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Guest Review:Anthology – Laced with Desire by Jaci Burton, Jasmine Haynes, Joey W. Hill and Denise Rossetti

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Kris‘ review of Laced with Desire anthology by Jaci Burton, Jasmine Haynes, Joey W. Hill and Denise Rossetti

Wow this was a really good anthology. If you liked the first anthology, Unlaced, then you will love this one as well. The ladies revisit the eroticism of the corset. I thought they were all very well done. A lot of times for me and anthology story is just too short for me to fully get into the story, but these stories did not make me feel like the story was incomplete or just fluff.

No Strings Attached by Jaci Burton

Jaci Burton breaks the rule of mixing business with pleasure when two professional rivals cross paths at a tropical resort. She figures she can handle a fling with no strings attached. He’s out to show her that she figured wrong.

In Jaci Burton’s story, you have a story of a young widow who is ready to try a man again. A friend of hers is determined that it should be him. Very nicely told, nice strong story and romance. (4 out of 5)

La Petit Mort by Jasmine Haynes

Jasmine Haynes explores the lust of a former supermodel who needs to finally fulfill a no-holds-barred sexual fantasy. Finding two men to do it with is easy. But are they up to giving her all the pleasure she’s been denied?

In Jasmine Haynes story you have a nice menage scene but it is a MF story. Sophia is facing her own mortality and when Ford offers to make her fantasy come true, how can she say no. Sweet erotic romance story. (3.5 out of 5)

Honor Bound by Joey W. Hill

Joey W. Hill reveals the erotic bond between a master and the beautiful submissive who stole his heart. Recapturing their night of unparalleled passion won’t be easy—until a specific piece of lingerie comes into play.

In Joey W. Hill’s story we revisit characters that we saw in the Unlaced anthology (though the first in this series of men is an Ellora’s Cave release). Now we get Peter’s story. This is probably my favorite in this anthology, but that could also be because they were familiar characters. He has one night with a beautiful submissive and they have a surprisingly strong connection. They had each wanted a last minute experience before they each got deployed but were shocked by how they were drawn to each other. So they agreed to stay in touch, but in Afghanistan not everything turns out as you plan. She ends up hurt and now he has to make her want to live again. (4.5 out of 5)

Rhio’s Dancer by Denise Rossetti

Denise Rossetti goes beyond the limits of desire when she pairs a battle-scarred veteran of love and war with a woman who’s just as fearless and twice as dangerous. What happens between them is positively combustible. But what a way to go.

In Denise Rossetti’s story we revisit her fantasy world of her Flame and the Shadow and Thief of Light books. The main character of this one is the captain of Queen Sikara’s guards and crosses paths with a slave dancer. (3 out of 5)

Overall grade 4 out of 5

The series:

Book CoverBook Cover

Read more from Kris at The Reading Spot.

This anthology is available from Berkley. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

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What I’ve Been Reading This Week & Lots of Other Stuff

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Hello my fellow Book Sluts! Thanks to all of you who broke free from your chains and freely admitted to being one of us. I felt my heart swell with pride at the wonderful admissions. sigh That’s good stuff right there. Now, according to the poll on the blog Ad #2 won the contest. But when I tally from the comments it would have been #3 but apparently not everyone voted and since I have no idea who voted and who didn’t I’m going to have to go with the poll and take #2 for the win, Bob.

On to other things…CELTICPIXE was the winner of the Highland Warrior Book Giveaway a couple of weeks ago but I’ve not heard from her. When I click on her account it goes to Bebo which I don’t have so unless you contact me sweetie I’ll have to pick someone else. Sorry. You can email me at redneyrae AT ca DOT rr DOT com to send me your snail mail address.

Let’s see we took the girls to see Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D last night. What a cute movie. I laughed and laughed. Very funny. The kids loved it and the 3D was really good. Didn’t take over the movie at all – very subtle, which I liked.

I got new glasses this week. It’s amazing what a difference such a slight change in my prescription made. I only need to wear them for driving and distance stuff like movies or tv but it’s so nice to not be blurry at all…which is about where I was with the old ones. AND I got new frames! Here’s the old (left) and the new (right). My oldest daughter had to get glasses for reading too and she picked out the cutest frames but I’ve not been able to pin her down for a photo but as soon as I do I’ll post it.

