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Guest Review: Midnight in Your Arms by Morgan Kelly

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Genres: Anthologies (multiple authors)

Tracy’s review of Midnight in Your Arms by Morgan Kelly

When psychic Laura Dearborn inherits Stonecross Hall in 1926, she has no idea she’s inheriting a love story too-one that she’s lived again and again. But as Alaric Storm III, the handsome owner of the mansion from sixty years earlier, starts to haunt her waking dreams, Laura discovers her heart’s true home has always been within Stonecross’s walls.

Tormented by memories of war, Alaric Storm III is used to spirits-just not ones from the future. Set on fire by Laura’s ghostly affections, Alaric is forced to choose: follow his heart and grasp Laura’s hand through time, or surrender to the call of duty and live without love.

As All Hallows’ Eve draws near, Alaric and Laura must find a way to hold on to each other forever-or risk repeating their tragic romance until the end of time.

Laura Dearborn has been dreaming about a house since she was a kid. Now it’s 1926, she’s 28 years old and an honest to God psychic. She makes her money now that the wars over reaching out to the dead to try and heal the living. She’s contacted on her birthday and told that a house, Stonecross, has been willed to her by Alaric Storm III who willed it to her in 1866, before she was ever born!

She heads to Stonecross and lo and behold it’s the house she’s been dreaming of. The very first night she’s there she thinks she sees a man but she’s not sure what she’s seeing as he doesn’t seem dead. When she’s in bed at night he’s feels very real when they’re laying side by side but she honestly starts to think she’s going a bit wonky.

Slip back to 1866 and we see Alaric Storm who thinks he’s going a bit crazy because he keeps seeing a beautiful woman but she’s never substantial. This keeps happening and one night she actually becomes solid and he’s dazzled. He knows almost immediately that this is his true love but he can’t quite figure out how to keep her with him for an extended period of time – she’s really only completely solid around the midnight hour. They meet off and on for a time but from what Laura knows from history they are never truly together.

Laura in 1926 meets Tess who is a woman in her 70’s. She actually met Tess when she was 14 and Laura had gone back in time. Tess tries to explain things to Laura and lets her know that she needs to be with Alaric and needs to somehow force herself to stay with him. She figures out that this is a Mobius strip of sorts. It’s time that’s in an infinite circle and the same scenario keeps happening again and again until she changes it somehow. She has to figure out a way for her and Alaric to be together, but how?

This was a slow starter for me but it definitely got more interesting as the book went on. The idea that Alaric and Laura had done this before and therefore had fallen in love time and time again was intriguing. Unfortunately because of that I think there’s was more of an insta-love feel to the story. Now it was deep and abiding but we didn’t get to see any of how they fell in love which was a bid disappointing because it was obviously such a strong love.

Keeping the times and places straight wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be but the end had me a bit confused. It was most definitely an HEA but how they got to where they were was not explained at all – just put down to being the supernatural. I did have a problem with how the couple was going to live but you’d have to read the story in order to understand why I had a problem with it. If I tell you I’ll ruin it all. 🙂

I liked the writing in the story. I think there was a bit too much description at the beginning but it got less as the story went on which made it more enjoyable for me. In the end I would recommend this to those readers that enjoy time travel but don’t mind a slightly darker story.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

You can read more from Tracy at Tracy’s Place

This book is available from Avon Impulse. You can buy it here or here in e-format. This book was provided by the publisher for an honest review.

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What I Read Last Week

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Hello again!

I hope you had a wonderful week last week and a great
weekend.  Mine was definitely an up and
down week.  It started off well but then
I got the migraine from hell and wanted to shoot my head off.  I didn’t want to die, just get rid of the
pain! lol  It took a couple of days and
lots of darkness and quiet but it finally went away.  Things went up from there but then down again
when I found out that a friend of mine who has been battling cancer died.  He was so young at 48.  If you pray, please send a prayer up for Rey
and of course his family, thanks.
This weekend was a running errands nightmare but kind of fun
I a way.  My oldest and I spent a lot of
time with just the two of us as my youngest spent the weekend with a
friend.  My youngest went to Magic Mountain’s
Fright Fest and went on the Drop of Doom which is 400 ft. high. 
She’s a brave little shit cuz you wouldn’t see me on that ride….ever.  Here’s the picture that her friends’ mom took
while they were waiting in line. 
Wow.  Uh, no…just no.

