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Review: Tucker’s Crossing by Marina Adair

Posted August 22, 2012 by Holly in Reviews | 1 Comment

Holly‘s review of Tucker’s Crossing (Sweet Plains Texas, Book 1) by Marina Adair

Sweet Plains, Texas, wasn’t so sweet to Cody, Noah, and Beau Tucker. But now the Tucker boys are men, ready to take on the questions that have haunted them since they left home…

Cody Tucker shook the dust of his two-bit hometown off his boots ten years ago—right about the time his college sweetheart, Shelby Lynn Harris, married his so-called best friend. But when his dad dies, Cody finds himself home again and knee deep in the past. Except now his rowdy beer buddy is the sheriff, his housekeeper is a blue-ribbon chili chef, and the family ranch is in the red. The only thing that hasn’t changed is Shelby Lynn…

Shelby Lynn has gone through a lot of heartache thanks to Cody. But that’s all over now. She just wants a chance to live the life she’s made for herself in peace. The trouble is, the Sweet Plains chili cook off is heating up, the Ladies of Sweet are as riled as hornets, and as soon as Cody gets near, she’s forgets all about peace. Cody is pure temptation—and she knows just how good it feels to give in…

This review contains mild plot-point spoilers. Beware.

The premise of this story is one of my favorites. Reunited lovers. Yum. While in theory this should have worked, I’m afraid it didn’t come together well here.

Cody and Shelby were together for two years. Then Cody up and disappeared one day, leaving Shelby high and dry. She ended up marrying his best friend, which pretty much killed any chance of them reconciling. Except now Cody is back in town to serve out the terms of his father’s will so he and his brothers don’t lose the family ranch. And wouldn’t you know, Shelby is living at the ranch – with her son, who just happens to be Cody’s son. The one he didn’t know existed.

The secret-baby plot works for me here, because Shelby thought Cody knew about the baby. Just thought I’d put that out there.

It was easy to fall into the story. The first chapter really had  me hooked. Sadly, it started to fall apart shortly thereafter. The writing was choppy, which made for some confusing reading. Plus, the author did what I like to call “just effing tell me already!”, where she tried to string us along about Shelby and Cody’s past and the details surrounding their son. Some authors can pull this off and keep me interested. That wasn’t the case here. I was just impatient to find out what the hell was going on.

Not only that, but both Shelby and Cody blew hot and cold. One minute they hated each other, the next they’d never gotten over each other. Cody wanted Shelby, then he didn’t. Shelby wanted Cody to be part of her son’s life, then she didn’t. All the back and forthing made my head hurt.

I did enjoy a few parts here and there. The son was cute and I liked seeing him and Cody find their way together. Sadly, that wasn’t enough to save the story for me.

2.5 out of 5

This book is available from eKensington. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

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