My oldests State project was due this past Monday. She got an A+ on her display board but she forgot part of her speech (I’m not sure how since she had flash cards) so it was too short and she ended up with a C on that part of it. So she got a B on the whole project which is stil A-OK with me. The display board had to have specific items on it and there had to be 10 interesting facts about the state on the tower part of it. Here’s a picture of her board…she had Kentucky. Yes, we know that Bluegrass music doesn’t have a saxaphone but she needed filler! lol

I need to apologize to those of you whose blogs I’ve not been to in a while. I don’t think I’ve done a full blog crawl in 2 weeks – it’s horrible. However I work at a church and since Holy Week is upon us I’ve been hella busy..and will continue to be until Thursday. Thank heavens I have Friday off. I’ll need lots of R & R by that time. So again, if I haven’t been to your blog in a bit don’t take it personally…I’ll get there soon, I swear!

Ok – finally on to what I’ve read this week:

I started off the week with a bang. I read Crash Into Me by Jill Sorenson. I didn’t really get the romance part of it. I just wasn’t feeling it between the h/h…but the end was wonderful and of course the rest of the book was fab. I did have the villain picked out almost immediately but it certainly didn’t stop my enjoyment of the book. So in the end: Really good book. I loved it and will definitely be reading more of her work in the future.

Enticing Elliot was the next edition in the m/m Moon Pack series by Amber Kell that I started last week. Do you ever start series and wonder why you’re still reading it after a certain amount of books? That’s how I feel with this one. There incredibly short stories but they’re not fabulous, they’re entertaining though. That doesn’t seem to stop me from reading them. IDK…they are going in alphabetical order so maybe by the time I hit H I’ll be done. lol

My TBR challenge book for the week was Show and Tell by Jasmine Haynes. I picked this one up last Sept. when I went to RAW and it’s been on my shelf ever since. I recently read a review on The Book Binge that Casee did and decided to finally pick it up. It’s the story of Trinity who caught her hubby of 6 months in the shower with another woman. She couldn’t stand to be at home so she goes to a hotel for the night. She decides to pleasure herself and the guy next door is getting horny listening to her. He decides to knock on her door and ask to watch. She lets him and it begins a phone sex/sexual affair between the two of them. This was not a bad book but I kept having to talk myself into picking it up again. I wasn’t a fan of how the relationship was run or how it began. Yes there are other things happening in the book – Trinity’s personal growth, the problems she has at work (her 1st job at age 30) and Scott’s decisions about his job that he makes but it just still felt lacking to me. This had a ton of hot sex in it but it was just an ok book for me in the end.

I read The Secret Wedding by Jo Beverley for The Book Binge so I’ll let you know when the review is up.

I won The White Knight by Josh Lanyon this week on DIK so I read The Dark Horse first since TWK is a prequel/sequel to TDH. I really liked this book. There was a lot going on with the characters. Sean’s been stalked for the past year and Dan was put on detail to be his bodyguard. The stalker is supposedly now dead but he’s still “seeing” the villain and getting postcards from him. Is he going crazy? When the story begins Sean and Dan have only been together for 1 week and I found it terribly interesting to see the play between the 2 men and how they reacted to each other in such a stressful situation. I’ve just loved Josh’s writing in the past and this one proved no different. I can’t wait to read TWK.

Darkness Unknown by Alexis Morgan was my next read. I’ve read all the books in this series so far and I’m enjoying them. I’m thinking that it might have been my last book in the series though. As much as I like her writing there’s just not a lot changing and going on to pique my interest further. It was a very cute romance and it did have a new challenge involved but I don’t think it was enough for me. IDK I’ll have to see what the next one has to offer.

And last but not least a category that Barbara sent me -just cuz…isn’t she sweet? Thanks again Barbara! It was called Bound to Please by Hope Tarr and it was really cute. A young girl and boy meet at a fair one day when she’s 14 and he’s 12. He falls immediately for her and she’s pretty taken with him. They do a blood pledge that neither will marry another. Now it’s 10 years later and the girl, Brianna, is now Laird of her clan and the boy, Ewan, has been captured for crimes that his twin brother supposedly commited. But Briana just wants a baby by Ewan to end the blood feud..at least that’s what she’s telling herself. But when these two come together they realized that those innocent feeling they had 10 years earlier haven’t faded at all and were only growing stronger. I very much enjoyed the story (I had no idea that there were Blaze historicals – have I been living in a bubble? I thought they were all contemporaries) and will definitely be checking out some other books by this author.

That’s it for me for the week. If you feel like having a little fun hop over to Kris’s blog and help her write a short story. She’s given several elements to be included in a story. You pick the ones you like best and the ones with the most votes will then go to m/m author Sean Kennedy who will have two weeks to write a short story for her blog. Fun stuff Maynard.

Have a great week and Happy Reading!

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Review: Show and Tell by Jasmine Haynes

Posted March 27, 2009 by Casee in Reviews | 6 Comments

Publisher: Berkley, Penguin

Passion first. Names later.

