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The DIK Winter Giveaway has begun people!

Posted December 19, 2010 by Tracy in Giveaway Winners | 4 Comments

The DIK Desert Island Giveaway starts today with an announcement of what’s happening and how you play (plus we threw in a little extra giveaway because we love you).  

If you haven’t checked out the details you don’t want to miss them!  

Multiple books per day will be given away and then there will be a HUGE finale on January 2.

Don’t miss the fun and excitement!

Go check out the all essential info that our DIK Lady Kris is giving you today and then check back every day!

Why are you still sitting there drinking coffee?  Click here.  Go. Yes, now.

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Book Sluts ‘r’ Us Blogger Award Winner!

Posted November 17, 2009 by Tracy in Reviews | 11 Comments

The looking fabulous Tracy and Kris are pleased, proud and pretty friggin’ honored to announce that the winner of the ‘prove to us and the rest of the reading world how much of an unrepentant Book Slut you are’ award is…

CHRIS whose book tally for the month was an awe inspiring

Kris & Tracy: We’re not worthy. We’re not worthy

Kris: It’s official, hun.You are a BOOK SLUT!!!!

Tracy: sniffles It just gets to me every time.

Kris: muttersapmutter

Kris and Tracy: Congratulations Chris – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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A Battle of the Alphas a Guest Post by Kris

Posted August 13, 2009 by Tracy in Reviews | 27 Comments

Please welcome Kris from Kris ‘n’ Good Books! She has finally agreed to do a post for my blog…and it only took bribery! (No, I won’t say what it was!)

A couple of weekends ago, I made the grave error of reading a Christine Feehan and a Lora Leigh on the same day.
I know! What the hell was I thinking?!

Let’s put aside the fact that I nearly OD’ed on testosterone and was forced to go lay down with some soothing cool washcloths and turn on my trusty electronic device.

What?! No, not THAT, Tracy! Jesus. Mind outta the gutter, Cali-butt-girl. I’m talking about my air con, of course. *tsk, tsk*

Anyway, whilst recovering from my severe case of the ALPHAS it suddenly hit me…

Tracy, why are you giggling? No, I wasn’t referring to THAT. I swear to God you have a one track mind at the moment. I thought you said your husband was back from his trip?

Whoa. TMI.

Where was I?? Oh, yes. A thought *glaring* suddenly occurred to me…

… should the heroes out of Christine Feehan’s and Lora Leigh’s stories ever meet up, who do you think would win?

Granted LL’s Breeds have certain advantages when it comes to barbs and what knots (Get it? I crack me up!), but would CF’s mix of genetically engineered soldiers, kitty cats and toothy Carpathians be able to take ‘em? What do you reckon?

Of course, should Acheron turn up, he would seriously kick some Breed and paranormal arse.

I’m picturing a ring filled with chocolate sauce as opposed to mud.

I agree, Tracy. It would definitely be slurpiliscous. *g*

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What I Read Last Week and Vacation Update

Posted July 28, 2009 by Tracy in Features | 12 Comments

Hi Everyone!

Did you think I got lost on my way to the blog? I certainly did! lol

So thanks all of you for the well wishes on my trip – that was very nice of all of you. The train actually ended up being quite fun except for the whole sleeping thing. On the first night I was sitting next to my youngest and I was in the outside seat. Well, there’s no side head rest so it was more than uncomfortable and I only got about 4 hours of sleep. The second night though we switched (because she could stretch out no matter what) so that I could lean against the side of the train/window. That was much better and I managed to get 6 hours of sleep the second night. The seats are nice and roomy but the 4 foot and under crowd really have it made. :0)

The most entertaining thing on the train was a looney woman who sat kitty corner to me. I shouldn’t say that I think it’s fun that she has mental issues but having to tell my sister about all the things that went on made for a few hours of amusement.

