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#DFRAT Schedule: Week 3 and 4 – And Participants

Posted June 26, 2012 by Holly in Features, Giveaways | 3 Comments

As I was putting this together tonight I realized I didn’t post the schedule for week 3. Sorry about that. I’ve included it below so you can check out some of the awesome guest posts, excerpts and giveaways from last week as well as this week. Don’t forget to visit  Tracy’s Place, The Book Reading Gals and RR@H Novel Thoughts for more digital goodness.

Today I also have a list of some of our participants. Don’t forget, you can track your reads at Goodreads by creating a DFRAT shelf. If you aren’t a member, I’ve created a list where you can share your reads with us. Just click here and enter your reads. 

If you’re participating, add your information here for a chance to win a $25 gift card to either Amazon or B&N (on the online bookstore of your choice).

Holly thebookbinge.com
Pearl Pearl’s World of Romance: www.pearlsworldofromance.wordpress.com
Insane Hussein  Insane Hussein Reviews http://insanehussein.com/blog
Emily Neilsen
Leigh Juhlke
Mad rrahnovelthoughts.com
Kris M. http://www.goodreads.com/review/list/1441767-kris?format=html&shelf=dfrat
Renee Wildes Renee Wildes – http://www.reneewildes1.wordpress.com

Here’s our schedule for this week and last.

6/17/2012    Beth Williamson    Book Binge
6/17/2012    Lauren Dane    Book Binge
6/17/2012    Julie Korzenko    Tracy’s Place
6/18/2012    Alina Adams    Book Binge
6/18/2012    Lily Cain    RR@H Novel Thoughts
6/18/2012    Charlie Cochrane    The Book Reading Gals
6/18/2012    HelenKay Dimon    Book Binge
6/18/2012    Liz Strange    RR@H Novel Thoughts
6/19/2012    Ruthie Knox    Book Binge
6/19/2012    Larry Benjamin    RR@H Novel Thoughts
6/19/2012    Lillian Grant    The Book Reading Gals
6/19/2012    Mary Hughes    Tracy’s Place
6/20/2012    Annie Nicholas    Book Binge
6/20/2012    Eugenia O’Neill     Book Binge
6/20/2012    Cathy Perkins    RR@H Novel Thoughts
6/20/2012    Phoebe Conn    The Book Reading Gals
6/20/2012    Barbara Meyers    Tracy’s Place
6/21/2012    Lynne Connelly    RR@H Novel Thoughts
6/21/2012    Julie Rowe    Book Binge
6/21/2012    Circle of Nine by Josephine Pennicott Giveaway    Book Binge
6/21/2012    Georgie Lee    RR@H Novel Thoughts
6/21/2012    Desiree Holt    The Book Reading Gals
6/21/2012    Kay Keppler    Tracy’s Place
6/23/2012    Jessica Scott    Book Binge
6/22/2012    Veronica Scott  RR@H Novel Thoughts
6/22/2012    Renee Wildes    The Book Reading Gals
6/22/2012    Mari Carr    Tracy
6/22/2012    Hope Tarr    Book Binge
6/23/2012    Anne Hope    The Book Reading Gals
6/23/2012    Cathleen Ross    Tracy’s Place
6/24/2012    A. Catherine Noon and Rachel Wilder    Book Binge
6/24/2012    Serenity Woods     Tracy’s Place
6/25/2012     Larissa Ione    Book Binge
6/25/2012    Alice Gaines    RR@H Novel Thoughts
6/25/2012    Zoe Archer    The Book Reading Gals
6/26/2012    Kaylea Cross    Book Binge
6/26/2012    Janis Susan May Patterson    RR@H Novel Thoughts
6/26/2012    Lindsay Townsend    The Book Reading Gals
6/26/2012    Lynda Bailey    Tracy’s Place
6/27/2012    Elisabeth Barrett    Book Binge
6/27/2012    P. Kirby    Book Binge
6/27/2012    Wendy Soliman    RR@H Novel Thoughts
6/27/2012    John R. Lindermuth    The Book Reading Gals
6/27/2012    Cathryn Cade    Tracy’s Place
6/28/2012    Lila DiPasqua    Book Binge
6/28/2012    Susan Schreyer    RR@H Novel Thoughts
6/28/2012    Heidi Cullinan    The Book Reading Gals
6/28/2012    Leslie Dicken    Tracy’s Place
6/29/2012    Mk Chester    Book Binge
6/29/2012    Rhian Cahill    Book Binge
6/29/2012    Rebecca York  RR@H Novel Thoughts
6/29/2012    Louise Cusack    The Book Reading Gals
6/29/2012    Nathan Farrugia    Tracy’s Place
6/30/2012    Kris Kennedy    Book Binge
6/30/2012    Yolanda Sfetsos    Tracy’s Place

Happy (Digital) Reading.

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Schedule of Events.

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This is where you can find out about the latest happenings here at Book Binge and what we’ve got in store for you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send us an email to thebookbinge@gmail.com.

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