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Guest Review: Quinn by R. C. Ryan

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Judith’s review of Quinn (Wyoming Sky #1) by R. C. Ryan

As a young boy, Quinn Conway was shattered by his mother’s mysterious disappearance. Today, as the oldest of the Conway brothers, his only concern is protecting his family and their ranch. One look at beautiful, strong-willed Cheyenne O’Brien tells him she’s also no stranger to tragedy. A series of increasingly dangerous “accidents” are plaguing her and her land, and Quinn can’t stand idly by while a woman is in danger.

Fiercely independent, Cheyenne isn’t one to lean on others, yet she can’t deny her attraction to the rugged rancher offering help. Soon, the passion building between them proves as wild and untamed as the land she loves-and just as impossible to resist. But a relentless enemy is about to make one final devastating move. To survive, Quinn and Cheyenne must put their cherished freedom-and their hearts-at risk.

This contemporary Western romance embraces the experiences of a man who is deeply in love with his home, his ranching lifestyle, and the forces of nature that impact it. He has become a nationally known expert on the life and activity of the American Wolf and all this grows out of an early life encounter with a mother wolf and her pups, a family that was summarily killed by a neighboring rancher, just on principle alone. The deep grief he felt–probably hooked up with the ever-present grief and questioning growing out of his mother’s unexplained and unsolved disappearance–set Quinn on a different life path, one that now takes him into the personal space of Cheyenne O’Brien, a woman now alone and trying as she best can to keep her ranch–her inheritance–up and running and profitable. Getting involved with Cheyenne on any level has now dragged Quinn into a deeper and more mysterious situation, one that threatens not only her lifestyle and ranch, but ultimately her life.

It is an entertaining and engaging and well-written novel that was a delight to read. The descriptive language was sufficient to keep the panorama of the West as a backdrop but it didn’t take over the novel. Quinn and Cheyenne were written as strong and independent, yet both had experienced the close intimacy of family and both were grieving personal losses, some very recent. It is a romance that is spiced up and made even more compelling by the addition of a mystery, one that begins to draw Quinn more deeply into Cheyenne’s personal life and the well-being of her ranch. Their relationship begins with a friendship that is built on mutual concern and caring and then on to a romance. In the midst of all of this is an individual who seems to always be present and whose presence is not always welcomed by others in Cheyenne’s life. Underlying the story is the continuing question about Quinn’s mother. I had to wonder if somewhere down the line the author was planning to resolve that question. I sure hope so.

I really enjoyed this book. I like cowboy romance anyway, and am coming to enjoy contemporary stories as much as I have enjoyed American historicals in the past. I’ve not read much from this author but I was impressed with the quality of the writing, the correct use of English pertaining to tenses and such (I’ll probably have a rant about that one of these days), and a sense that the author’s development of the story evidenced an overview that never let the story get out of hand. It was well balanced and the supporting characters created their own interest. The repartee within the family gave depth and deeper meaning in helping the reader understand Quinn. The values that supported his life work, his attitudes and his understanding of human relationships obviously grew out of the support he received throughout his life from strong people in his family circle–his dad and granddad as well as the two older women who impacted his emotional and psychological development. One of those women, Ela, an Arapaho woman who had been present in Quinn’s life as long as he can remember, was a connection for him with Cheyenne whose mother was also an Arapaho and known to Ela.

This is a story that will be a delight to those who enjoy a contemporary Western romance and who especially like a story that is well-written and edited. This is one that shouldn’t be missed.

I give it a rating of 4 out of 5

You can read more from Judith at Dr J’s Book Place.

This book is available from Forever Publishing. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

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Review: Montana Legacy by R.C. Ryan.

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Rowena’s review of Montana Legacy by R.C. Ryan.