When we got to town the train was only 2 hours late which was nice. We got to my sisters house and showered and ate and then went out to see a Titanic exhibit that KC has going right now. It was really quite nice. We then went and got Sheridan’s Frozen Custard (ice cream) which was positively sinful. As I was talking to my sister I saw this big sign over her head on the next building and started drooling. It said Books-A-Million! I was so there! It was huge and I ended up buying 6 books – mostly new releases, which was great. This is especially nice since my mom is going through about a book a day and I’m her dealer. 🙂

Today we slept in. I never sleep in. I’m usually awake by 7 or 8am at the latest. Well even with going to bed at midnight I slept for 10 1/2 hours! Holy Magoly Batman! lol It was fabulous. We then went shopping in this amazing shopping area called Zona Rosa which was great. Now it’s time to finally sit down and try to catch up on my email, etc. I haven’t had much time to read but it’s all good. I don’t get to go on vacation very often so it’s worth the book neglect.

So I didn’t read much last week with preparing to leave and all but here it is:

First up was Running Wild by Sarah McCarty. This is actually 3 novellas in one book that all interconnect. In fact when you start the next story it’s like the story is just continuing but each story is about a different member of the family. It a werewolf paranormal book and it was pretty good. I liked the first story the best with the second following a close second. The third was good but felt a little rushed and the romance suffered I thought. 3.5 out of 5

Next was a book that was recommended to me by Kris. She really gives good book. This one was called Sindustry Volume 1 and it was an m/m anthology from Dreamspinner Press with 12 different stories in it about men who work as rentboys, strippers, hookers and porn stars. It was such a good book and I really liked all of the stories. 4.5 out of 5

Next up was A Hunger Like No Other by Kresley Cole. I read this for my re-read challenge and will be posting my review of it on Friday.

My last book was another one recommended by Kris called Like Coffee and Doughnuts by Elle Parker. This was an m/m book about Dino, an old fashioned kind of guy who is a P.I. His best friend is his mechanic Seth and as great as they get along they are incredibly different from each other. When Seth starts putting moves on Dino he’s not quite sure what to make of it, but he’s willing to explore. Add in a little intrigue from Dino’s client and things get revved up. This was a good book when it came to dialogue – which is exactly what Kris had told me. It was an interesting story but when there wasn’t dialogue it kind of dragged a little. At the end of it I had a nice feeling. 3.75 out of 5

Happy Reading!

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Confessions of a Book Slut

Posted June 24, 2009 by Tracy in Reviews | 32 Comments

Hi, my name is Tracy and I’m a Book Slut. It’s been 3 minutes since I put my last book down.

Can I be honest? I really don’t want to go cold turkey. I love my books. I want them around me so I can smell them and touch them and, well, read them. Which brings me to how many books I really have around me. I’ve been in the closet when it comes to being truthful about how many books I have in my TBR. You see, I can be honest and let you know that I have 205 print books on my shelves (possibly a couple more that might have been lost in the count) waiting to be read. But the other day my friend Kris made me face up to exactly how many books are in my TBR.

You might have read in my Monday post that I recently cataloged/converted/organized all of my ebooks onto one device – a new 32 GB flash drive. It’s heaven. I plug that puppy in and look up the author I want, open the folder and voila…books. No more trying to figure out which cd it’s on, it’s just all there for the taking, or in this case, the reading. But when I was putting books into the folders by author I noticed that there were books that I hadn’t read. I, shoving my head in the sand, mentioned that I had “shitloads” and “boatloads” that were TBR. My friend Kris, fellow Book Slut and nosey biotch that she is, asked me specifically how many ebooks I did indeed have that were waiting patiently TBR. So I counted…and counted….and counted. It turns out that I have not only the 205 print books waiting TBR but 367 ebooks that I have not read. That’s right 367!

Now I know that there are others around bloglandia that have TBR’s way bigger than mine coughWendycough but I needed to get that load off of my chest and get my head out of the sand.

I am a Book Slut and I have 572 books in my TBR!

Confession Time: How many books are in your TBR? Be truthful now.

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