Trinity Green always dreamed of uninhibited passion, but pleasing her husband meant never having a hair out of place—or so she thought. The day she found him getting down and dirty with another woman, she decided to stop pleasing other people—and start pleasing herself…

Now she’s indulging in everything she used to deny herself—from great food to a few sexy encounters with a man who doesn’t even know her name. Having total control gives her a thrill she never imagined. But with true passion comes real connection, and soon Trinity must admit—and accept—who she really is…

Show and Tell is the follow up to The Fortune Hunter. Trinity Green was instrumental in introducing Connor to Faith. In The Fortune Hunter, Trinity eloped with the man she thought was perfect for her. She was determined to be the perfect wife, which means being at her absolute best at all times. Even in the bedroom. If her sex life is a little bland, Trinity doesn’t complain. When she finds her husband home one afternoon after coming home early, she decides to seduce him. That’s before she found him boinking some hussy in their shower. Enraged and hurt, Trinity kicks both of them out and heads to a hotel.

When Scott Sinclair enters his hotel room after a business meeting, the last thing he expects to hear is two people going at it in the room next door. Shamelessly listening, Scott soon realizes that the moans he hears are only coming from a woman, which means that she’s alone. He decides that he can’t pass this opportunity up, even if the woman immediately calls the police when he presents her with his indecent proposal.

Trinity is shocked when a stranger knocks on her door asking if he could watch her pleasure herself. She’s even more shocked when she agrees. Knowing that she’s quite possibly crazy, Trinity decides that this will help her feel more like the desirable woman she knows she can be. It’s only after he leaves that she berates herself for inviting the stranger in. When he slips his card under her door the following morning, she has no intention of calling him.

Her intentions don’t last long and Trinity finds herself in the midst of a sizzling affair with a man that has no idea that she is Trinity Green, heiress. She doesn’t have to be perfect around Scott, something she finds irresistible. When Scott starts wanting more, Trinity resists knowing that if he knows who she really is, he will start having expectations of her that everyone else in her life has.

This is an extremely unlikely story, but it was pretty hawt. I have to admire a man that can knock on the hotel room door of a complete stranger asking for something that is so private. I did enjoy the book, though Trinity did get tiring at times. Her reluctance to start more with Scott got old, to both myself and Scott. This book was more about Trinity out who she could be as a woman than anything else. She got a lot of hot sex with a hot man along the way. Lucky girl.

4 out of 5.

This book is available from Berkley. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

Other books in the series:

Book Cover

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Review: The Fortune Hunter by Jasmine Haynes

Posted March 26, 2009 by Casee in Reviews | 2 Comments

Publisher: Berkley, Penguin

A proposition that’s anything but businesslike…

If she wants to realize her lifelong dream of having children, heiress Faith Castle had better find a husband—pronto. But there are two roadblocks on her road to happiness: she knows no eligible men, and she’s not exactly Miss California.
Then she meets Connor Kingston. He’s yummy. He’s available. And he thinks she’s sexy…

But he’s also honest. After a kiss that leaves them hot and bothered, Connor offers to marry Faith, but purely as a career move. It’s far from romantic, but it’s as good an offer as she’s going to get. Each has a caveat, though. She requires his fidelity—and he wants a no-holds-barred sex life.

From their wedding night on, they get more and more adventuresome—and Faith starts feeling different about herself and her body. And somewhere in the midst of ecstasy, they come to know the most foreign, exciting aphrodisiac of all—love…

If this is true, Jasmine Haynes must have had a lot of phone sex before writing this book. I hope she had a Bluetooth.

I’ve always been a fan of the marriage of convenience plot. Historical or contemporary, I love them both. I think that’s why I like Harlequin Presents so much. Outside of Harlequin Presents, I haven’t read many modern-day marriage of convenience books, so I was instantly intrigued when I read the blurb for this book. I was also about to read the second book, Show and Tell, before the first book. Oh hells no.

Faith Castle is a modern day spinster. She totally under estimates herself as a woman. Which is why, at almost 30, she finds herself alone. There is nothing Faith wants more than a baby. She would also like to fall in love, but that comes in second to having a baby. So when Connor Kingston comes to her with his marriage of convenience proposal, she seriously considers it. The only stipulation she has is that he remains faithful. He agrees, in return for her complete cooperation in the bedroom (within reason).

Let the phone-sex marathons begin.

Connor had his eye on Faith for weeks before he actually approached her. She’s just the type of woman he’s looking for; single and the only heir to a family dynasty. Connor doesn’t want Faith for her money. He wants a family, something to pass onto his children. But he doesn’t want to go about it in the old fashioned way. Instead of building something from nothing (which would take too long), he’ll marry Faith.