Hero: Jesse McCord
Heroine: Amy Parrish

They’re the McCords…three rugged, sexy cowboy cousins who’ll inherit the family range–if they seek the treasure hidden on it. But even more precious are the women who can tame their wild hearts…
She was the one person who shook Jesse McCord’s quiet determination. She was the only one he ever let in, body and soul. Then suddenly Amy Parrish was gone and the oldest McCord cousin devoted his life to the family ranch. Now Amy is back, offering help to Jesse find the McCord gold. Yet Jesse’s not about to give her a second chance, and he hopes his pride will protect him from her irresistible charms. But under the wide prairie skies a dangerous, unseen enemy is fast closing in, threatening Amy and Jesse’s very lives and the promise of their …

This is the first cowboy novel that I’ve picked up in a very long time and it started out pretty darn good. It was the first time in a long that I’ve gotten excited over cowboys. This series follows three cousins, Jess, Wyatt and Zane McCord as they pick up the treasure hunt for the family’s long lost gold. Their grandfather, Coot McCord always believed that the gold was somewhere close and he spent his entire life dedicated to finding the lost gold and returning it to where it belonged…with their family.

Everyone thought Coot was crazy for continuing to search for gold that is probably long gone but Coot didn’t give a shit, he was going to find that damn gold or die trying…and he sure did die trying. After his death, people thought that the search for the lost gold would go away but they thought wrong because before anyone knows what’s what, the three boys that grew up on the ranch together were brought back together by Coot’s dying wish.

Jesse, Wyatt and Zane were once young boys that used to run around the ranch getting things dirty, being loud as all get out and just being boys until both Wyatt and Zane’s parents moved away, taking Wyatt and Zane with them. All of the good times came to an end and only Jesse was left behind. In all the years that passed since the boys moved away, they never came back to visit Grandpa Coot and it left Jesse a little (a lot) bitter. Both Wyatt and Zane come back for the funeral and the reading of the will.

Along with the return of Wyatt and Zane, circumstances brings Amy Parrish, the woman that Jesse was madly in love with and who disappeared without a word, back to Montana. Her father is sick and she’s the only person left that can care for him so she comes home to help care for her ailing father. So just when Jesse is trying to get a grip on his cousins being back, he finds out that Amy’s back too.

The story had a lot of promise in the book but somewhere along the way, I lost interest in the book. I can honestly say that I finished this book so that I can hurry up and move on to the next book. It’s not that the book wasn’t my cup of tea, it was more that I wasn’t too invested in the story. I liked Jesse but I didn’t love him. I thought Amy was okay but she wasn’t extraordinary. The story started off well but it lost me somewhere around page 150.

By the time the end came, I knew what was going to happen, who the bad guy was and how it all tied together. Usually, I suck at that stuff but in this book, the author made it very easy to spot those things right from the jump.

Jesse was one of those hot headed heroes that is always spoiling for a fight. Every time he got pissed off, he wanted to bust someone’s head open and while there are quite a few heroes that come to mind when I think of hot headed heroes, with Jesse it was annoying. It was understandable why he was mad at Wyatt and Zane but the way that he pouted made it more annoying than anything else.

Then there was Amy. Amy was one of those good girl heroines. She’s great at this, has a heart of gold but she didn’t really stand out. At least not to me. I read and read about how much Jesse wants her and how big his feelings are for her but not once, did I get why he felt that way. Sure, she came back home to take care of her father but who wouldn’t? I would in a hot minute and I know a lot of women who would do the same. I just didn’t get what was so special with her.

Their whole romance was pretty tame as well. They’re brought back together because someone is attacking Amy’s ranch and Amy’s life was in danger more than once. Jesse wants to take care of his woman but because her father hates his family, he can’t move them into his house to keep an eye out on her so instead, he has to sleep in her barn because Otis Parrish wasn’t having no McCord’s in his house. So they had sex in the barn and slept together in the barn and then walked over to the house and had breakfast with her father. What a weird kind of romance. Jesse and Amy were first loves and usually I eat these stories up but I just couldn’t get into this one. It was like a boot leg The Notebook and I ended up just not caring for it.

I didn’t hate this book, I just didn’t like it very much. I mean, it started out great and I had such high hopes for it but then it lost me and I was much more interested in the secondary characters than the main ones. I want to read Wyatt and Zane’s books, mostly so I can see who they end up with and if the series gets any better.

Grade: 2.75 out of 5

This book is available from Forever. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

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