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#DFRAT Excerpt (+ a Giveaway): Truth or Dare by Rhian Cahill

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Daring to tell the truth will change the rules of this game forever.
Party Games, Book 2
When her friend deserts her at an exclusive Sydney house party, Miki Drummond retreats to a corner to observe the insanity. Watching life go by is something she does well, especially after the hell her marriage put her through.
She never dreamed she’d reconnect with not one but two blasts from her high school past. And she never expected their heated gazes to bring her body so easily back to life.

Grant Rogers and Dayne Pierce never forgot Miki. Ever. Past experience tells them to tread slowly and carefully, but that plan flies out the window when they’re all dragged into a game of Truth or Dare. Something’s up, because Miki repeatedly chooses to take a shot rather than reveal her obvious pain. Time after time.

Check out an excerpt:

Waking up hungover in a strange bedroom, Miki is caught in an electrically charged moment with two men who offer her unimaginable pleasure, who seem determined to keep her suspended in sweet torment—permanently.
One night of pure fantasy is all Miki dares to take, but come morning the hard truth is that walking away isn’t an option.
Product Warnings: The author cannot be held responsible for any truth you may tell or dare you make take after reading this story. And if you find yourself sandwiched between two hunky men…take the dare.
Copyright © 2012 Rhian Cahill
All rights reserved — a Samhain Publishing, Ltd. publication
Dayne wanted nothing more than to pull her into his arms and tell her it would all be okay. But he couldn’t make that promise when he had no idea if things would be fine. If there was any hope of that happening he had to come clean. Needed to tell her the truth of what he wanted—what they wanted. And when he did she just might dare to take a chance.
Dayne stood, dislodging Miki’s hand as he did. He took a step away and drew in a deep breath. This was it, do or die. Truth and dare.
“Miki, I’m on a short fuse where you’re concerned. I’ve always wanted you. I’ve never hidden that fact, but now the want is more potent, more adult, and if you touch me again I’m afraid I’ll snap and not be able to hold anything back.” Her eyes widened as he spoke and her hands shook as she twisted them together in her lap, but she didn’t run. “It’s time for our own game of Truth or Dare, Miki.”
She darted her gaze between him and Grant. He was relieved to see his friend just as tense. Dayne was rushing things, he knew that, but he couldn’t stop himself. Couldn’t deny the primal urge to claim her as his—theirs—even though moving this fast could cost them everything.
“A game?”
“Yes. We’re going to tell you the truth and then I’m going to dare you to do something with it.”
“I’m not sure I understand.”
“Just listen to him, Mikaila.”
She turned to Grant, but before she could speak he cut her off.
Dayne had never heard that tone in his friend’s voice before. The word was a desperate plea for her to give them what they asked for and he could only hope she did.
Her answer was no more than a shaky whisper, but in the quite night it sounded like a gunshot going off. Dayne’s shoulders sagged with relief, but he knew this was only the first battle in what was rapidly turning into a fight for his life. Because he suddenly knew without a doubt that Miki was the woman for him and he couldn’t see any future without her and Grant in it.
“I, we, want you. In every way possible and more.”
He watched her chest rise as she sucked in a breath. Her gaze drifted away from his and he wanted to reach down and lift her face up until her eyes met his again, but he wouldn’t.
“You need to understand this isn’t about just one of us, Miki. We both want the same thing. You. Together.” Grant shifted in his chair so he could look at her.
Dayne crouched down beside her and took her hand. The move was guaranteed to set his nerves on edge but he couldn’t resist that small contact. “We need you to understand this isn’t only about sex either. Sure we want that and plenty of it, but we want more. How that’s going to work I don’t know, but I can’t imagine being with you without Grant being with you too.”
“So you two would…” she gestured with her free hand, “…you know.”
He shook his head.
“It’s just you. Without you this need to share doesn’t exist.”
Grant’s words explained it perfectly, because without Miki the urge to share didn’t exist. Dayne stood, pulling her up with him. He let go of her hand and took a step back.
“The truth is we want you for more than one night, but if one night is all you’re willing to give us then we’ll take it.”
“I don’t know if I can.”
“I dare you to take a chance, Mikaila. One night of guaranteed pleasure with no strings attached. If you want to walk away when it’s over we won’t stop you.” Dayne knew they were rushing things, knew they were pushing, but he couldn’t slow down now. Miki made him do and say things no one else did. Made him lose control.
“We won’t like it, but we’ll respect that it’s your choice to make just as doing anything is.” Grant stepped over to stand beside him. “What happens now is up to you.”

Years of slavery to four young aliens and their sire failed to squash the love of writing or reading hiding behind the facade of a boring stay-at-home mum. Escaping from the mother-ship with vivid imagination intact, Rhian uses her superpowers for good.
Okay, so that’s not quite how it happened. Married to her very own hero for over 20 years and raising a family of four kept writing on the back burner but with more time to spend on the things she loves most, Mr. Muse and Rhian have taken over.
Writing a multiple of genres keeps life interesting and busy. Rhian can be found in numerous places online where her love of talking is well satisfied. An Aussie, who’s spent years living overseas, Rhian and family are now happily residing back in their native land of down under.

