuriating man can barely stand the sight of her. But Juliet has endured far too much to give up without a fight and if it’s a battle of wills he wants, it’s a battle he’ll get.

He hates her for breaking his heart. She detests him for destroying her future. But beneath all the loathing simmers an intoxicating passion that neither can ignore… and the harder they resist, the harder they will inevitably fall.

Maxwell only has eyes for his friend and neighbor, Juliet.  Unfortunately Juliet only has eyes for Maxwell’s half-brother – a Marquess (different fathers).  When Juliet finds out from Max that his brother is going to marry someone else she takes his comfort in the form of a kiss but they are caught.  He leaves the house that night at her father’s bidding but returns in the morning with a ring and a plan to head to Gretna Green.  When he gets to her house she and her family are gone and she’s off to marry a titled gentleman.  Maxwell is pissed and plans to never forgive her.

Now it’s 6 years later and Juliet’s horrible husband is dead. Max inherited a title from a far off uncle and is now a Marquess. Juliet’s returned to London but Max will stop at nothing to get her out of his city.  Their mothers are friends so they put up a good front but they end up making a bet – whoever can name the season’s original will get to own the house that Juliet grew up in.  If she loses Juliet has to leave London forever.  The playing out of the bet puts Max and Juliet in close proximity of each other and they finally figure out what they thought was hate was actually love.

This is definitely a book that made me feel a varying range of emotions. I really liked Max and my heart hurt for him when he found Juliet and her family gone.  He loved her so much and I just felt so bad for his situation.  Now there is a fine line between never forgiving someone and outright hating them, at least in my opinion.  I guess the years had just let him stew and it had grown out of proportion.  I did like him quite a bit though and was happy that he turned out to be a much better man than he showed us when first seeing Juliet again.

Juliet – oh I felt horrible for her.  She was forced to marry her husband because of her father’s debt and her husband had only wanted her as an object he could possess.  He kept telling her that she wasn’t worth anything but what was on the outside and once that faded he’d throw her away.  Oh man that had to suck for her!  What a jackass.  Luckily for her she didn’t have to experience that (the throwing away) as he died not long after they got married.  I loved the way Lorret had Juliet slowly falling in love with Max and realizing that she always had been in love with him – not his brother.

The end was a bit convoluted but it still made me smile.  I really liked the HEA in this one and was happy to see Max and Juliet finally figure it all out.

Rating: 4 out of 5


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Guest Review: This Earl is on Fire by Vivienne Lorret

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Guest Review: This Earl is on Fire by Vivienne LorretReviewer: Tracy
This Earl is on Fire (Season's Original #2) by Vivienne Lorret
Series: Season's Original #2
Also in this series: When a Marquess Loves a Woman
Publisher: Avon Impulse
Publication Date: August 2nd 2016
Format: eARC
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Series Rating: four-stars

The sheltered daughter of a country baron, Miss Adeline Pimm comes to London looking for adventure… and finds it in the form of a bloody, unconscious man slumped in the doorway of her family’s rented townhouse. Though his identity is a mystery, Adeline is inexplicably drawn to the handsome, injured man and vows to nurse him back to health.

Liam Cavanaugh, the scandalous Earl of Wolford, is startled when he awakens in an unfamiliar bed, wrapped in bandages that hinder his eyesight, with no memory of why he was beaten half to death. Although he can’t see the witty young woman who tends to his wounds, her alluring voice—and a single stolen kiss from her soft lips—helps & soothe his pain. But when he is fully healed, Liam is not ready to let go of the one woman who stirs his deepest longings.

Liam will do whatever it takes to see Adeline again, even if it means giving up his rakish ways. But his disreputable past is not so easily forgotten and his secrets are far more dangerous than he—or Adeline—ever imagined.

Adeline comes from a long line of Pimm’s that fall in love almost at first site. When she’s only been in London for less than 24 hours and finds a bloody, unconcious man on her doorstep she feels…something when she touches him. He’s been beaten pretty badly so Adeline and her parents take care of the man.

When Liam, the Earl of Wolford, wakes up to find himself in a strange place with strange people, he’s instantly suspicious of their motives. He’s not a trusting man but eventually comes to believe that the Pimm’s are good people. He’s had his head wrapped because of his head injury so he can only hear their voices and he’s instantly soothed whenever Adeline talks to him. He becomes a bit dependent on her, even when his wrap is removed and he sees the beautiful girl for the first time. He’s been hurt in the past by someone who only wanted his money and title and he won’t fall for that again.

Unfortunately even though his stay with the Pimm’s is (relatively) innocent, Adeline’s reputation is a bit sullied. Wolford is a rake and the fact that he was in the Pimm’s house makes people look at Adeline like a loose woman. She is aided by friends of Liam’s and soon all is right. Or is it? Adeline finds herself falling in love with Liam but he doesn’t plan on marrying for another 30 years and she plans to never marry. On top of that there’s still someone after Liam and they’ll stop at nothing to get what they want.

This was a sweet romance that didn’t have a whole lot of angst. The H/h fell in love pretty quicly but didn’t come forward with their declarations until the end. It was well written and a definitely easy to get into.

Adeline was a good person who had been raised by good parents. Yes, they’d coddled her because she had one leg shorter than the other, an accident at birth, but once she put her foot down and told them she wanted to do for herself, they let her. I really liked her parents a lot and between the three of them they made the book entertaining.

Liam was a rake but we never really saw any of that, which was good. He was pretty incapacitated during the first part of the book so I wasn’t too bothered by not seeing examples of his rakish ways. He really was an intellectual man but had hidden that from people so while the ton thought they knew him so well they truly didn’t know him at all. I loved that he cared so much about Adeline and though the end was completely unconventional I still really liked it.

Overall it was a good romance. I didn’t read the first book in the series and didn’t feel that I needed to in order to read this one – it was a good standalone.

Rating: 3.75/4 out of 5


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