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Guest Review: Big Sky Wedding by Linda Lael Miller

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Big Sky WeddingJudith’s review of Big Sky Wedding (Parable Montana, #5) by Linda Lael Miller

Wedding bells are ringing in Parable, Montana, but Brylee Parrish hasn’t enjoyed the sound since being jilted at the altar by Hutch Carmody. She’s over Hutch now, and running a multimillion-dollar business is challenging enough for this country gal. So she should avoid falling head-over-boot-heels for A-list actor Zane Sutton. He’s come home to his rodeo roots, but Hollywood lured him away once and just might again. Yet everything about him, from his easy charm to his concern for his young half brother, seems too genuine to resist…. 

Zane didn’t come to Parable for love-but count on a spirited woman to change a jaded cowboy’s mind. Problem is, Brylee’s not convinced he’s here to stay. Good thing he’s determined to prove to her, kiss by kiss, that she’s meant to be his bride.

This entire Parable, Montana Series has been filled with fun reading from the get-go.  I like Miller’s writing anyway, but I was especially enticed to keep reading as she filled these stories with people who weren’t the usual residents of most cowboy Western romances.  The heroine in this story first made her appearance in an earlier novel when she was left in emotional shambles at the altar by Hutch Carmody whose own personal history is unusual and whose relationships have been questionable until he finally seemed to get his head on straight.  Unfortunately, getting his life turned around meant that Brylee Parrish was “out of luck.”

Now she is an award winning, multi-millionaire kind of corporate CEO who also has an interest in her brother’s ranch and where she lives in her own apartment.  Yet she is very much a part of that family made up of her brother’s new and pregnant wife, a woman with which has has been in love for years and with whom he had two children long before they were married.  Brylee is one of those kind of women who felt she had no alternative but to pick herself up and move on.  She may truly long for the love of a good man and a family of her own, but she isn’t sure but what her emotional traumas may not allow her to be open to that kind of future.  Along comes a man who won’t take “no” for an answer and before she knows it, Brylee is being pursued in ways she never dreamed.

This is another wonderful Miller romance set in the modern West but filled with people who live in modern times but have cherished the old-fashioned values of home and hearth.  That doesn’t mean that there are some truly different people in Parable, Montana.  They are the ones that make these stories such fun and whose encounters with one another are the source of repeated chuckles for the reader.  Miller’s story telling abilities are legend and her continued popularity with romance readers testifies to the fact that she manages to keep coming up with characters and stories that entice us to keep on reading.  So it is here.  I was particularly anxious to see what she would do with a woman like Brylee Parrish, a person who needed to gain a sense of herself and her own worth aside from her business prowess.  She needed to get past the hurts and the worries of bygone days and Zane seemed determined to love her into becoming who she really could be.  She was a curious mix of assertiveness in her business dealings but terribly lost and insecure in her personal life.  Ms Miller really has done a character study with this woman and I think it is particularly poignant for women reading this story.  I have a feeling that many will see themselves within the character of Brylee Parrish.

I keep expecting that novels in series will wax and wane, that the tension and intensity will falter.  Not here.  These stories are crafted to keep the reader not only informed in the new chapter of the Parable, Montana people but brings them up to date on the doings of characters from past stories.  In addition, these friendships keep maturing and growing more fulfilling for the individuals as they not only find love but manage to embrace deeper truths within themselves and find ways of sharing their joy with others.  There are iconic characters here.  Take Opal for instance.  She’s the housekeeper/homemaker who shows up with her suitcase and stays just until the family in question doesn’t need her anymore.  She married the town preacher but everyone knows that when she’s needed, she’ll be there.  I think every small town or village has someone like Opal that everyone knows and loves.

This was another great read and for those who like stories set in the contemporary West this will be an enjoyable reading experience.  If you haven’t read the series it is worth starting with Book One.