Rhian has also shared a little sneak peek of her upcoming September release, Spin the Bottle.

Spin The Bottle – Sneak Peek

Available September 25, 2012

Copyright © 2012 Rhian Cahill

The air was warm and sticky already, pack the house full of laughing, talking–drinking–partiers and things were heating up fast. Lillian checked the control panel and switched the air conditioning down a few degrees. It wouldn’t be as effective with all the doors and windows open but she’d take all the air circulation she could get. A game of twenty-one started up in the corner and Lil watched as everyone was dealt cards. The first guy busted and picked up a shot glass filled with clear liquid, probably tequila, and swallowed it in one gulp.

Each player, one after the other took a card, all of them going above twenty-one and taking a shot. A second round started up quickly and Lil stood off to the side to watch. She was enjoying the game when someone pressed into the back of her. Thinking the person wanted to get passed she stepped forward only to be stopped by an arm around her waist, a strong grip that pulled her back against the solid hot wall of muscle behind her.

Warm air fanned over her ear and neck sending shivers down her spine. His scent filled her nose, and he didn’t need to speak for Lil to know who had hold of her. Mac. He gripped her hip, his fingers splayed, and urged her to take a step backwards. Her body was never her own when he was around and she let him led her where he willed. He’d moved them out of the way, stepped them into the corner of the room.

In a second, Mac spun her around. He pushed her into the corner and caged her in, his hands flat on the wall either side of her waist. In her five inch heels they were eye to eye and she could see the swirl of emotion in his blue gaze. She’d gone too far with tonight’s party but that wasn’t what had her worried. No, what made her anxious was the look on his face that said he wanted to kiss her. They’d been there and done that with disastrous effects. Lillian didn’t know if she could survive a second time.

“You can run, Lilli, but you can’t hide forever.”

I really want this book now. Is it September yet?  

Rhian is offering a book from her backlist to two (2) winners!! Leave a comment for a chance to win.

Truth or Dare is available from Sahmain. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

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Guest Review: Coyote Home by Rhian Cahill

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Judith’s review of Coyote Home by Rhian Cahill

Coming home was never going to be easy for Rowan Wilder, but after six years she didn’t think it would be this hard. First she can’t control her inner coyote, then she has to deal with her mate and the madman out to get them both. Determined to take her rightful place in the pack, Rowan must face each hurdle and succeed. To fail could mean losing her life.

Quinn MacClellan is more than ready for the return of his mate and he’ll do anything to keep her safe and by his side. He couldn’t protect her years ago, but things are different now and he won’t let anything or anyone separate them again. Together they’ll confront all obstacles and ensure the future they both deserve.

This is a story about a young woman who had every right to a good life, a place of prominence in her pack, and a life filled with love because she had found her mate. None of this was to become reality for her, at least not as she began her adult life with Quinn. Marcus Connelly and his father ran the pack, were in total control of the pack council, and Marcus wanted her—not because he was in love with her but because he was obsessed with controlling her and in so doing, he would control the pack for years to come. He stalked her for months and ultimately attacked her in an attempt to rape/mate with her. Beaten, bruised, bleeding and fearing for her life, she left her pack, her family, her friends and her mate for six years, taking up residence in Australia. For six years she had denied her inner coyote and for six years she had lived as one who had truly lost everything she loved.

Now she has come back—first to a hunting cabin on a nearby mountain where she hoped to allow her coyote to emerge and where she was hoping to re-learn how to control her shifting from human to coyote and back. Staying with her was her mate Quinn, although he patiently waits for her to indicate that their personal relationship could be resumed and she could face going home to pack territory.

This is a story about the fall-out that comes when bullies are allowed to prowl unchecked and the damage they do remains unpunished. It is also the account of a young woman who has had to face not only these horrifying external circumstances but the fears that Marcus’ brutality has caused. Without friends or family, Rowan has had to find her own inner strengths and the will to combat her fears so that she can return to her rightful place at Quinn’s side as well as her place of responsibility in the pack. Now that she has returned, she learns that her brother is “sovereign” of her pack, Quinn is the “enforcer” and she is referred to as “the royal.” Yet Marcus is an ever-present danger that must be faced head-on: can the strength that she has found within herself truly brave this challenge?

I liked this story very much. It was about the emergence of a lovely woman from the shell of a frightened girl who is now standing shoulder to shoulder with her brother and Quinn. It is a beautiful love story between Rowan and Quinn and testifies to the truth we must all learn that adversity can either break us or it can make us stronger.

Rhian Cahill is a new author to me, but I came to appreciate her story-telling skills as I read this novella. She handled the plot well, developed the characters in an adept fashion and in spite of the short format was able to tell the story well. I got the impression at the end of the novella that there would be more to come in future novels or novellas. I intend to investigate this possibility because I am really interested in seeing whether Marcus gets his just due. Lovers of paranormal romance will find this book enjoyable, I think.

I give it a rating of 4 out of 5.

You can read more from Judith at Dr J’s Book Place

This book is available from Ellora’s Cave. You can buy it here in e-format.

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