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Review: Supergirl Mixtapes by Megan Brothers.

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Rowena’s review of Supergirl Mixtapes by Meagan Brothers.

Main Character: Maria
Love Interest: Graham(highlight)
Series: None
Author: Facebook|Twitter|Goodreads

After years of boredom in her rural South Carolina town, Maria is thrilled when her father finally allows her to visit her estranged artist mother in New York City. She’s ready for adventure, and she soon finds herself immersed in a world of rock music and busy streets, where new people and ideas lie around every concrete corner. This is the freedom she’s always longed for—and she pushes for as much as she can get, skipping school to roam the streets, visit fancy museums, and flirt with the cute clerk at a downtown record store.

But just like her beloved New York City, Maria’s life has a darker side. Behind her mother’s carefree existence are shadowy secrets, and Maria must decide just where—and with whom—her loyalty lies.

I’m not really sure where to start with this book because well, this book wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. In the blurb, we’re led to believe that Maria was bored in South Carolina and wanted out but in the book, that’s not why she left South Carolina. She had a bad year and convinced her Dad to let her move to NYC with her Mom. She moves to New York with her Mom and her Mom’s boyfriend Travis. Travis is only 6 years older than her and for me, growing up the way that I did- it was a big wowzers for me.

Maria’s Mom hasn’t been around much in Maria’s life and well, her Mom got on my nerves. There was so much about her Mom that bothered me (being a Mother myself) and Ifelt for Maria because she deserved better than what she got with her Mom and I’m glad that she had Travis. Travis was a good friend to her and I really enjoyed their relationship. It wasn’t a disgusting relationship so don’t go thinking that.

As much as I felt for Maria, I didn’t connect with her as much as I hoped to. To be honest, most of the characters were pretty one dimensional for me. I mean, they were great but not much about them pulled at me to want to know more about them. They were great to read about while I was reading the book but I can’t say that they were memorable characters that will stay with me forever and ever. I liked Graham and I could see why Maria liked him but that was about it. I liked him but I didn’t adore him the way that I usually adore the love interests in books. He was great but that’s about it.

I will say that I loved the way that New York is described in this book. It was almost like New York was a character itself and I really got into the scene. I could see everything so clearly in my mind and I’ve never been to New York but after reading this book, I wanted to go there…bad. I wanted to smell the food in the air, ride the subways and drink in all of the sights. I wanted to experience what it was like to surround myself with all the noise and attractions that make New York one of the best cities in the world. Being a California girl through and through, that’s pretty big.

Overall, this book was good for what it was. A story to lose yourself in for a couple of hours but I can’t say that I was thoroughly engrossed in the story from beginning to end. I enjoyed parts of the book a great deal but I didn’t connect with the characters as much as I would have liked and my overall enjoyment of the book suffered because of it. Would I recommend this book? I’m not sure, it’s not a D grade of a book but I can’t give it more than a C because at the end, while I did enjoy it, I was left wanting more.

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