I give this novel a rating of 4 out of 5

The Series:
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This title is available from Harlequin HQN Books.  You can buy it here or here in e-format.  This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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Review: Big Sky Mountain by Linda Lael Miller

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Review: Big Sky Mountain by Linda Lael MillerReviewer: Rowena
Big Sky Mountain (Parable, Montana, #2) by Linda Lael Miller
Series: Parable Montana #2

Publication Date: July 31st 2012
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Westerns
Pages: 384
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Amazon | Barnes & Noble | The Ripped Bodice | Google Play Books
Series Rating: three-stars

With his rugged good looks, vast wealth and family name, hell-raiser Hutch Carmody is still the golden boy of Parable, Montana. But he's done some growing up—making peace with his illegitimate half brother and inheriting half of Whisper Creek Ranch, which should have been all his. These days, Hutch knows there are some things money can't buy: like the heart of loving, ladylike divorcée Kendra Shepherd.

Kendra's quiet mansion reminds her of what she wants most—a devoted husband and the pitter-patter of little feet. She can't get Hutch Carmody out of her mind. But a rough-and-tumble cowboy like Hutch, coming home for family dinner? Seems crazy! Then again, crazier dreams have become reality under the vast Montana sky.

Before I get into my review, can I just say that Hutch Carmody as seen on the cover of this book is freaking delicious? I want to eat him up! I’ve cut back on the amount of cowboy books that I read because the last few books that I tried just weren’t that memorable. They didn’t grab me the way that other cowboy books have, that made me want to devour all things western but this book ended up being a good read. I’m glad that I read it.

This is the second book in the Parable, Montana series by Linda Lael Miller. I’m thinking that I should have read the first book first because far too often, throughout this book, I felt like I was missing something. More than once, I was thrown out of the story because something was mentioned and I thought, “I should have read the first book” but even with those few instances, I enjoyed Hutch and Kendra’s story.

Hutch and Kendra have a history. This is a story of second chances and Kendra was real wary of giving Hutch a second chance because she didn’t think she’s survive another heartbreak. They used to be together but broke up and Kendra ended up marrying an unfaithful lout and Hutch almost married someone else. The story starts off when Hutch calls his wedding off…on his wedding day. His almost bride, Brylee is steaming mad and her friends start up a Down with Hutch website and he becomes the town villain. Even with everyone mad at him, Hutch doesn’t regret stopping the wedding. He knew that it wasn’t right and over the course of the book, you see just how right he was.

Kendra is now single with a young daughter in tow. Her daughter’s name is Madison and they’re moving out of the big mansion that they live in and are downsizing since it’s just the two of them and their mansion is too much house for two people. Kendra was married to a titled gentleman who had a daughter with someone else and when the mother of his child takes off, Kendra steps in and becomes young Madison’s Mom. Kendra has a big heart and that big heart is scared to let Hutch Carmody back into her life because it’s not just her anymore. She has Madison to think about and she just doesn’t want Hutch to storm into their lives if he wasn’t going to stick around.

I really enjoyed getting to know both Hutch and Kendra. To be honest, I enjoyed getting to know Hutch more than Kendra because there were times when I wanted to punch Kendra’s lights out for always assuming things but in the end, I came to like Kendra a lot and admired the way that she was with Madison. Madison was lucky to have Kendra in her life and when Hutch comes along, he completes the picture and I really liked seeing the three of them together.

I am completely curious about Boone and am hoping against hope that his book is next. I just know that him and Tara will end up together and I’d love to read about him getting that stick out of his ass and bring his boys home, where they belong. I’d like to get to know Boone’s boys better and to meet his sister and her husband who are taking care of his boys. I think I’d enjoy seeing Boone come into his own and get over himself. I’m actually looking forward to it. I’m also wondering if Walker will get his own book in this series as well because I would totally love to read that book. His little storyline with Casey could be a good one, especially since he has two kids with her and they’re not even together. There’s a story there and I’m all about reading it.

Overall, this book was a good, solid book but there were times when the story dragged. It took me a few days to get past the first few chapters because I kept waiting for something to happen already but as I got deeper and deeper into the book, I grew comfortable in the world that Miller created for these characters and in the end, I was glad that I stuck with it. It was good.

Grade: 3 out of 5

This book is available from HQN. You can buy it here or here in e-format.


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