So where did  I leave
off with my ereader saga?  Let’s
see.  Mine previous Kindle crapped out and I bought
another new to me but used 2nd Gen Kindle.  That one sucked and I sent it back for a
refund.  I bought another one and that
FINALLY showed up on Friday and it’s WONDERFUL – works perfectly!  I wasn’t without an ereader for long but that
time I was?  Sucked.  Lol  I
was dragging my laptop around so I could read my ebooks and, yeah, I wouldn’t
recommend that but it got the job done.   
So on to what I read this past week:

I started off the week with Her Highness and the Highlander
by Tracy Anne Warren.  This is the story
of a foreign princess who has been attending school in Scotland.  She’s on her way to London when her carriage is set upon.  She escapes but when she ends up in a village
looking worse for wear no one believes that she’s a princess.  One man who is at the tavern feels pity for
her and gets her a room, food and a dress but refused to accompany her to London as she asks.  He eventually succumbs and they fall in love
along the way.  The story was cute but
improbable.  Not impossible but I just
didn’t buy it.  Yes, it’s fiction but
this particular story didn’t sell me on the princess falling in love with the
poor highlander.  3 out of 5

Next up was a re-read of The Englor Affair by JL Langley.  Payton who is a prince from
another planet is on Englor undercover. 
He’s trying to hack into computers and decipher messages to see if the
Englor Prince, Simon, is working with the IN. 
Payton is told to stay away from Simon but when he meets a hot hunk of a
man in the locker room on the base he doesn’t think that the two Simon’s are
the same guy.  They are.  Payton’s head over for Simon and Si really
likes Payton but on Englor homosexuality is really not accepted.  Not punishable by death but highly frowned
upon.  When Si and Payton are found in a
compromising position and Si finds out who Payton really is he offers to marry
him but that opens its own can of worms. 
The Englor Affair was a great book. 
I didn’t think that it was as good as My Fair Captain, the first book in
the series, but it was excellent in its own right.  5 out of 5

Miracle in New Hope
by Kaki Warner is a novella about a man who keeps to himself but is hearing a
little girl’s voice who asks him to come for her.  He figures out who the girl is and then
confronts her mother who tells him that the girl is dead.  He doesn’t believe it and strikes out to find
her – while falling in love with her mother. 
This novella doesn’t come out til early December but I couldn’t wait to
read it.  It was very sweet and I loved
Daniel’s perseverance.  I’ll post my
review closer to the release date. 4.25 out of 5

Next was The Second Seduction of a Lady by Miranda Neville.  This story was about Eleanor
who fell in love with Max five years earlier. 
She then found out she was part of a bet and never spoke to him
again.  Max was in love with Eleanor
despite the bet and when he meets her 5 years later he makes it his goal to get
Eleanor back.  You can read my review
here. 3.75 out of 5

My Tracy’s
TBR Challenge read for the week was Her Best Worst Mistake by Sarah Mayberry.  I think this is my favorite
Mayberry yet.  The story is about Violet
who does NOT like her best friends’ boyfriend, Martin.  When her friend leaves London
for Australia
after breaking up with Martin, Violet takes pity on Martin and takes him a
bottle of alcohol to soothe him.  One
thing leads to another and Violet and Martin are in a sexual relationship.  But Violet is horribly guilty because she
hasn’t told her friend and when the relationship turns serious she knows she
can’t keep it a secret any longer.  While
this story definitely wasn’t as lighthearted as some others of Mayberry’s I’ve
read it was just so good.  The tension in
the story was so thick but I loved seeing Martin and Violet trying to figure
out what the hell was going on.  I
thought for being such opposites (he’s stuffy and she’s…not. At all.) they were
wonderful together.  I definitely
recommend this one.  4.25 out of 5

Rescue My Heart by Jill Shalvis is the 3rd book
in the Animal Magnetism series and this story was about Adam.  Adam has some serious PTSD and he’s just
trying to get back on his feet while battling the nightmares he experienced
while a soldier.  He helps his old flame
Holly when she asks for his help finding her father and their relationship
reignites – even though he’s not sure that’s a good idea.  The story is good and I loved Adam to
pieces.  Read this one for Book
Binge.  3.75 out of 5

Last for the week was Midnight in Your Arms by Morgan Kelly.  This is a story set both in 1866
and 1926 and has a time travel aspect to it. 
The story goes that Laura inherits a home that was willed to her in
1866, before she was ever born.  She has
been dreaming about the house since she was small but being a psychic she didn’t
think too much about it.  When she gets
to the house she ends up meeting a man who is in 1866 and the walls of time
seem to crumble from time to time – especially around midnight.  The story is about the couple falling in love
and trying to find a way to be together. 
It was a darker novella and a bit confusing at times – as it’s said that
time is basically a continuous loop and the life they’re experiencing has
happened before – but it was good.  3.5
out of 5

My Book Binge Reviews that posted last week:
Happy Reading!

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