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Read Jo Goodman Crusade: Vol 1

Posted April 3, 2008 by Casee in Promotions | 13 Comments

Over a month ago Holly and I (Casee) decided that we were going to take on a new mission in life. Because really, we don’t have enough going on as it is. We needed a new project.

So what should it be?

A Reading Challenge? A Count How Many Books You Own Challenge? A Find New Authors Challenge? Nothing sounded quite right.

Then I had a conversation with a historical romance loving friend (you know who you are) that went something like this:

Me: Have you read [insert title here] by Jo Goodman?
Friend: Who?
Me: Jo Goodman. Seriously, you’ve never read her?
Friend: Nope.
Me: Well, you should. Try If His Kiss Is Wicked. You’ll really like it.
Friend: It’s not going to be like that one book by [insert author I loved that she hated here].
Me: gasp How can you doubt me after all these years? Go buy it and you’ll love it.

Shortly after that conversation, I was lamenting to Holly about the fact that way too many people have never read or maybe never even heard of Jo Goodman. Which just seems wrong. In my opinion, which is not so humble, Jo Goodman writes the kind of sweeping historicals that Judith McNaught or Julie Garwood write. The kind of book whose characters will stay with you long after you’ve finished the book.

That’s when the idea for the “Read Jo Goodman Crusade” was born. Now we actually came up with this idea at the beginning of February. With Holly’s nuptuals and my vacation, we feel that we can finally give this Crusade the time it deserves.

So in this, Vol 1, of the Read Jo Goodman Crusade, we only have one question for our lovely readers.

Have you read a Jo Goodman book?

If your answer to that is no, here are a few suggestions. We say suggestions because we’re really telling you to click on the freaking links below and order right now. No pressure or anything.

If His Kiss Is Wicked
A Season to Be Sinful

These are a few books that we feel can be stand alones.

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