It sounds rather cold-blooded, but his reasons for wanting to marry Faith made sense while I was reading. Lust and fondness are the only feelings he’s decided to feel for Faith. As for Faith herself, she’s not worried about falling in love with Connor. At least, she’s not at the beginning. After they’re married and having sex about five times a day (in bed and on the phone), Faith starts falling for him. She also sees a vulnerability in him that draws her to him in ways that she was unprepared for.

I really enjoyed this take on a modern day marriage of convenience. It was very emotional for Connor when he realized that he was in love with his wife, something that he promised would not happen. It was even more emotional when he realized that he would give up anything for her, including the legacy he so desperately wanted.

4 out of 5.

This book is available from Berkley Heat. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

Other books in the series:

Book Cover

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Review: Anthology – Unlaced

Posted December 30, 2008 by Holly in Reviews | 5 Comments

Four authors of erotic romance present wild and irresistibly dangerous fantasies in this sensational anthology of lust and lingerie…

Each novella in this collection features a corset. If you’re interested, go check out the guest post the authors did for us during Bingeaduckia to see the discussion we had about corsets. The Good and Bad about Writing for an Anthology.

Undone by Jasmine Haynes
Unwind with Jasmine Haynes…A woman arrives at the perfect solution for exploring sensual freedom: open herself up to an amateur photographer with no limits—and an uncensored appreciation for the female body.

This was a older woman/younger man story. I thought it was really well done. Dirk was very sweet while coaxing Margo into being a bad girl. I really liked how sexy she ended up feeling, because I know what it’s like to question your sexuality. Dirk did a great job at making her feel like a woman and I loved it. They had sexual chemistry in spades, too. The story, though short, was scorching.

This is going to make me sound kind of shallow, but my only real complaint is Dirk’s name. It’s just not a sexy name for me. Every time I saw it all I could think was Boogie Nights. Not a great image for an erotic romance. Other than that, though, I really enjoyed this entry.

4 out of 5

The Ties That Bind by Jaci Burton
Come undone with Jaci Burton…Sixteen years is a long time to carry a torch for your ex. It’s high time they act on long-dormant desires and reignite the flame that still burns inside them both.

I really enjoy lovers reunited stories and this was no exception. It was plain to see that Lisa and Rick still had deep feelings for each other and I loved that he whisked her away so they’d have each others complete and undivided attention.

I did get annoyed with Lisa for the way she waffled back and forth so much, but in the end I felt like she made up for it.

4.5 out of 5

Controlled Response by Joey W. Hill
Let loose with Joey Hill…What does a hiker do when he comes upon a girl wearing only ivory panties, and stretched out invitingly on the warm leather seat of a Harley? Anything she tells him.

This was a hard story for me to grade. BDSM isn’t always easy for me to read/enjoy, because I often feel like the sub is humiliated into submitting, rather than doing it on her/his own. I’ve read a few BDSM stories where that wasn’t the case, but unfortunately this wasn’t one of them. I really liked how this started out and was looking forward to the rest of it, but something happened in the middle of it that I felt was completely unnecessary to the overall story-arc and did nothing but humiliate the heroine. I don’t find that hot at all and it kind of ruined the rest of the story for me.

If you take that one part out, it was a well written, wonderful erotic story. I really liked Lucas and Cassandra and I think they fit well together. I also really liked the secondary characters – especially Cass’s brothers and sisters and Lucas’ best friends.

With that one scene, however, it felt dirty and..well, kind of sad. I actually hurt for the heroine at first and then became extremely angry – both on her behalf and at her reaction.

It could be that BDSM just isn’t for me – or it could be this one element didn’t work in the context of this story. I’ll let you decide for yourselves.

3.5 out of 5

Rubies and Black Velvet by Denise Rossetti
Submit to Denise Rossetti…As the laces of a stunning ruby-trimmed corset tighten, so too does the grip of an inescapable sorceress’s curse—one with the power to transform any woman into a dominating femme fatale.

This was probably my favorite in the collection relationship-wise. I really loved John and Meg and felt their emotional connection 100%. I think in part because we saw quite a bit from John’s POV and it came across very well how much he loved Meg.

What didn’t work as well for me was the story. The concept was good, but I think it needed to be fleshed out a bit more. The first two chapters are spent telling us how the corset came to be, but I think if that had been cut down and we’d seen more of it’s destruction the resolution would have been more meaningful.

Overall it was well written and engaging, I just wish it had been fleshed out a bit more.

4 out of 5

Overall an impressive collection. Each story is well written and engaging, if a bit flawed. I’d recommend picking it up if you’re in the mood for some good, erotic romances.

Total Grade: 4.0 out of 5

This book is available from Berkley. You can buy it here or here in e-format.

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