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Reading Historical Romances

Last week’s post kicking off our Read Jo Goodman Crusade brought out several readers who don’t read historical romances. That got me thinking…why? What is it about historical romances that certain readers just don’t like? Is it the time period? Is it the Lord and Lady of the manor storyline that gets old? The gowns […]

Preconceived Notions: Can you let them go?

Holly: A few weeks ago, Rosie posted something about being an Ageist. Basically? That she’s extremely discriminate when it comes to the ages of the characters in the novels she reads. I admit, I’m guilty of this as well. My preferred ages for heroines range from 18 – 25 for historicals and 23-32 for contemporaries. […]

Nalini Singh: Love Affair with the Written Word

Nalini Singh: Love Affair with the Written Word

Let’s talk reading today 🙂 I love to read. I always have. Back when I was an elementary school student, the book bus used to come visit since the school was too small to have a library of its own. My firm aim was to get over from the picture-book side of the bus to […]

Guest Blog: It’s so hard to say goodbye…

**My apologies to our readers and Devon. This post should have gone up almost 2 and a half hours ago, but I was delayed at a doctor’s appointment and just got into the office. Next week we’ll be back on schedule** I’m just getting over a cold. A nasty cold, complete with excruciating sinus pain. […]